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One great solution is to create the best infographics to add variety to your website’s content.
Below is a collection of the best infographics used by law firms and related legal service providers. If you’re still doubtful, know that a Google image search of ‘legal marketing infographics’ returned 1.2M search results.
Some legal proceedings are too boring and lengthy to be the topic of a blog post, while others are just too complex to be explained that way.
Notice that this infographic is filled with topic-appropriate images, not just random stock photos. Don’t learn how to make infographics for the sole purpose of convincing clients of your legal expertise. Journalists and bloggers love sharing infographics like this, so it’s a must have for your legal marketing arsenal. Historical timelines and background information about the process of creating laws are helpful for law students and potential clients, too. Yes, a client wants to know if you’re capable and credible enough to take up his case, that’s why attorney bios and resumes are among the most viewed pages in a law firm’s website. Your specialization — personal injury, bankruptcy, finance, corporate law, divorces, etc. Once the text is engaging enough, you’ll have a better chance of converting it into one of the best infographic legal resumes out there. In an infographic by Arrest Records, the supposed racism in the justice system is the object of controversy. But you don’t have go that far in learning how to make an infographic on a controversial topic. Pro-bono themed infographics can tell the story of the case you won, or the person you defended, as long as the information isn’t embargoed or sensitive.
I left this for last because you might not take me seriously if I lead with these examples.
Infographics like this have a greater chance of going viral, compared to the other examples listed above, except perhaps the controversial ones.
A good workaround is to break up the tasks into manageable chunks, so you can do it in your spare time.

I am the CEO of McDougall Interactive Marketing, publisher of the Legal Marketing Review and an authority on internet marketing for law firms. No matter whether you work agency or client-side, each day or week brings new challenges in how you engage with customers, clients, supporters, members and volunteers. In the past, social media was used as just another channel for publishing content that would engage with each of these audiences. This FREE Vocus White Paper explores how to add social to every marketing activity in order to amplify marketing impact, drive customer, client and audience engagement as well as increasing incremental sales whilst staying within the new rules of social engagement in accordance with UK and EU laws.
Best-selling author of Essential Law for Marketers 2nd Edition, published by Kogan Page (2013) and available on Amazon. A partner at leading media law firm Lewis Silkin, Jonathan acts for publishers, broadcasters and new media clients including BSKYB, Virgin Media, Comedy Central, Fremantle Media and MTV dealing with IP, libel or privacy claims, and assists them to minimise the risk of such claims.
This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorization. It also includes visuals, like videos, images, and infographics — elements that many legal websites lack.
Infographics also cut the need for lengthy explanations by swapping text for easy to understand visual diagrams. The examples below aren’t the only ones available, and it’s certainly not an inclusive list of all the possible ways to use this media. So the best infographics provide a happy compromise by combining what would’ve been a dense block of text, with easy to understand flowcharts, pictures and diagrams. It also has a sensible progression from “Why did I get pulled over” to “What’s considered a DUI?” all the way to the penalties and possible legal recourse. Just as blog posts aren’t always how-to articles, you should also create infographics with industry news and statistics. Sometimes, it helps to go back to the basics to explain what a prospective client should know, such as the difference between a private attorney and a public defender. Others go viral due to controversial topics, its road to virality fueled by people’s polarizing views on the subject. Tons of safer topics are available, like this interesting take on the victories of legal underdogs. Publishing it in your website doesn’t do it enough justice, especially if you won a great battle for your community.

Another way to do it is to tell the story through the number of cases defended, or hours donated. They’re a source of fun trivia and conversation starters, that’s why people love sharing them.
So I don’t expect you to have much time to dedicate in learning how to make an infographic either. Alternatively, you can give us a call and we’ll help you create an infographic for your law firm. Over 20 years’ PR and marketing experience and blogger for Brand Republic. Independently ranked by the CIM as one of the top 50 gurus in the industry.
He is an editor and author of The Law of Privacy and The Media 2nd Ed (OUP, 2011) and a contributor to Blackstone’s Guide to the Defamation Act 2013. She acts for both claimants and defendants in areas including defamation, privacy and confidence, copyright, data protection and other media related areas of law, sports law and public law.
He also works to protect the IP, brands and reputation for a wide range of media and entertainment clients, and has extensive experience both of the regulatory and judicial forums for resolving defamation, privacy and related disputes. Such legal sites often lack color and organization, and are filled instead with long blocks of dry legalese. It should tell a story of who you are as a person, so potential clients can get a feel of what’s it like to work with you. Just plug in your LinkedIn information to, and it automatically converts it for you. To maximise the success of social marketing you need to become adept at integrating social media into your existing marketing programmes and strategies. Prior to joining 5RB Felicity worked for the Legal Policy Team at the Ministry of Justice and at the Law Commission. Felicity is regularly asked to comment on developments in media law such as the Defamation Act 2013, the Royal Charter on press regulation and social media and the law and is a contributor to Blackstone’s Guide to the Defamation Act 2013.

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