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The first two video tutorials devoted to MXGP - The Official Motocross Videogame teaches players (thanks to a dedicated dubbing track) how to master scrubbing and jumping techniques during the flight phase. More interesting though are his views on how the gaming industry and music industry are coming together and how important it is for the music industry to find new outlets and artists. Young Dre The Truth (YD): Initially I guess just the start of wanting to be involved with rapping in general. TVGB: Have you been seeing an increase in interest in your music thanks to being in Madden? YD: It’s like a major platform so of course more people off the top are becoming familiar, the best is the people who knew me before and for them it was the cherry on the top. TVGB: How is working with Artwerk, a company unique in the fact that they work both in the gaming and music worlds?
TVGB: Do believe the music and gaming scene are growing closer together and helping each other grow? YD: Lately I’ve been playing with Dallas but I’ve been playing with the Patriots and the Raiders mostly. Forum Categories All Topics New Topics Watched Topics Search Are the Final Fantasy GBA remakes worth buying?
The legendary SNES captured on a shirtThere are many ways to show your appreciation for gaming's illustrious past. Resident Nintendo Life retro expert Jamie O'Neill braves the English snow to show off his awesome Neo Geo-flavoured shirtOh definitely. News Editor James Newton shows his true colours in slightly menacing fashionThere are many different types of cotton out there and most sellers use the cheapest, thinnest, tackiest quality T-shirts that they can get away with. Damien has over a decade of professional writing experience under his belt, as well as a repulsively hairy belly. With PSVR and Nintendo NX Coming Up, What Is Microsoft’s Plan To Keep Xbox One Relevant?
Once upon a time, in an industry not too far away, a motley crew of designers, artists and programmers came together to bring us a little game called Wasteland.
Somewhere along the way, what made games like Wasteland so unique and sublimely awesome was lost. We recently had a chance to development director Chris Keenan about the journey leading up to the sequel, the evolution of RPGs, the design philosophy behind Wasteland 2 and – why not?
Chris Keenan: To give a bit of history, Brian Fargo and team released the original Wasteland in 1988.
There was obviously a disconnect between the level of interest from fans and publishers,but not much we could do about it.
Our president, Matt Findley and myself answered every private message that was sent to us during the Kickstarter drive.
Chris Keenan: Everything about the way we’ve planned, financed and built this project is different from the way we’ve worked over the past 10-15 years.
September 6, 2013 by Brian Shea 2 Comments Following the divisive launch of Assassin’s Creed 3, fans grew concerned that the series would begin to feel stale with its annual release schedule. According to David Bedard, International Product Manager at Ubisoft, the changes made in Assassin’s Creed 4 were not a direct result of fan criticism or a need to keep the franchise fresh, but rather an idea that the team really wanted to pursue.
Bedard further explained that the setting of Assassin’s Creed 4 is not a direct response to fan feedback.
While exploring the world, players will have various opportunities to upgrade their ship, the Jackdaw, using items they stumble upon in the water and on other ships. Bedard is very excited to use the Jackdaw to give Assassin’s Creed fans their first glimpse of true progression in the series. The stealth-based design approach was evident in the assassination contract that we played. With the commotion surrounding the assassination spreading throughout the small camp, several enemies descended upon our location.
The overall gameplay of Assassin’s Creed 4 feels very similar to previous entries, with slight refinements throughout. March 23, 2011 by Brian Shea 4 Comments Alienware is a company with a reputation among gamers. Alienware has been consistently known for their high-end hardware that is able to handle some of the most insanely demanding software.
In addition to the numerous relationships that exist between Alienware and developers, Lewis stays strong in the notion that the team at Alienware is full of top-notch individuals that know the product like nobody else. While the game developers and the people are strong reasons why Alienware is in elite company, Lewis insists that some of the best ideas come from the gaming community themselves.
When the topic of consoles starting to catch up to the advanced technology that PCs use to be able to exclusively provide to consumers was brought up, Lewis did not seem concerned about the competition.
Lewis was adamant that the PC still provides a vastly different experience that many are looking for to this day.
Lewis claims the fact that they can effectively set priorities and goals allows them to be so successful when building a gaming machine. There is no doubt that Alienware provides some very impressive hardware that obviously appeals to gamers interested in getting high performance out of their PC. I saw a demo of the WirelessHD technology at the ISSCC this year and was really impressed with the quality of the wireless video link. Charley Miller: My name is Charley, I'm from Kentucky and I'm a game designer based in New York City. Charley: Well the lines of 'what's a game' are becoming blurred these days, for better or worse. Charley: It's naive to think that game design is going to solve all of the worlds problems.
