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No Design Experience Necessary – Using a wizard-driven interface with drag and drop simplicity, HGTV®'s kitchen design software makes it easy - PLUS, there’s FREE HGTV® How-To Video Tips included! Can someone refer me to some kitchen software that is affordable and easy to use for remodels? If you don't push to be perfect in everything you do, then you will always remain just average. If you use major cabinet manufacturer brands there is another very important thing you need to look for in cabinet design software. Sometimes customers bring me in these drawings from various $9.99 programs and it's laughable.

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Keep in mind these good programs are always half price at the show such as KBIS, NAHB or NARI or any other trade shows. So when you design you are designing from what exactly is in the catalog of the brand you are working with. You are a professional and you have to present your professionalism with the most impressive CAD available. If you go into an appointment with drawings from something like Chief Architect puts out then I can guarantee you the customer will put you out.

It was far easier to spend $50 at a time then lay out all that cash for my own drawing program. I can place coffee pots on the countertop, soup pots on the stove and a turkey in the oven.

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