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Thus, marketing strategy is the creation of a unique and valuable position, involving a different set of activities. The concept of strategic marketing may be illustrated with reference to the introduction by Gillette Company of a new shaving product, Mach 3, in April 1998.1 For some time, Gillette had faced slow growth in its razor's division, partly because Schick, its smaller rival, had recently launched a new razor of its own.
Gillette's Mach 3 strategy emerged from a thorough consideration of the strategic three Cs.
Inasmuch as Gillette did not tailor its product to local peculiarities, it was able to achieve vast economies of scale in manufacturing.
Thus, development of marketing strategy requires choosing activities that are different from rivals. First, market entry was dictated by customers' willingness to adopt new products in the toiletry field. This threatened its basic business, that is, razor and blades market, in which it had 71% of the North American and European market.

And yet, the company has to introduce the product in Europe (with 71% market) as well as in developing countries (Latin America, where the company has 91% market for blades, and India with 69% of the market).
The company usually broke into new markets with razors and then jumped into batteries, pens, and toiletries through the established sales channels. Apparently, Gillette needed a new marketing strategy to protect its razor and blades territory. Better Business Budget PlanningWhat Is The First Essential Step To Be Taken Before Starting Your Own Business? Looking around, Gillette decided to introduce a new razor that its research laboratory had been developing and that was ready to be launched. Enter Effective Business Budget Planning Learn All The Crucial Steps Necessary To Plan Your Budget For A Successful Business Career Today! Second, the decision to enter the market was based on full knowledge of the competition, which included its own substitute products, such as Sensor and Atra shavers, as well as companies like Schick.

The company was more concerned about its own products competing with Mach 3, and, therefore it ran down stocks of its Sensor and Atra shavers ahead of Mach 3's launch. Third, Gillette's strength as an aggressive successful marketer of packaged goods with its vast experience in shaving products business and adequate financial resources (Gillette spent over $750 million in developing Mach 3) properly equipped it to enter the market. To make the Mach 3, Gillette had found a way to bond diamond-hard carbon to slivers of steel. Finally, the environment (in this case, a trend toward acceptance of technologically advanced products; Mach 3 was covered by 35 patents) substantiated the opportunity. It needed something revolutionary to strengthen its market position, and its research laboratory had a unique product ready to be launched.

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