Charley: When I used to teach high school journalism, I'd explain to my students during our conversation about censorship that the first pass on censorship happens inside our mind. Once a core mechanic is set (the thing a player does in the game), then you can paper prototype to start playtesting. 1) is the core mechanic fun?2) does the game break?3) do the game systems need more balance?4) how do you teach someone to play? Paper prototyping helps you answer all of these, even if you're making a video game, and allows you to figure out what makes your game interesting. I always ask my game design students: "Where in this game is there a moment where the player is faced with an interesting choice?". Animator Lee Hardcastle reimagines the quintessential first-person shooter as an even gorier game, starring Claycat, a fearless and fearsome claymation character. Pocket CHIP is a tiny, $50, ARM-based pocket games console with a full keyboard and a Bluetooth interface. With all due respect to web content management systems like Drupal and Joomla, there’s a reason why WordPress is king.
3D printing has been one of those “next big thing” innovations among early adopters and the tech circle in-crowd for a few years now. Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links.
I got to see that first hand when I played a brief demo at DC’s booth at Comic-Con International in San Diego last weekend. Game director Arthur Parsons said the reason the new game is a space-faring adventure is that developer TT Games doesn’t want to do the same stuff twice. Josh Keaton, who voiced Green Lantern on the Green Lantern animated series and now reprises the role of Hal Jordan in the game, said his character also plays a major role this time around, since it mostly takes place on his home turf, in space.
West said he’d like to see a little humor come back to Batman in a future interpretation of the character on film or on TV. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites.

Timing and practice are two key points to perfectly finish an action starting from the moment the bike leaves the ground. Or maybe the most interesting thing is the divergence between quality of his favorite Madden teams.
Being in a poetry class in elementary school and of course rap was the dominating music and my teacher just encouraged me. That was it, we came from growing up playing Ten Yard Fights to Tecmo Bowl to Madden and once that came there was no other game that even existed. It’s unconventional over here, I love establishing it and they have a great platform for trying new things.
Second of all my songs are the truth, we speak our hearts which seems more rare these days. I’ve created a new sound with Dead Executive, and Dead Execs is BJ and Joel of Good Charlotte, and they’ve come together with a sound, and bringing my authenticity, that doesn’t sound like anything else. The reason being is that the Raiders are Cali but the patriots because Randy Moss is on the team and I enjoy him shaking everyone. They tend to use very cheap vinyl for the designs too, which is a recipe for disaster as they won’t last more than a couple of washes before cracking or peeling off.I only use 190-200gsm ultra heavy, thick cotton T-shirts. Rumours that he turned down a role in The Hobbit to work on Nintendo Life are, to the best of our knowledge, completely and utterly unfounded. As an RPG, it was incredible and would go on to serve as a big influence for other post-apocalyptic RPGs like the Fallout series.
However thanks to a recent Kickstarter, the team at inXile Entertainment are bringing us back to that golden era of RPGs with Wasteland 2.
They had learned many lessons from the game and wanted to apply them to a sequel to Wasteland, but they couldn’t get the rights for it. Once we had them, our team immediately began to put together a pitch and shopped it around to publishers.
Not only were they funding the development of the game, but we found out how useful it was to get feedback early and often in the pre-production and design phase. We have our core implementation team that has worked together for a while and just thought, “If we can have anyone we want for this title, how would we do it?”. The ship is nimble in the way it handles, and the ability to stop anywhere and disembark the ship to loot, pillage, attack, explore, or just go swimming, is an exciting prospect. Players can also complete various, randomly-generated harpooning missions, which range from common, easily battled bull sharks, to slightly more difficult hammerhead sharks, to a single great white shark that players can find and battle in the world. With the powerful gunners lingering above, we opted to crouch into some foliage and stalk our prey that way. We quickly ducked around those who were searching for us in the vicinity, hopped onto our ship and escaped the entire island in a matter of minutes, leaving our pursuers scratching their heads. The free-running seemed to be more momentum based, and the climbing felt even more fluid than in Assassin’s Creed 3.
For further impressions of how the game plays, be sure to check out our hands-on preview of the multiplayer components here.
For both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the title will be available at launch, while PC players should see the game before the end of 2013.
By producing computers that provide unparalleled gaming experiences and possess some of the most cutting-edge styling, Alienware has become known the world over as an elite PC gaming company.
