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Google’s regional search engines prefer regional, or country specific, Top-Level Domains like .de for Germany. This change, on the heels of so many others, is a move to make it possible and easier to rank specific content on regional search results without a country specific TLD. The point of this new attribute is to provide a way for webmasters to tell Google, either via a header tag or their sitemap, what part of their site to serve users by region according to their specified language. About the Author Web TalentA compilation of articles, how-to's, insightful analysis, and new trends from past and present employees, interns, collaborative projects, etc. We are a professional corporation which provides Corporate Brand Marketing, International Business Connection and Corporate Gifts. Company branding consists of company logo, brochure, website, video, events and social networking service.
Expanding and connecting business internationally would help organization to diversify market sector and bring in more clients and revenue.
Corporate gifts are is to print company name and logo onto a product,it is an appreciation tokens for company employeesA and clients. Our executive team has extensive global experience managing projects across borders and cultures to maintain the highest degree of integrity in our insights. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
I wanted to write a short blog post about a picture one of my friends recently took while visiting San Juan Chamula in Chiapas, Mexico. I think it is important to analyze the marketing strategy developed by Jugos del Valle to introduce their product in the different regions of the Mexican market. In a larger scale, Toyota Motors has also benefited from advertising to minorities and the company claims to be the No. I believe that the key to marketing minorities successfully depends on the message and the treatment received by the minorities by outsiders. Marketing a product nowadays goes beyond TV ads, magazine spreads, billboards, and Internet web banners. Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey are two of the most famous talk show hosts in the nation, and their extensive number of viewers are avid fans of their shows and they devotedly follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so whatever they want to share to their crowd, the message will most likely be received. There are many advantages in using celebrity endorsement because they can be a great influence over consumer purchases.
Although most companies look for an attractive celebrity to endorse their products, it is important to keep in mind that credibility often becomes a priority for this type of celebrity endorsements. Celebrities can also help create awareness for a cause and it has become increasingly popular for celebrities to participate in global warming awareness documentaries or PETA advertisements.
Well, sure, using redirects and basing content on a detected language only, though not a language-region combination. In the past, if you were not using one of these domains, you would have a difficult time showing up in search results in non-US Google searches.
Those who will reap the benefits of this change the most are big brands that already have the content for the audience, but maybe not enough domain authority to immediately rank in a search engine link Yandex in China. The “x-default” element allows the webmaster in question to also specify a landing page to serve users with no specified language or region.
It removes the necessity of housing content on a country-specific TLD to get into regional search results, and allows brands to keep all of their content on a single TLD, consequently hoarding all of their domain authority in a single place.

They already have multiple websites, with content for multiple regions and languages, but they may have been faced with some difficulty in getting to the top of search results in new markets – China specifically – where their brands may be relatively unknown. Region is optional, and will be most widely used for companies with a different marketing message for regional audiences.
With your company name and logo printed on a product, it will also enhance company branding andA isA a cost efficient advertising tool. Originally, Jugos del Valle only had advertisements in Spanish for Mexico and Spain, in English for the United States, in Portuguese for Brazil, and a combination of English and Spanish for Puerto Rico, the countries where Jugos del Valle currently operates and has a strong presence.
One way to avoid being too much of an outsider is to hire someone from the minority group to assist or even direct the marketing campaign for that segment. Advertising companies now have realized the power and influence on celebrities and now rely heavily on celebrity endorsements to convince the customers to try or buy their products.
The secret for advertising companies is to showcase their brand with a celebrity that is relevant to the products and has influence over their target market.
People familiar and fond of the celebrities will be more likely to help and donate to the cause, considering the fact that their role models are doing it as well. Picking the right celebrity can be very complicated, as you ideally want to pick the one that best represents your brand and your audience. The “rel=alternate” and “hreflang” elements seem to be a significant change to this historical behavior. And some of you may recall all of the hype in news outlets like Bloomberg last year surrounding China as the new frontier due to their growing consumer-led economy.
This change allows them to keep the authority to rank, but removes all prior risk of duplicate content issues. To discuss the brand we will be using a Keller model to explain why Heineken is a strong brand. This picture shows an advertisement made by Jugos del Valle, one of the biggest producers of fruit juices in Mexico, but it is written in Tzotzil.
Therefore, if we consider Mexico as a whole, the marketing strategy was pretty much standardized and every region of the country received the same advertisements.
In the United States the Latinos, African-Americans, and Asian-Americans are more likely to purchase Toyotas than any other car brand in the world, and Toyota has seen sales increase and even double within a minority group after the launch of advertisements that are designed exclusively for them. It is not as important how the ethnic group or the minorities are portrayed in the advertisements, but what is very important is how they make them feel, and how the brand communicates with them. By celebrity endorsements I am not only referring to brand ambassadors, such as Katy Perry for Popchips™ or Jennifer Aniston for Glaceau SmartWater®, but instead promoting the products by celebrities constantly using them in their daily routine, or even indirect product placement on TV Shows. She talked about the delicious menu, the current offers for Halloween, and throughout the week she gave all of her guests Chipotle gift cards. Ideally, the product has to seem natural to the celebrity so that they can use it as part of their daily life.
So even though Megan Fox is known for her beauty and sex appeal, you might want to consider instead using Martha Stewart to endorse a new model of GE® wall ovens or kitchen supplies. For these cases, the companies marketing for the not-for-profit organizations tend to recruit celebrities involved in TV shows, sports, music, and movies in order to appeal to a greater market. Choosing the wrong celebrity can unfortunately lead to a decrease in sales caused by unsatisfied customers that do not believe in the celebrity and the product, or the celebrity does not really appeal to your target market.
If they used the .hk for Hong Kong, they would be like every other new business that wants to move into Hong Kong – starting with zero domain authority.

