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PlayerDIY Web Player, an easy-to-use flash video player creator, with which, you can easily DIY flash video player and add flash videos onto website for playing, no any coding and flash knowledge needed!
PlayerDIY Web Player is one of the best flash video player creating and customizing programs for all-level users to make their own web player which can be embedded in multiple platforms like blogs, websites, forums and so on. PlayerDIY Web Player is one of the best flash video player creating and customizing programs for all-level users to make their own web player which can be embedded in multiple platforms. PlayerDIY Ext Playlist Plugin is such a plugin that can generate a YouTube-like external video playlist as clear and attrative video navigation during the player customization process. The reason why we have to bring out this topic lies in the fact that it’s just not enough to make PlayerDIY Web Player work in Joomla!. PlayerDIY Web Player: a program that can help you to create and customize a perfect flash video player for playback on blogs, websites, forums and other platforms. Joomla!: a content management system that can build your own websites and online applications.
PlayerDIY Web Player Plugins: a bunch of versatile plugins that can extend the capabilities of player created by PlayerDIY Web Player. We have published 18 editions of PlayerDIY Web Player and 14 PlayerDIY Web Player Pugins with frequent upgrades.
We have posted an article telling people how to establish the easy connection between Joomla!
Click here to read the full article and refer to the tips below for free program downloading links.
During the web player customization, use Ext Playlist Plugin to create an external playlist as vivid video navigation for your web player used in Joomla! This plugin brings very impressive visual effect to your player and it displays video information like title, description and length in default in the created list. Step 3: Publish and paste the exact URL where the player is located to PlayerDIY Web Player Module installed in Joomla! Five new PlayerDIY Web Player skins were just published for free downloading and for users to customize different festival-themed or cartoon-based flash video player in an easy way. PlayerDIY Web Player is a handy flash video player creator and customizer that helps users to make personalized web player in any style they want it to be. Provided users are not contented with the existing skinlist, they have an option to download the others(which will be continually added from time to time) from template webpage everytime when clicking “More Styles” button in the list. PlayerDIY has complete solutions for all-level customers to decide how the player skin is going to be made.
In order to achieve the best visual effect, some skins are required to work with some specific player versions.
We are very happy to announce that PlayerDIY Web Player has been officially listed in Joomla! PlayerDIY Web Player is one of the best FLV player making programs that always dedicates to provide an easiest way for customers to create and customize personalized flash video player for playback on any website, blog and forum.
Provided there is none preferred skin style in the list, more new looks can be found and will be continually added here for free downloading everytime when clicking “More Style” button. An award-winning content management system(CMS), an open source solution to build your own website and online application, a totally free and easy-to-use tool available for everybody—that is our topic today, Joomla!. Just simply register with your email here and you are entitled to use the online demo immediately.
Try to use and edit all the functions, tools and components it has on administrative backend and don’t be afraid of making mistakes and messing the program up. Have a look at the interface of administrative backend below and the options you can use to build your self-customized website.
For amateur users, above-mentioned information may be the all they have to know, but for professionals, we’d like to dig it a little bit deeper.
Tips: a huge difference and actually an advantage between the module we offered and other modules is – we provide flexible and optional ways to build and customize web player in your own style! Step 2: PlayerDIY Web Player is a very easy-to-use and powerful flash video player creating program which just takes few minutes and 3 steps to build and customize a perfect flash video player. The new PlayerDIY Ext Playlist Plugin V2.0 saves trouble of manually filling video information and there are 3 new setting options are added to ensure a convenient external playlist creation and publication.
Parfaitement autonome, ce tableau musical delivrera une grande quantite de musique, pendant des heures sans intervention, sans usure (aucune piece mecanique en mouvement).
Pour changer de programme musical, vous remplacerez simplement et en quelques secondes la carte memoire sur l’un des cotes du cadre. Le cadre est amovible vous laissant la possibilite d’utiliser l’encadrement standard de votre choix.

