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Our MissionChatham Habitat for Humanity works in partnership with God and people to create self-help opportunities for families to own affordable homes, improve their lives, and strengthen their communities. Marketers know that a strategic PR plan can play a key role in overall marketing, but the PR approach too often appears as a few bullets in a presentation deck:  press releases, media interviews, executive speeches. Even for PR practitioners, there’s sometimes a tendency to jump headfirst into publicity tactics. An easy way is to start is with a classic SWOT analysis and determine where a strategic PR program fits in reinforcing strengths vis-a-vis competitors or building allies in the event of sudden external developments.
Traditional market research isn’t sufficient as the basis for a PR plan incorporating traditional and social media. Marketing and advertising are very useful for informing customers of new products or services or innovations like price changes, but a good PR strategy often rests upon true brand differentiation  or the ability to create it through borrowed interest strategies.  Think about the narrative that will carry the program and what mix of tactics can best communicate that difference. The overall PR strategy, positioning, target audiences, and key messages are typically fixed elements of a plan, but tactics may require constant review and change. It’s a myth that PR, advertising, and direct marketing need to constantly push out the same message, but they do need to mesh rather than conflict.

This goes without saying, but bear in mind that the objectives for a strategic PR program are often not conversions.
MENG is the indispensable community of executive level marketers who share their passion and expertise to ensure each member’s success.
Dorothy Crenshaw is CEO and Creative Director of Crenshaw Communications, a boutique PR firm focused on marketing and reputation building strategies for consumer and technology brands under the banner "Creative Public Relations for a Digital World." She founded her firm after a 15-year career in marketing PR that included senior posts at Edelman and Grey Advertising's GCI Group. Among its specific strategies, the draft plan emphasizes the importance of a dedicated freight program that would improve the movement of freight and meet economic demands.
Now open for public comment, Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and Port of Seattle CEO Ted Fick joined Foxx in announcing the plan at an event in Seattle. The Coalition for America’s Gateways and Trade Corridors (CAGTC) has also welcomed the report. Anticipating domestic freight movements across all modes will grow by roughly 42 percent by the year 2040, the draft NFSP calls for robust investment across all modes and suggests an emphasis on improving intermodal connectivity to reduce infrastructure bottlenecks.
Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx has released the nation’s first Draft National Freight Strategic Plan.

DOT to develop a National Freight Strategic Plan laying out a course of action to meet National Freight Policy goals designed to improve the movement of freight in the U.S.
Last-mile connections to our facilities like an at-grade railroad crossing in Puget Sound are part of a national system that enables American exporters in the U.S. The draft plan includes next steps in improving the condition and performance of the national freight network and increasing America’s global economic competitiveness as well as aims to reduce the impact of freight movement to communities. The draft NFSP also outlines a number of strategies to address the three types of bottlenecks: infrastructure, institutional and financial.

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