You can now take your existing domain authority with you, but serve the right landing page to the right audience to provide the best marketing and user experience. Tzotzil is the mother tongue used by the indigenous Tzotzil Maya people that live in the state of Chiapas.
The fact that Jugos del Valle decided to adapt to the different cultures within the country suggests that the company wants to transmit a message of caring for the minorities.
Bob Zienstra, head of marketing for Toyota Motors USA, says that the success of the company among the minorities is due to the treatment given to the minorities, where they make them feel one of their own.
She has done this before with Target, JC Penny, and Shutterfly, and the effect has been reflected in increased sales. For instance, consumers will appeal more to a new variety of Monster Energy Drink® being endorsed by celebrated NFL player Colin Kaepernick or snowboard Olympic gold medalist Shaun White than Zooey Deschanel.
As an example, below is a video inspired on the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove in which celebrities joined forces to increase awareness on dolphins in Japan. As a consequence, shareholders can also be unhappy for a large investment that was not utilized successfully. Now, when a big brand wants to move into a new region, they can build on their existing domain authority, which will give them a boost above other regional brands (potentially) and any smaller competition. There are supposed to be around 330 thousand Tzotzil speakers in Mexico, and just recently, in 2001, this language was declared a national language. This message can be beneficial in two ways: the Tzotzil population feels that the company cares about them too much to even advertise directly to them (whereas other local companies do not) and can therefore connect with the company and the product, and the Mexican population appreciates the fact that the company cares about the minorities and dissipate the concept of being a “big corporation that doesn’t really care about the people” (even though Jugos del Valle is now a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company).
In one of their recent marketing strategies, they want to make Latinos feel proud of their origins with the slogan “Somos muchos Latinos, somos muchos Toyota” (which means, “we are many Latinos, we are many Toyota”. Some advertisements designed for minority groups have been victims of misunderstanding, antagonism, and resistance, but when done correctly, advertisements for minorities can be very effective for the company. Oprah as well has been responsible for the significant increase in popularity of Ugg Boots, Sprinkles Cupcakes, and the Kindle (among other products) by including them in her list of “Oprah’s Favorite Things”, which have also shown a notorious increase in sales. The video includes a message, which is being transmitted by a variety of actors and musicians from different ages and genres. Additionally, celebrity endorsements can be unstable because now the brand depends on the celebrity and on its downfall or successful career. However, the majority of Tzotzil speakers are bilingual in Spanish as a second language, which makes you wonder why did Jugos del Valle go through all the trouble of translating their advertisements to Tzotzil when the majority of Tzotzil speakers could understand them in Spanish? This campaign evokes feelings of pride but it also creates a sense of kinship with the company, which can be difficult to achieve if the campaign is not successful. Kellogg’s terminated their contract with Michael Phelps over a controversial photo, Tiger Woods was dropped from Tag Heuer over his life scandal, and Nike also decided to end their contract with Lance Armstrong due to doping allegations against Armstrong. The good news is that the risk of failing with celebrity endorsements are low because social media can be an important tool during the celebrity selection and brand recognition so even if one celebrity doesn’t play the part, there are ways to overcome the mistake and carry on.

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