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In the example below, the marketing automation software provider Marketo points visitors who downloaded a whitepaper to a company blog. I'm a copywriter looking for ways to give my clients more value and you've added to my knowledge.
I deal in "real products" as opposed to the info products market and the one tactic I believe pays off more than any other is the offer of discount off future purchases.
In the context of affiliate marketing, the first three purposes are usually the most important. Mobile phones and tablet PCs are increasingly becoming the platform of choice for accessing the Internet. No matter how persuasive your copy, the fact is that most of your visitors will not convert the first time they click your links. Testimonials help to build trust, and will make it easier for an on-the-fence consumer to make up their mind about buying your product.
This year it seems that Omnichannel is the new term for managing multichannel marketing to emphasise the growing importance of social media marketing. One of Smart Insight’s most popular posts on planning this month is the Digital media introduction infographic courtesy of Hallam Internet Marketing. We think this is a great visual way of introducing the digital media channels to non-digital specialists.
The main developments on the social media platforms this month were these developments on Facebook and Pinterest. Facebook Lookalike Targeting launches – advertisers can now upload customer emails or phone numbers and then Facebook will automagically find audiences sharing similar profile characteristics. New Pinterest Analytics – a free tool within Pinterest for reviewing the popularity and reach of your Boards and Pins. For advice on social media and content marketing I recommend this post on a common marketing challenge for all companies: How do you persuade others in your organisation to create content for you? The main SEO change to watch for in March was the latest in a long line of Google Panda updates – #25 penalising low quality content. Of course social signals are becoming more important within SEO and it’s worth planning for how you can increase the ranking of your site on this basis.
Another more strategic post on SEO that provoked a lot of comments this month was Gavin Llewellyn’s post on Forecasting the benefits of SEO for investment.
At a less advanced level, providing advice on SEO for non-specialists, you may be interested in Google’s latest guides and videos on how Search works and SEO – we’ve added them to end of the SmartInsights SEO hub page. If you work in SEO then you’ve probably come across the Brighton SEO event run yearly by SiteVisibility. In March James Gurd updated our guide for landing page optimisation and to support this I recommended this formula for landing page optimisation to help guide CRO planning. If you work in Email marketing check out this infographic on Email design best practices – it’s a neat summary. We also covered What Email marketers need to learn from retailers in this post from Ed Hallen suggesting 3 phases of Behaviour email marketing. Landing page optimization makes more sense when you consider that your small business website landing page is where the real action takes place.  It may be a sales page, a video or content landing page, or an e-mail opt-in page. Your landing page is where your website visitors go to take action.  This means it’s essential that you know how well your landing page is optimized to achieve solid traffic conversion. An optimized landing page will avoid the simple mistakes made by webpages that fail to capture a visitor’s attention and call them to action quickly and easily enough. The Website Architects can show you how to put it all together in a professionally architected site that invites your visitors to click deeper and deeper.  Contact us for a free proposal.

