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Like the folks digging for gold back then, some internet entrepreneurs get rich, others do quite well, yet many fail. Sadly, this niche is a zest pool filled with unethical Scams; some estimate that 95% of these programs are fraudulent offers.
Many people are asking me “if there are Legit Online Making Money Programs” that could help them to start their business. In the past nine years WA has become the leader in the training of internet and affiliate marketers, and have welcomed thousands students.
What sets WA apart from similar programs is the completeness of the training, the outstanding Help & Support System and the variety of excellent tools. Chris Farrell presents an excellent program for “beginners without any knowledge of the online business”.
Mark Ling created Affiliroma in 2005 as a training platform for affiliates promoting products of several of his business enterprises. Some of the trainings material is, unfortunately, not up-to-date and you will have to get additional material from other sources. Kelly Felix, the owner of Bring The Fresh made his fortune by selling ClickBank products as an affiliate.
The training is an easy to follow step-by-step program that teaches you the basics to get started. A 7-day trial period for $7.00 gives you enough insight to make an educated decision if this program is right for you. You will get adequate Help & Support from the Member Forum which does provide answers to all questions you may have.
You can join WA for FREE, start with the trainings lessons, build 2 free websites and enjoy the college like community.
As Premium Member you will have access to the c0-founders and all the expert internet marketers on a daily basis. I’m aware of those legit online moneymaking programs above but so far haven’t joined even one! The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. JVZoo is perhaps the most talked-about affiliate network among Internet marketers today, and in this JVZoo review we’ll tray to explain why. There’s a very good reason to love them: they pay your affiliate commissions instantly to your PayPal account.
Although relatively new, JVZoo has achieved amazing traction among marketers in the “make money online” or “get rich quick” niche market. Our system runs on Paypal’s adaptive payment system which allows your payments to go directly into your PayPal account the moment a sale is made. If you’ve been in affiliate marketing long enough you would have probably tried various affiliate programs that implement “instant split PayPal payment” for sales and commissions – sites like .
In other words, if a seller set commissions to be 50%, the first sale will be made to the seller’s PayPal account, while the second sale will be made to the affiliate’s PayPal account. When a buyer requests for a refund, the seller would have to check if the payment was made to his PayPal account, or to the affiliate’s PayPal account. As you can expect, this is a very messy and potentially destructive for your online reputation. It has also landed more than a few marketers and affiliates in trouble with PayPal, partly due to the complaints by buyers when they do not receive their refunds. With PayPal’s adaptive payment however, a single payment is truly split between the seller, JVZoo, and you. As you can see from the PayPal screenshot below for a commission I received from JVZoo, they list their URL and phone number for customer service. Another big thing we want to mention in our JVZoo review is the integration with Warrior Forum, probably the largest marketplace for Internet marketing products.
A WSO (Warrior Special Offer) forum is where hundreds of Internet marketers in the “make money online” niche post huge discounts for their products.
However, Warrior Forum has frequent downtimes, and every second the site is down both sellers and affiliates lose money. JVZoo’s new system checks to see if the Warrior Forum is up and running every few seconds.
Offering a bonus to your subscribers and blog readers is a great way to rake in higher commissions. With JVZoo however, you have a built-in system for delivering any bonus you want to your buyers. Now, when you promote a product through JVZoo, we will also deliver your bonus for you, completely hands off to you! Developers and third-party software owners would love JVZoo’s each integration via their own IPN, as well as PayPal’s IPN.
Their IPN seems to be copied from (or borrowed from) ClickBank’s IPN, and I think it’s a smart thing to do if you want ClickBank affiliates to be able to migrate easily. Documentation is reasonably well-prepared, another plus for developers who don’t want to waste too much time figuring out the JVZoo backend.
Although there are no numbers, I don’t think JVZoo has even 10% of the affiliates ClickBank has.
