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Ideal locations for an Internet Cafe are near the church, school, market place or inside the community. If you will be renting a place, make sure that it has no water leak on the ceiling because computers are sensitive to this. Ask your neighbors or other subscribers in the area if the broadband service is good or bad before applying. These are the things that you seriously need to consider when starting up an Internet Cafe.

You really need to consider the dimension of your shop when deciding the design of your tables. We wish you success on your business and if there's anything else we can help, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Obviously, lot of things changed in the last three years – some companies got acquired, some became successful on their own while others went bust. You can scan through the archives of TechCrunch to read more about any of these Internet start-ups.

And two greens circles, as seen on the logo of Pegasus News, means that the company was acquired twice in the same period. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker.

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