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Today, having a great website is one piece of the puzzle as it can attract customers and maintain a steady online presence.  Over the last few years business owners have tested and tried various advertising and promotional techniques. Social media has evolved into an important puzzle piece, becoming an essential internet marketing tool for business owners.
Millions of potential customers use Twitter each day and it’s become one of the most effective and cost effective ways to spread the word. Hundreds of well known businesses have increased their sales, and are now enjoying hefty profits, all thanks to Twitter.
Twitter allows companies to upload pictures of products, or perhaps share testimonials with potential customers.
Social media is constantly growing and continues to play an important role in internet marketing strategies.
My goal is to help companies of any size reach full potential by tailoring customized business solutions and creating aggressive strategies to fit client goals.
Your Mobilized Business and You: Do You Need a Mobile App or a Mobile Website to Reach Customers? Twitter is widely used as a simple and speedy way to microblog in 140 characters or fewer to express one’s thoughts or voice one’s opinion.
Your plan should include a whole list of things you can tweet about – business news, blog posts, key announcements, special offers, industry news etc. Use Twitter to constantly identify people tweeting questions you can satisfactorily answer. Post thought provoking content with the aim to instigate others to re-tweet and disseminate it to their followers. Use sound third party Twitter tool like TweetDeck to enable you to post and read posts of those you are closely following.

You can also promote your Twitter address on your organization’s website, your email signature, facebook page etc. Although, email advertising and direct mail approach is effective, they are becoming somewhat, well obsolete. More and more businesses are turning to Twitter to assist in promoting products and services to audiences within seconds. Twitter offers businesses the ability to promote products and advertise their services for free. But more and more business organizations are nowadays coming up with innovative methods to use Twitter. To exploit Twitter optimally for marketing purposes you will have to tweet sensibly and strategically. This can be a method to build relationships and develop rapport with potential prospects for your business. Make it a point to follow on Twitter others who are working in your line of business or who are associated with your industry. Wouldn’t the exact person you want to get in front of at any given time be someone who is struggling in an area where you can help? Business owners have the option to include their logo, add a business website, a short bio, and upload images. Instead they will use social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to express their concerns. Busy business owners can take advantage of other services offered by Twitter like “Twitter mobile” apps.
Alternately, interact with people, re-tweet useful and meaningful content posted by those you are closely following.It will be worthwhile to setup Twitter landing pages on your organization’s website to maximize conversions when you direct people from your twitter page to your website.

Whether you are searching for information or looking for people who can use information that you can offer them.
Training, writing, blogging, social media and generally building communities around these areas as well as technology has become another passion of mine.
Searching hash-tags that are relevant to a product or service can help businesses keep up with the current trends.
Using images is a great way to introduce their brand and ultimately maintain an online presence which helps Search Engine Optimization. Tweets are sent all day, every day, as part of the promotion process. It allow busy owners to keep up with the latest news about their company, while they are out of state or in another country.
Do not hesitate to ask your followers for feedback information as that would help re-orient your Twitter marketing strategies. Today I want to focus on the second part – how you can use twitter to find people who are looking for information that you can provide.
Many people might need your help but if they don’t see that such that they actually want your help then this is one more example of a poor use of your time – chasing people who don’t want what you have to offer (even if they really need it). You can use the advanced search on twitter to narrow down your search results all the way down to people in an specific area so that if your preference is to work with people in your own back yard you can use twitter for that.

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