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Integrated marketing is taking a targeted message and implementing it across multiple advertising platforms.
It takes 3 times to get a hit – meaning it takes you telling someone directly at least three times for an action to take place. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In order to solve marketing issues for our clients, Chugai proposes the integration of activities for communications such as Public Relations, Advertising, Web, Events and Sales Promotions.
The Integrated Marketing Communication enables our customers to achieve one-face communication, a cross-media effect that combines both real and net media, improvement of brand value and more efficient media penetration etc.

Each platform works hand-in-hand to broadcast a consistent message and drive successful results. Our asen team has the knowledge and experience to help your targeted message reach its full potential. In order to do so, you must market YOUR message intelligently by making use of multiple platforms.
You need to be addressing three channels of communication or more for your campaigns to be effective and show results. Carefully choosing the right platforms for your message will ensure your campaign is effective.

Dress your prime real-estate with banners and signs marketing your campaign in smartly timed intervals. Want to attract new customers that are not familiar with your brand? Try targeting them with social media, direct mail and online ads.

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