Arthur Lewis, Vice President and General Manager of Alienware, attributes that to the deep relationships that the company holds with the various developers that put out these very games.
Lewis claims that this might only be the beginning of where the company is going in the short term. I split my time between personal game projects, teaching game design, and working with clients. These are the moments that give a game depth because players will want to explore the possibilities of their decisions.
Last summer I helped out at Quest to Learns' mobile summer camp where these soon-to-be sixth graders worked on the ARIS iphone platform to create location-based games on the High Line.
But what might surprise adults is to know that most children these days are able to wrap their minds around complex systems. Using these tactics I can get over 5,000 almost every time I play within 1–2 minutes, regularly crest 10,000, and have touched the top of the leaderboard at least once a day. Rent, power, gas, cable, digital…every month, you’ve got to do the rounds, either authorizing online payments or sending old-school checks in the mail like your grandparents did. They all have their own special abilities and quirks; for instance, Plastic Man can turn into a toilet and flush enemies away. He said he’d love for this game to lead into a LEGO Green Lantern game somewhere down the road.
In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
Yes, Music in Games is back and this time we sat down and spoke with Young Dre The Truth off of EA’s Artwerk record label.
These times, you know, with music going down a bit, they found a way to come in through another door with music and I’m happy to be a part of it. Whatever other situation that Artwork is putting in my tab, I’m coming to make it and work it live. I think the music industry needs gaming more so I don’t think they have to merge cause gaming doesn’t really need it.
I think being a rapper and being a multimedia guy, it’s a good move for him and there could be some truth, I mean he would be over there doing a concert, but if someone attacked I’m guessing they’d get him out of there. You'll also witness some classic characters, including Sonic, Mario and the humble Chocobo from Final Fantasy.Being the dedicated retro gamers that we are, we've already snapped up several of these shirts (and as you can see from the included photos, we look pretty swish in them, too) and decided to get in touch with Stu to learn a little more about his venture. This is better quality than most big-branded companies actually use for their T-shirts.In keeping with my high standards, I cut all designs from premium grade vinyl.
Considering that rights for the game were picked up in 2003 and Wasteland 2 had its crowd funding campaign in 2012, what kind of journey has it been, both after the first game and leading up to the Kickstarter? Instead of selecting a new project, they started a new post-apocalyptic game, which was Fallout. Brian was getting peppered with fan requests for a sequel, but we had zero interest from publishers. As soon as Brian saw that, we immediately got started dusting off the pitch documents and preparing for our first Kickstarter.
Tim Schaefer hit it out of the park, but many people were saying it was a one off and it would never be a way to finance games for mid-sized teams. Hearing a backer say that they have no idea how they’re going to pay rent next month since they want to spend $1,000 to have an NPC in the game is both motivating and terrifying. Once players enter the harpoon mission, the title essentially becomes an on-rails third-person shooter as far as mechanics are concerned, as Edward tosses a limited number of harpoons towards his target in hopes of harvesting what it has to offer to be utilized for upgrades and progressions.
Using the newly-enhanced Eagle Vision, we easily spotted all enemies through walls and located the target. The fact that players can completely leave the island as a method of escape adds an interesting dynamic to the traditional Assassin’s Creed pursuit convention. Natural formations in rock walls return, as does the tree navigation ability from the previous game. The company’s status was only further solidified in 2006 when computer giant Dell purchased Alienware. Just one example: one of the benefits of being acquired by Dell is being able to leverage their economy to scale. The client work is split between game design and helping non-gaming projects think through their user experience. They should have clear goals, a defined game space, and meaningful choices for the players to make.

All game designers are also players and the best perspective to design a game from is that of the player.
They are a reflection of us as individuals when we play and reflections of cultures around the world based on their design. But any designer, whether engineering or game designing, will keep a journal nearby to capture as many ideas as possible so that ideas can more freely pour out. If you know the High Line, you know that it's basically a very narrow park that runs for 20 blocks or so.
Start asking yourself questions about why the designer choose certain elements and thinking about how systems are working together to create the dynamics of the game. It’s open-source, SEO friendly, and streamlines the process of building and maintaining nearly any type of website.
On top of that, I also got to talk with some of the game’s creators and stars (including Adam West!) about what the whole process was like. Parsons added that one of his goals with the game was to educate kids about comics and comics characters, including the 1960s Batman. His song Workin’, which features Madden alums Good Charlotte, is on the Madden soundtrack this year and he is working on an EP with Artwerk that will feature some of his song that will be appearing in a variety of games. It’s genre bending and the truth and something I don’t think people have ever heard before. Years ago, me telling people I was going to have a record in there and telling people it was going to happen and some of them believing but others not.
