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If a businesses don’t have and effective website he fails to attracts millions of potential buyers in the today’s scenario where number of competitors have gone up at the same rate.
This is a grand platform where anyone can learn and share the informative concept & useful tips that revolve around the web development.
Be direct by succinctly stating what action the user should take and what the result of the action will be.Limit the number of call to actions.
By only having a few call to actions, you can focus on getting the user to take the preferred action you want as quickly as possible.Use buttons for actions requiring a click.
Additionally, when designed well, it can draw attention to your call to action.Have supporting information ready and close by. Users need to be compelled to take action, make sure you have things on the landing page that encourage them to perform your desired action.The landing page of Square is a perfect example of a good call to action.
The headline should be at the top of the web page, where Internet users expect it to be.Consider using relevant keywords. If the landing page is too complex, the site visitor might be discouraged to remain on the page. The more complex landing pages are, the smaller the chance users will go through with the desired action.
Use the concept of Reductionism to help you eliminate needless items and copy.Have only one primary call to action.

Pick a task you would like the user to take, such as downloading your software or signing up for your mailing list, and limit it to just that. Any additional call to action should reinforce your primary call to action.Use ample amounts of whitespace.
If things are too cramped together, it might visually intimidate the site visitor.The Dropbox landing page is very simple. Determine the order in which you want the viewer to look, and design your web page to support that order. Arrows, icons and attractive images can help direct the eyes of users towards an area of a web page.Use high-contrast foreground colors on certain web page components. Komen for the Cure organization, presents a good example of how to direct users towards your call to action. The web page is laid out logically so that you can see the primary call to action right away.
The button and the surrounding arrows have high-contrast colors compared to the dark gray background, making sure it stands out.RelevanceEvery visitor comes to your landing page from a specific source.
For example, if your ad says that by clicking on it, the user can buy iPads for half the price, then your landing page better be selling iPads for half the price. For example, if you have a Facebook marketing campaign, create a landing page that caters to Facebook users.Customize the landing page depending on the source.

For example, if you would like the user to buy a product, consider giving them a way to recover their money if they are unsatisfied with their purchase.Anticipate any concerns that the user may have and address them. These concerns are often related to cost, time and security.Offer a free trial (if possible). For example, clearly stating that the special discounted price will end soon might urge users to purchase your product now.Provide dynamic information that conveys scarcity. For example, displaying the number of Facebook Likes is a good way to show social proof.Locate trust elements close to the call to action. His work has been published all over the Web, on sites like Web Design Ledger, Quick Sprout, ProBlogger, and others. The video there is also well explained.Justyna Sep 17 2012Very good article, Karol!This comment section is closed.

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