4 Abused Sales Tactics for Website Lead GenerationAs an entrepreneur, persuasive website copywriter and architect, and co-creator of Hub Mentality, I’m adamantly opposed to churn-and-burn, transactional sales mentality for website lead generation. This part of the landing page should be your headline and optionally – a subheadline (smaller font) that provides further clarification.
Following these tips will help you construct landing pages that will influence customers to purchase items from the firm and make people feel more comfortable about interacting with your company. You can create, send and track awesome email campaigns to nurture your prospects with landing pages with Pinpointe. About Us Pinpointe's cloud-based email marketing platform helps business marketers get better results with their permission-based email communications. Landing Page Optimization truly is the definitive guide to building landing pages that work. Tim starts you off with helping you understand what landing page optimization is, why it’s important and some psychology behind it all.
Landing Page Optimization will then show you how to test your landing pages and to plan out strategies for keeping the improvements coming.
Your site has more than one conversion goal, and one page cannot be relevant and valuable to them all.
Keep in mind that you will likely have more success by pushing for engagement instead of a second purchase (that can come later).
Share and follow – Too many confirmation pages ask people to follow a company on Facebook or Twitter without offering a reason why. Loyalty programs – If you have a loyalty club or points system, this is a great time to ask visitors to sign up. I am looking for an outline for a confirmation email for higher conversions once a visitor signs up for our email list. The landing page is the first page that your prospective customers see when they come to your site, so the page must load quickly and be eye-catching and attractive, otherwise you will lose those visitors. If your visitor leaves your site without doing one of those three things, then your landing page has failed in its job. However, if you give them something – perhaps a free ebook or a short video tutorial, they will remember you, and it will be easier to convert them when they come to your page a second time. Use charts, cartoons and simple illustrations to explain your points and help the visitor get an at-a-glance understanding of your message. If it’s new to you or you’re looking for examples, read more in our Introduction to Omnichannel marketing and these examples of Omnichannel retail. Marie Page will be writing more about her experiences of using Lookalike targeting in April in a tutorial – watch out for that if you’re considering this option.
Daniel caught up with Kelvin, the man behind this hugely popular event to talk about how he approached organising what is now recognised as a world class SEO conference. Please get in touch if you’re interested in sharing your experiences, views or examples on best practice through a guest post.
He’s been a good friend on the conference circuit, and he has always been one of my favorite speakers to listen to. Tim and his co-authors leave no stone unturned, walking you step by step through the whys, whats and hows of creating fully optimized and tested landing pages.
From there he shows you how to find opportunities for making your landing pages even better by addressing common problems, and using tools to diagnose issues. Even if you have a solid understanding of the need and value of optimizing your landing pages, this book will provide you with enough additional thoughts and ideas to keep you busy for a long time. He is the founder and CEO of Pole Position Marketing, a web presence optimization firm whose pit crew has been velocitizing websites since 1998.

You have all the information, so she should be able to sign up for your emails or loyalty program with a click or two. Of course, you can also offer a relevant email newsletter or alert program (example: “click here to receive an email when we publish more on this topic”). We always use double confirmation so we have the visitor click on a link in an email to confirm their subscription to our mailing list. In addition, Google uses your bounce rate and the quality of your landing page as elements in the Quality Score calculation. The more information you cram onto one page, the bigger the chance of losing or confusing the visitor. Some users will click your link fully intending to buy as soon as the page loads, others may convert after reading your list of features and benefits. Meanwhile in the SEO Zoo, this analysis suggests that Google’s Penguin update penalising low-quality links is getting stricter. Alternatively, ideas on what you’d like us to cover or questions on Best Practice – see our Marketing Answers forum. As such, placing the form on the left is akin to asking for something before explaining the benefits involved. It’s critical that the CTA is very obvious and is written in a way that describes what clicking on it will actually do. In his free time Stoney gets involved in community services and ministries with his "bride enjoy" and his children.
You need to push marketing ROI even higher, and you can do that with landing page optimization for your confirmation pages.
The image at the top of this article is a good example of this from Shutterfly, found in Smashing Magazine.
Give them easy, valuable ways to engage and you will cut the amount of time it takes for them to return and convert again. Our conversion rate of a confirmation seems low even though we do not yet deliver the free product for signing up. If your landing page is poorly optimized, you could end up paying more per click in your AdWords campaigns.
Ash walks you through some basics and best practices to ensure your landing pages start on a solid foundation before you get into the testing and tweaking. Give them a $10 credit for each person they bring to your site through Twitter who converts.
In questo caso la stessa home page del sito e stata costruita con caratteristiche di landing page.
Il titolo dovrebbe essere al top della pagine, un utente medio se lo aspetta li.Utilizza nel titolo parole importanti.
Cerca di utilizzare le keyword studiate per il motore di ricerca ed inserisci il titolo nel tag h1 o h2Possiamo prendere come esempio la pagina di shopify.
Tenere sempre in primo piano l’obbiettivo della paginaMantenere gli oggi ben distanti con grandi spazi. Prova a seguire i consigli, vedrai che riuscirai a creare delle landing  page efficaciMirko PianettiArticoli di interesse: Come ottimizzare le parole chiave ed i titoli delle pagine: tre piccole regole Costruire link con inserimento di video Sottolineare i link nelle nostre pagine o no?

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