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Build the organizations capacity to execute projects that are focused on customer outcomes, not just budget and on-time delivery. The 144 EMA breakout forex strategy uses only one indicator to take informed buy and sell signals: the 144 period exponential moving average. Recent PostsSNB Interest Rate Decision Forex Trading Strategy The SNB Interest Rate Decision is a high impact news event that isU.S. Download 250+ Quality Metatrader 4 Indicators, Trading Strategies and Forex Systems for FREE! Rapidly growing tech companies are finding that great ideas and passion aren’t enough to grow a successful business and attract investors. Imagine having a company where all of your people problems are solved, and your employees work together as expert implementers of your brilliant ideas. As People Strategy Advisors, we bring significant value to technology companies and their leaders. We conduct a thorough assessment of your company’s people strategy needs and design a customized system that builds your employees into high performing leaders who delight your customers and dominate your competition. Every business, despite best efforts in recruiting, hiring and motivating employees, eventually faces the problem of low performers.
Of course, when it is time to hire a new employee, we would all like to avoid replicating the departed one! Studies have shown top performers, in nearly any business, will out-produce low performers by anywhere from 200-to-900 percent!
Let’s assume that you’re already in business and clear about your most profitable niche- the one where you can stand out, attract clients and deliver results.
Once they’ve read the e-book you invite them to attend a high value training webinar—again at no cost.
Now you connect with some joint venture partners who are willing to offer the same webinar to their community for a percentage of the resulting sales.
Perhaps you then plan to introduce a higher level mastermind program or intensive retreat to those who complete the workshop. As you map this out you begin to create a product strategy—a natural progression that  your clients take from one product to the next. Once you’ve mapped out a product strategy you will have a solid idea of what you’ll offer and when.

If you’d like guidance to create your product strategy for next year, grab one of the limited time slots I’ve made available this month for a 30 minute business strategy session with me. Absolutely, and without blinking, make this your product, program, service and process improvement mantra - see point 2 above. Well you can stop wondering.Advertising publication AdAge recently released its first ever Viral Video Awards, a contest looking for the biggest tear-jerker ad and the funniest video ad. Under this model, strategic planning became a deliberate process in which top executives periodically would formulate the firm's strategy, then communicate it down the organization for implementation.
Creating into new nations, new areas or new company collections is essential for any company.
This strategy works best in a trending environment and on the larger time frame’s (less false signals).
Just wait for the candlestick to fully close above the 144 EMA from below for buy signals or fully close below the 144 EMA from above for sell signals. ISM Manufacturing PMI Forex Trading Strategy The Institute of Supply Management (ISM) Manufacturing PurchasingTrade UK GDP News Forex Trading Strategy The UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP) gauges the yearly variation in theU.S. If you’ve been meaning to set performance standards for each job in your area, now is the time. Meet with your low performers, lay out the expectations and the places where performance regularly falls short and make clear what the specific expectations are for future performance. One successful manager said, “The most expensive time an employee is on my payroll is the interval between when I decide to fire them and when they go out the door.” Because firing someone, especially someone who has been with the business for a long time, is very painful, you may find yourself procrastinating. If you’ve followed steps one through four, you are ready to make the necessary decisions for the good of your company and other employees. This is the opportunity to use a well-structured hiring process, information from assessments, background checks and other valid information you can gather to add a top performer to your business. Imagine the effect on your company, if you could replace one low performer with one top performer. If you’ve been selling time for an hourly or monthly fee, chances are you are underselling your expertise or knowledge and unfortunately have created an income ceiling, since there are only so many hours in a week for which you can charge a fee.  If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to package your knowledge and create passive and recurring income.
Say you’ve written an e-book that describes the process you take your clients through to get them from “problem” to “result”.  Your strategy for this e-book is to get new subscribers and prospects interested in learning more and in working with you. On the webinar you introduce them to a downloadable program or a membership program you’ve created and a certain number of people buy this program from the webinar.

Let me help you get clarity about what will move your business forward fast and how I can help you get those income generating projects done. The respective winners were Expedia's "Find Your Understanding," a video depicting a father traveling to his lesbian daughter's wedding and Liquid-Plumr's "Double Impact," a plumber video full of innuendos. This can happen through greenfield manufacturing, developing new sales programs, finding new associates, developing combined projects, or buying technological innovation permits.
So you offer this e-book free of charge in exchange for someone’s email address and you add them to your mailing list. We can spend just one DEEP DIVE DAY together to polish your brand till it shines and create your dollar-for-dollar one year Money Map. It can even take form of promoting a share in your company, providing unexpected access to the customer's market. Then do just that—make the consequences of failing to meet these goals clear and enforceable. Following Jack Welch’s advice to remove the bottom 10 percent of employees each year is not an easy path, and you may differ in your approach to making your business better, but to ignore a consistently low-performing employee is to ensure your operations will never be as good as they could be.
As the manager, you wish people like this would just disappear, but it seems they never do. While your fondest hope may be to see these people improve their performance, it’s much more likely you are simply documenting the path to the door.
Remember the goal is new subscribers, so be sure to include all your contact information and a few testimonials in the e-book.
They just seem to hang on and on… In some circles this is labeled “presenteeism,” and having these low performers at work may be costing you more than if you paid them to stay home! Either way, timely feedback, action on promised consequences and consistent application are your key to solving the problem.
Top performers, saddled with the extra load of carrying dead weight, may simply choose to move on.

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