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Mit einiger Verzogerung ist es nun endlich soweit: Das Lopoca IMS (Internet Marketing System) ist ab sofort online. Mit der aktiven Nutzung des IMS (Internet Marketing Systems) kannst du dein Lopoca Geschaft wesentlich effektiver und schneller aufbauen.
Um dir den Einstieg zu erleichtern, wurde parallel zum Internet Marketing System eine Hilfeseite erstellt.
Gold Team Partner, die bereits das IMS Marketing Tool durch den Kauf des IMS Paketes oder eines Spielerpakets aktiviert haben, haben uber Ihre Members Lounge direkten Zugang. Gold Team Partner, die noch kein Abonnement fur dieses tolle Marketing Tool haben, konnen ein monatliches oder ein jahrliches Paket im Shop kaufen. Lopoca beabsichtigt auch Werbeaktivitaten in das IMS Internet Marketing System zu integrieren. Having a huge online presence to drive traffic to their brick and mortar store is the dream of many small business owners.  But many times they lack the know-how of how to put all the pieces together and if they are start-ups, may lack the capitol needed to hire outsiders to do the work for them. LSN (Lead System Network) can be the perfect internet marketing solution for small business owners on a budget who are getting their feet wet in the world of online marketing or for SMB’s who want to streamline and simplify their internet marketing.
An autoresponder to create email campaigns and follow up with their customers and prospects.
Until now…you could spend hundreds of dollars a month to maintain these items but with Lead System Network, you’ll only spend a whopping $30 per month for these internet marketing tools that can help you build a very sound online presence. In addition to a blog, custom capture page creator, and an autoresponder for unlimited leads, you’ll also  receive what is most expensive in both time and money:  Training.

The Lead System Network’s marketing tools all come with online training to help you to take your learning curve way down so you can begin marketing almost immediately.
One of the most wonderful things about Lead System Network’s features is that it gives you the ability to create a FREE custom capture page and an autoresponder for up to 5,000 leads when you set up a FREE account. Take LSN for a test drive and you’ll soon see why internet marketing for small business owners is simpler than you think. The Direct Selling Association is the name of several similar trade associations found worldwide. So exactly how many people are involved in direct sales globally????Here are the statsa€¦.take a look! Pretty impressive right!What about the total dollar value of sales made using the direct sales model globally? Even more impressive!!!So if you are a statistics junkie then you should be getting just a bit interested right now!When you look at these industry statistics you can very clearly see that direct selling is not likely to go away any time soon.So how about looking at a cross section of countries and comparing the total number of people involved in direct sales in that country to the total population of that country.What does that picture look like? The interesting observation we can make from this country by country analysis is that despite the significant growth of the industry and level of sales globally (as established in the graphs above) there is still an incredible opportunity that exists for business entrepreneurs to join the industry in all markets shown here.As these figures indicate, there is still room for substantial growth! Die Implementierung in das vorhandene System hat sich etwas schwieriger gestaltet als erwartet.
Dieses Produkt ist die ultimative Hilfe fur das Wachstum deines Geschaftes uber das Internet. Die Laufzeit des IMS Abonnements wurde an die offizielle Einfuhrung des Internet Marketing Tools angepasst.

Dazu ist sicherzustellen, dass das Guthaben auf das Provisionskonto gebucht ist, oder ein neues Guthaben fur den Kauf des Paketes verwendet wird. Diese Werbeaktivitaten bieten dir dann die Moglichkeit, an diesen mitzupartizipieren und so wiederum zusatzliche Kontakte zu erhalten. In doing so they agree to uphold the standards and procedures of the Code of Ethics as a condition of admission and continuing membership of the Association.As an independent business owner this gives you incredible peace of mind!As a business owner I am sure you want the assurance that you are establishing your financial future and security based on an industry that upholds the highest standards and business ethics.
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Du erhaltst damit Ubersicht uber alle deine Kontakte, kannst neue Kontakte hinzufugen, erhaltst eine praktische Mentorfunktion, sowie das Adressen Verteilungssystem. Empfohlen wird, auch die Emailserie IMS Training zu durchlaufen, da diese viele nutzliche Informationen bietet, wie du das Internet Marketing System nutzen kannst.
It means you can approach your ongoing business development with pride and the assurance that not only your direct sales company must comply with industry standards, but so must all independent sales people who represent your company.The 'spin off' for your business is that you can approach your potential customers with complete confidence knowing that their rights are protected.
Neben dem hochwirksamen Email Marketing Tool erhaltst du eine Webseite, die ein vordefiniertes Format hat, deren Inhalt jedoch durch dich kontrolliert bzw.
This helps you to build confidence, trust and rapport with your customers and in turn leads to ongoing sales and business growth for you.If the network marketing or direct sales company you represent is a member of the Direct Selling Association or similar organization you can be assured that you are building your business on a solid foundation.

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