Le lecteur est muni d’un capteur infra-rouge et se commande a distance avec son elegante telecommande: changement de morceau, lecture ou arret, ajustement du volume. 3 tailles disponibles en standard :- 400mm x 500mm- 500mm x 700mm- 700mm x 700mmNous pouvons realiser des tailles, des formes de cadres et des couleurs differentes sur demande.
Dote d’un double amplificateur, le NanoPlayer box propose le branchement de deux casques ou du mono ecouteur ID-AL, une alternative a l’ecoute de proximite.
Avec la fonction Interactive il est possible de lancer la lecture de fichiers audio par l’intermediaire du contact d’entree.
Ideal pour apporter une dimension audio a tous les type d’espaces, pour des installations a petit budget, pour declencher un message au passage d’un visiteur ou pour sonoriser un lieu public. Le NanoPlayer box est une solution particulierement economique destinee a l'installation et l'integration dans un tres grand nombre d'equipements. Interactivity: one input on dry contact is available to trigger playback when activated, either on detection or on selection. Low power consumption: the player’s consumption is very low thus offering long autonomy when powered on battery.
La carte OEM NanoPlayer permet d’ajouter l’audio a de tres nombreux equipements et dispositifs ou vehicules. JavaScript, as one of the most popular, functional and dynamic scripting languages, is frequently used by PlayerDIY Web Player and its plugins, HTML Ad Plugin for example, to enable programmatic access to extend the capabilities and diversities. All the functions are exactly the same as registered one except a watermark hyperlinked to PlayerDIY website will appear. While its mentioned plugins shall function properly with PlayerDIY Web Player V2.0 and up versions. It can display the most important video information like title, description and length in default. Speedup the program when uploading multiple videos – when multiple video contents have to be shown in the external video playlist, this enhancement makes sure that all the target videos can be uploaded to the program in a high speed so that the users can proceed to the next steps quickly without wasting too much time waiting. Fixed some tiny bugs and optimized program – PlayerDIY Software is always dedicating 100% effort to provide professional web player products and improve user experience. Extensions Directory, which makes the player creation and customization the easiest for Joomla!
If you choose outside approach, please proceed to the desktopend program PlayerDIY Web Player.
The most important, the plugin function can be easily implemented and it only takes 3 steps.
For amateurs, they can either choose fom the list or download from the website as indicated above; for professionals who want to make their own player skin, PlayerDIY is happy to offer a free and editable FLA projector file so that they can create their own style of template. And that’s why the skin details like name, category, player version requirement etc are listed on the website as clear guidance for the customers. If you are named the winner at last, you can enjoy our fabulous prizes including free use of plugins and many other more!
Extensions Directory for free downloading and for everybody to create and customize their own perfect flash video player.
It’s convenient because it has a desktopend and asks for no coding knowledge; it’s extendable because there are 14 fantastic plugins awaiting; and it’s highly adaptable because it can be used in CMS(Content Management System) like Joomla! PlayerDIY will provide self-editable player skin(if needed) for its registered users to customize the whatever-look player skin they want. All the functions are exactly the same as registered version except a watermark hyperlinked to PlayerDIY website will appear. Extensions Directory to help you implement some specialized functionalities or you can Create and Share your own extensions.
A totally open source and it is willing to be extended and customized in any form and style you can imagine. You may have discovered that there is no any web player module in the existing “Extensions” menu, fortunately, you can find few when you proceed to search in the Joomla! This plugin not only enables its users to create adorable external playlists with easy steps, but also allows them to customize the look and style of external playlists with Javascript, CSS and HTML. The ability to auto fillout list information – instead manually filling out video information like video caption, description and length in the previous version, V2.0 totally saves trouble. The ability to auto revise div code in index.html file – again, users have to manually insert the external playlist ID and the necessary code in order to achieve kind of “YouTube-Look” external playlist previously. The new setting options of “Customize” style external playlist – “Customize” style is made for professional users who wish to create and personalize external playlists using their own CSS and JS. Disabling plugin duplication – in order to avoid the confusion of having two plugins alike, only one ext playlist plugin can be added and it will surely serve customers better in this way.

All the functions are exactly the same as registered version except a watermark hyperlinked to PlayerDIY website will appear on the top right of the FLV player. Seule une alimentation externe de 12V est necessaire pour faire fonctionner ce tableau, assurant une parfaite securite pour tous les lieux ouverts au public. Le NanoPlayer box possede egalement un amplificateur 2x8 watts pour connecter une paire d’enceinte passive. Le NanoPlayer box peut etre declenche par un bouton poussoir, un detecteur de presence ou tout autre solution delivrant un contact electrique.
A second folder is read when the input contact is triggered or the infrared control is used. The Nanoplayer mkII is therefore suitable for outdoor applications using solar power supply. The low power consumption allows to use a power supply system with solar panel and battery. Just pay a little extra to remove the watermark and enjoy the lifelong updates and prior technical supports. And since plugin version V2.0, PlayerDIY Team has made the external video playlist creation the easiest ever within just one click. Users can select player’s profiles, use diverse plugins, choose different colors of background and lovely looks of preloader, and of course, select the most favorable player skins from 7 categories, 45 styles in total.
Click here to learn how to edit the template(.fla file) and make it work with PlayerDIY Web Player. Each category provides sufficient and relevant skin styles for customers to decorate their web players and match the different website themes.
Upload your own extensions, try diverse functions, and do whatever you want to customize the “masterpiece”! You can either upload the whole .zip file downloaded from above link or directly input the link URL to complete installing. Please proceed to Step 2 and Step 3 below for the guide of how to use PlayerDIY Web Player. New “caption format”, “replace from” and “replace to” options are added to its setting page, which may assist those professionals better to make unique and attractive external playlists.
Just pay a little extra to upgrade it to registered one and enjoy the lifelong updates and prior technical supports.
To implement certain function of this plugin may have to work with specific version of web player. Aucun autre cablage n’est a prevoir, tout est integre dans ce tableau parfaitement autonome.
Le declenchement, le changement de fichiers et la gestion du volume sont egalement pilotables par la telecommande infrarouge optionnelle.
Gestion des rebonds de 100ms fixe • Protocole reception RS232 (jusqu’a 1000 repertoires) • Telecommande infrarouge 16 touches max (16 repertoires parmi 1000) Cryptage : • Compatible avec l’outil de cryptage v1 ou v2. The activation of the input contact, or an order transmitted by infrared remote, starts playing one or more associated files.
Under brand-new “Novelty” category, 7 new irregular-shaped styles were added, which can perfectly overlap on the current video for aesthetic view. Unfortunately, the only few you can find are almost labeled ones, like YouTube and JW, etc. All make the external playlist creation and publication very convenient and just one-step away. Il est egalement possible de connecter un capteur de presence ou un bouton poussoir pour declencher un message sur demande.
Here comes the question: What if I want to insert the flash video player with my own brand? However, you may not have sufficient options to choose for web player’s style in this way. Les fichiers d’un second repertoire sont lus sur interactivite, par activation du contact d’entree ou commande infra-rouge.
Cette caracteristique le rend particulierement pertinent pour les utilisations en exterieur avec une alimentation par energie solaire.

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