It’s not easy to unseat one of the largest digital product affiliate networks on the Internet. Yes, they add your customers to their house list so they receive an email at least once a day with the pick of the day, plus notifications from the vendors they’ve purchased from before. As a vendor, I love that they handle all of my affiliate payments – and they give me the choice on whether or not to pay instantly, on a per-affiliate basis. Thanks for this detailed review, i really appreciate it, it is soo wonderful to see a program that pays as fast as this. That is nice, I did notice that on the JVzoo website they obstruct links to that help desk, why is that? The fact that you have never had to wait more than a day for a response from JVZ support may have something to do with you being a seller NOT a buyer. The amount of $1,800 in my paypal account just disappear after I connect my paypal account with jvzoo… Be careful guys…!!!!!! Avoid Scams And Start Making Real MoneyWealthy Affiliate Review – Is It a Scam Or Legit?
There are 100’s of reviews online about Wealthy Affiliate and sometimes it is very hard to see any negative reviews on this program. The internet is really bombarded with people promoting Wealthy Affiliate and this made me a bit unsure about joining this program. Some people say that it is a product, but after a while I realized that it is actually a community of like minded entrepreneurs and a service filled with training rather than a product. I am not going to bash or praise Wealthy Affiliate, but I would rather show you the facts on how I am making money with it and how you can do the same.
With the training inside Wealthy Affiliate you can easily make between $10 a day or $1000 a day by becoming an internet marketer. There are companies such as Amazon, Clickbank, Rakuten Linkshare (which is one of my favorites) and a lot of other companies that will be BEGGING you to sell their products. Each time someone buy a product from your website, you will be earning a commission from each sale.
Yes you heard right because what you will be doing is to help people that are searching for stuff online. Once they read the quality information on your website where you help them to make a decision then you can easily send them to Amazon and if they buy something then you will earn a commission. Once inside WA you will learn how to choose your niche, register your website, creating its framework and then writing articles inside your website. Remember that a website is very scalable and the more articles you create, the more exposure you will have. Here training will be added daily and will definitely help you if you are stuck with something. Website templates are basically the look of your website and help a lot in organizing your pages or articles to help your user experience. It is always a good feeling if there is a community of like minded entrepreneurs behind you all the way.
Below is a screenshot where I got help from Nathaniell who was also mentoring me with my business. It is also a great honor to have one of the owners (Kyle) of Wealthy Affiliate helping me out between his busy schedule. I can promise you that inside Wealthy Affiliate you will see a lot of these success stories popping up each day. 1) PPC training not updated. The training you will find inside about Pay Per Click which is paid advertising is actually scratching the surface and that is all. It is only focusing on Bing, Facebook and Google ads and there is a ton of other traffic sources that is not covered inside WA.
2) Hosting has no Cpanel. The hosting is great and I like the fact that you can host as many websites on it as you want and I have never experienced any downtime for any of my websites.
The moment you move outside of WA, you will really have a tough time and I do not like it to be bounded to WA alone. You will get 2 Free Siterubix websites. Siterubix is a sub domain which you do not own, but works great if you want to test and practice.

Access to all the phases of the Online Certification course and Bootcamp training and nothing is held back. Most of what I know of internet marketing comes from WA and there is success stories every day of people making money and some of them even go fulltime with their online businesses.
I have been in WA now for about 3 weeks and I agree of mostly everything you’ve said in your review. One awesome thing to remember is that new keywords are born every hour of the day, which puts us in a very powerful position. I know this is not the typical approach of a review, but who said that “typical” is the right way to do things. I know there are a lot of people out there with a lot to say about WA, positive and negative and I wanted to invite everyone here to help create the most elaborate Wealthy Affiliate review on the net. It may seem strange that Carson and I are approaching a review of something we own, but we think that this would be the most powerful way to deliver our thoughts on our services, what we like about Wealthy Affiliate, what we know we need to improve upon at WA, and where we are headed with the Wealthy Affiliate community.
And of course, your AWESOME feedback will definitely help this review out, so please be sure to leave your comments if you are an active member of the community or have been an active member of WA at some point in the past.
Most people don’t know this because they do not have an idea of our vision and as an outsider, it may appear that Wealthy Affiliate is just another one of those “make money products”.