I’ve always wanted to make a living for myself rather than ‘working for the man’ so it seemed like a perfect thing to do. People have been wearing band T-shirts for years for exactly the same reason.NL: Many people are wary of buying shirts on eBay due to the proliferation of poor-quality examples - how do you ensure yours are the best of the best? Traditionally for most independent developers, there is a bit of a disconnect between the development team and the audience that plays the game. We knew the naval [combat] was going to hit hard with the fans and the press just through playtests and playing it ourselves. The team has also hit a metric which will cause the players to encounter something while sailing around at least once every 30 seconds, meaning that there will be very little idle time spent in transit.
Using the new visual queues, we made absolutely certain we were out of sight of the enemies as we approached our target. This time around, the protagonist is much more well-equipped to deal with enemies head-on, as Edward Kenway will have access to multiple guns, blades, and ranged weapons. The people that are planning our products have been planning our products for the past ten years.
I think of myself as an ambassador of games right now because so many people want to gamify their product but most are doing it wrong by just adding static incentives.
It was at NYU's ITP graduate school where I realized I have a knack for game design (studying under Frank Lantz who now leads the NYU Game Center). And even when you consider folks games (games that sort of emerge on their own, like hide and seek) at some point, somewhere, someone suggested a rule that stuck. This allows a designer to do the filtering later so that no good idea is canned at the moment of inspiration.
The kids turned this space into a platformer game, where players will use their GPS enabled smart phones to play through a game narrative that blends the physical of the High Line with the virtual of their games. Then there are the playable characters–105 or so, according to the game makers, and they include characters in both their superhero guises and as their secret identities. I can’t remember a year since 92 that I haven’t played Madden so it is obviously really a huge thing for me.
I want to finish my record and put my EP out digitally and a few of the tracks on the games will be on the EP.
Like Madden, everyone in the world is submitting their artist and their bands and Madden breaks bands and it’s amazing. What materials and print do you use?I can understand that completely, as I’ve bought these horrible cheap T-shirts in the past.
The publisher handles most of the intermediary dealings and tends to control the release of information on a game project. We are truly making the game for our fans now and we hear their feedback every step of the way.
On top of the cities, we have smuggler caves, underwater, forts, and Mayan ruins to explore. On top of that, Edward is also able to dual-wield cutlasses, making him a formidable force in battle. Wireless HDMI has been something that’s been on the top of [my list] for the past two years.
My first post-NYU job was with Kognito Interactive in 2008 where I learned instructional design—basically making simulations with learning objectives in mind.
At that point, you need to learn two things: what are the core elements of games and what's a process for game design. A new feature enables players to change from Clark Kent to Superman using a phone booth, for example. Back in the day there was great music coming out of labels and now it’s more cookie cutter. Do you think iconic gaming logos and characters have now become cooler and more respectable? The high quality of my T-shirts is something I am extremely proud of and I was desperate to emphasise this quality when I started selling them. I'm also hoping to release games about running for President and walking the streets of NYC this year. I veered off course when I started a dating website that raised money for charity in 2009 but jumped back into full-time, independent game design shortly thereafter when the New York City indie game design scene started to take off. And it's through this sort of play that we develop a common language and experiment with ideas.I teach a lot of game design classes at General Assembly in NYC and my students are a fairly diverse set of minds, ranging from twelve year olds looking to make the next Grand Theft Auto to fifty year old product managers looking to know more about gamification.
That's the funny thing about creativity: it's a process with emergent possibilities that are unpredictable. There are a few books out there covering this stuff that are decent but I recommend finding a game designer to study from. The other cities are very different from one another, so we tried to give each one of them a unique flavor.
A question I get is how can one game design class serve all of these interests and the answer is that the basics of the game design process of iteration through physical prototyping and playtesting has something to teach everyone. There are loads of different types of vinyl out there too, from fuzzy felt to glow in the dark. Havana was almost freshly built at this time in history, so it’s not the ramshackle town that you think you’d have in a pirate game.
It really has more to do with how comfortable I am playing the game and how I want to interact with the game.
You never know where it will lead or when you might need to double back to find another route. I’ll be adding numerous new designs over the coming weeks to ensure my portfolio stays fresh.
It’s the open-architecture nature of the PC and the ability to use it in multiple usage models. It was a slaver-trading town, so it’s a bit more stern with much more vegetation because it was a newer city.

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