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Steinberg releases a free Cubase Pro 8.5 trial version which is fully functional for 30 days.
Mamoworld released BeatEdit for Premiere Pro, a plug-in for automatic detection of beats in music and representing them as markers in the Premiere Pro timeline. The Foundry has announced the evolution of its Colorway application to address the needs of today's design industry. MODO 10.1, the second installment of the MODO 10 Series, is coming soon and will introduce powerful, flexible and robust new procedural modeling system that works side by side with MODO's direct modeling toolset.
Adobe released the first update of Adobe Experience Design CC, its visual design and prototyping application. Samplitude Pro X2 provides experienced musicians, sound engineers and producers with a complete environment for creative audio production.
Innovative algorithms coupled with high-quality effects plug-ins  allow you to bring your ideas to life at the highest level and according to industry standards. Recording: The absolutely sound neutral audio engine captures every detail at the highest quality.
Editing: High-quality tools, such as spectral editing, enable audio editing at the highest level.
Composition: More than 12 instruments, extensive sample library and music notation for composing.
Visualization: The wide range of visualizations is now enhanced by the comparisonics waveform display.
Mastering: Professional mastering tools for finalizing music productions according to industry standards. VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifiers): The VCA fader in Samplitude Pro X2, whose usability and comfort is based on large analog mixing consoles, is natively integrated in the DAW.
VST 3 interface: The VST 3 interface allows you to integrate plug-ins and instruments developed according to the new VST 3 standard. Improved arranger: The project window is now completely integrated in the Samplitude Pro X2 docking concept. Video Pro X2 is an extremely powerful piece of software, not only is it a fine video editor, but it has a pretty impressive set of tools.
In Video Pro X 2 MAGIX has stepped up their game with some nice upgrades including 3-point editing.  You can set an in and out point on the timeline, an in-point in the source window and drag the clip to the time line to fill. One note on the HDV import, MAGIX allows you to batch capture from HDV cameras tape, something Vegas sadly does not allow.

It would be best to contact Magix directly to find out if and when a French version will be available. The software is wonderful, all very practical, just falls short in the quality of exported video avi.dv.
Posted On March 24, 2010 in editing, review, television, Uncategorized, video with 8 Comments. The new docking system means you can optimize your interface for any and all your specific requirements.
You can create your own custom toolbars and save different configurations for different session settings so youa€™re always working efficiently. Samplitude Pro offers recording, editing, MIDI and mastering functionality with sample rate support up to 348 kHz. It combines professional tools with highly efficient work flows to achieve maximum quality in the areas of recording, arrangement band mixing, as well as post-production and mastering.
VST 3 makes it possible to infinitely automate various plug-in parameters exactly at the sample level and optimizes the allocation of individual channels.
Customizing toolbars makes using the necessary tools for various applications during the production process easier. This provides a huge advantage when locating and editing problematic points in an arrangement. Obviously one would expect superior audio tools from a company that creates high end audio products and one would not be disappointed. Put clips on the timeline, add wipes, dissolves, movement effects with keyframing, chromakey and you are on your way. I know with hard drive prices so low today that storage space is not really an issue, but when I started with Avid in 1995 a 9 Gb drive cost $3,000. It has all the tools you need to produce high quality video and DVDs, including some that other more expensive editors do not. High-performance, native HD editing, DVD authoring with up to 8 audio tracks, or keyframe animation with Bezier curve control is directed at users with higher standards.The program is clearly divided into intuitive modules. You can also right click on curve points to edit them or transfer track automations to objects.
With the "Synchronize tracks" option in the Elastic Audio dialog, you can now transfer changes automatically.
12 or 13 you can also use earlier Volumes in CS5.x because from Volume 12 onwards, the Plugin structure of CS5 has been implemented.

For some reason it’s default has the program window on the left and the source on the right.
Yes, I like keyboard shortcuts and there are many of them built into Video Pro X2, but that one is missing.Video Pro X2 lets you capture from  a variety of sources, SD cameras, HDV, AVCHD,  import stills and even do screen capture. Videos, photos, and audio from a wide range of sources can be transferred from various devices to PC. Pretty much opposite of other editors I have used, but it’s an easy drag and drop fix, and it remembers your placement. It’s an important function for me since I do a good deal of on-camera work using virtual sets. MAGIX has packed all this utility into a slick looking package that carries a very modest $399 price tag.  Yeah, you read that right, 399. If you’re looking to upgrade your editing software MAGIX Video Pro X2 deserves some serious consideration. Autodesk has also announced it has acquired Solid Angle, developer of Arnold, an advanced, ray-tracing image renderer for high-quality 3D animation and visual effects creation used in film, television and advertising worldwide. I would like to see some incremental or numeric marks along those sliders so it would be easier to replicate previous settings, and the ability to punch those numbers in, instead of dragging a slider, but it works fine as is.
Track 1, which is at the top of the timeline is actually your base track and you build up, or in this case, down from there.
Also of note is a new cooperation between Autodesk and Google Cloud Platform to deliver scalable compute services for its M&E software. The two are launching a new cloud-optimized ZYNC service for Autodesk Maya 2016, which will allow users to render 3D scenes created in the software on the Google Cloud Platform. Not difficult to get used to, but when you first put your foot in the MAGIX pool it’s something you need to know. Like I said it’s an impressive piece of software, or I should rightly say, suite of software since it has the built in DVD authoring.

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