Wealthy Affiliate has been a full time investment, passion, and has driven us to help 10,000’s of people since 2005, when the community started as a simple keyword tool site. Believe it or not, many of the decisions along the way have lost us a good deal of revenue in the name of providing more value to the end user. I am always connected to the community, in fact…you can find me and Carson hooked into WA from your nearest Starbucks on our coffee breaks. Because Wealthy Affiliate is not a product, rather an open community, it evolves with the times. What we do do however, is when we realize a weakness or someone brings it to our attention, we actively work to improve upon it.
That led us to develop our WA Chat system, an instant way for people to communicate within WA. Over the years we have written “millions of words” in support and helped people that never thought success was possible to achieve success online. Wealthy Affiliate is going to continue to evolve into a far more social animal, a community that spurs ideas, activity, and leads to greater collective successes!
The technology driving the Wealthy Affiliate community is a very sophisticated and powerful engine…something that has been 6 years in ongoing development. 3 Step Website Installation - Building a website is NECESSARY, but very easy using WP Express within WA.
Tools for interacting efficiently and building a following - We have a variety of systems within WA that allow you to create and build relationships with fellow members at Wealthy Affiliate, many of which are currently operating million dollar online businesses in many different facets.
Training infrastructure, delivering YOU what you are looking for - Our open source training model allows people to create resources as they see fit, interact within the training, and to comment on training inadequacies. Leveraging research tools to increase your reach - We continue to build onto existing research and keyword tools within Wealthy Affiliate, improving their practicality for the “new age” of the Internet. I could spend another 5,000 words explaining systems that are within WA, but I don’t want to overwhelm you.
WA is never stagnant and every year we roll out no less than 50 updates within the community. Carson and I would love for you to provide your feedback, comments and opinions on the WA community.
Today I will show you five legitimate programs that will provide you with a solid start for your business.
You should not be surprised to find Kyle and Carson actively taking part within the daily activities of the WA community  Both are accessible in the chat room and via private messaging. Overall, the program will give you good start but lacks the ability to expand to other areas.
Over the years Affilorama evolved into a program that offers different products and several levels of membership. Their course, consisting of 39 excellent videos, teaches you how to create and run on online business without having to spend any additional money.
FREE Website builders, FREE content, FREE domain and site hosting, FREE Auto respond systems and so on. Use my reviews to find out what the details are and then decide which way you really want to go. It’s your choice what niche you want to work in and what kind of business you want to build for yourself. You also will enjoy the unlimited free website hosting, even for sites you may already own. My mission is to help newbies to find the help and support they are looking for to start their own Internet Marketing Business. And in my more than 3 years searching for this online income opportunity, it was with Wealthy Affiliate that I was most attracted too as I felt Carson’s sincerity and credibility!
I was a seafarer (Second Officer) by profession, but unfortunately … became incapacitated after a fatal shipboard accident way back June 24,2004 in a seaport in NOLA,USA!
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.
In this JVZoo review, we’ll find out exactly why most marketers prefer to promote JVZoo Products on their blogs and to their mailing lists.
Unlike other instant payment systems with Paypal, JVZoo has a true payment system that allows you to be paid for EVERY sale that is made.
In theory the program will split payments received from buyers between sellers and buyers, directly to their PayPal account. If he did not receive the payment, he would have to ask the buyer to contact the affiliate directly (or contact the affiliate on the seller’s behalf) to get a refund. Buyers would find it difficult to get their money back from the affiliate, especially when some of them may have never known a third person was involved in their purchase. When the seller initiates a refund for the buyer, PayPal will automatically deduct the split amount from all three accounts. Sellers get to be hands-free on billing matters, customers get good service and prompt refund fulfillment, and affiliates get paid instantly.
This is done through their “Automated WSO Failover System”, which is basically a replicated offer of your original WSO post on their own forum.
All you need to do is simply enter your URL of where your bonus is, or upload the bonus file to our servers and when someone goes through your link and purchases, their bonus from you will be waiting for them on the receipt. We managed to use it without much issues when setting up Sociabot, our social media automation product. A lot of thought has been put into helping you find the information you need when you need it, although the poor design betrays that.
If they do redesign their website, it would make JVZoo much more appealing to potential affiliates.
That could change in a few years though, as most affiliates seem to be disenchanted with ClickBank’s recent policy changes.
I do know that JV Zoo emails their affiliates a few times a day, not sure about your customers.. I just include a message early in my follow-up autoresponder sequence explaining how it works and assuring the customers it’s okay to unsubscribe from those lists.
Cant access the product I have changed my password 4 times and still cant access without error messages. Refunds are also a breeze – single click and they take care of sorting out who pays what from where. But since they only charge me 5% and no setup fee – I consider it a cost of doing business.
My favourite product will suffer as a result of JVZoo and their no communications policy and also WSO neither of which have any interest in what happens to your money. The Sales Funnel link shows you all of the products in that group – the upsells and downsells Generally you are approved for the full funnel so that when you promote the first product, you also get credit if they buy the other products in the funnel. After a while I started to see more sales coming in and one sale even paid me $201 in commission. There are so many opportunities out there, but I feel like this one puts the meat on the bone as it will give you the flexibility to do whatever you want. There is really no limits to the amount that you can make online (remember that it takes time and a lot of hard work to reach this level).
When someone searches for a product or company in Google, Bing and Yahoo you can easily have the opportunity to get people to read your articles. You will also learn how to optimize these articles so that it can rank on the first page of Google.
This can be anything you are passionate about and there is no limit to the amount of niches that you can delve into. The is a very crucial step and here you will need to write articles that will rank in google.
Once you have people on your website, you can start to recommend products to them from affiliate companies. First you get the Online Entrepreneur Certification course which helps you to get started with ANY niche that you want to.

The webinars are a great resource that will keep you up to date with all the online marketing trends and techniques.
This is by far the most unique feature inside Wealthy Affiliate and I have seen nothing like this from all the other programs. Wealthy Affiliate is mainly built on FREE traffic methods and that is where you should focus all of your attention.
Personally I only have one problem and that is that I wish I could create hundreds of copies of myself and try to dominate the internet and even if I could I would still not be able to saturate the internet. For me money is not the most important thing in the world because today you make money and tomorrow you spend it all. Try building one of your free siterubix websites and if it is not for you, then you don’t have to go premium.
It’s a great platform but also have some minor issues but can easily tackled through the community, here most people are very happy to help when you get stucked.
Since then, we have allowed it to evolve in a flexible manner based on what our “members” want from us. Yes, we do treat WA like a business, but our considerations for improving our service, providing new tools, resources, technologies and training are driven by what will make the community better, not what will make us MORE MONEY. It is like any other educational platform, you go to school, you have friends to hang out with, you have your teachers that can provide you with lectures, you have labs (tests) that you can do (taking action on what you learn), and if you ever get stuck, there will be MANY people there to give you a hand. When something changes in Google or when a new shift in the way we do online business happens, you will know about it.
We would only be lying to ourselves if we said that we were the best at everything or that we “know” everything. We have the resources and the technical knowledge to do just about anything when it comes to making the WA community better, and we are always working on new developments in the background to make Wealthy Affiliate a better place. People were complaining because sometimes there was a delay in getting responses via the forum or through Private Messaging (we respond to every single question we are sent within WA and have done so since 2005!). Now people can log into the Wealthy Affiliate members area for their first time and watch conversations going on, join in on conversations, and most important, get answers to their questions RIGHT AWAY! One is instant notification of new techniques and training, keeping our resources updated to the minute, and improving the social interaction within Wealthy Affiliate. Ultimately, we are there to facilitate your learning and to share our experiences with you. In 2012 you can earn an opportunity to meet Carson and myself in Las Vegas, paid by us simply by partaking in the community experience, sharing your experiences, and helping others out in the same way they help you. With a vast programming team improving on our services and rolling out new updates almost daily, our services, tools and overall technology at WA are only going to continue to get better. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is diverse and covers a wide range of topics, but of utmost importance, it is current. This includes understanding Google competition, understanding social metrics, and being able to decipher other web pages in an efficient way.
I just want to say that if you can dream of it and you can request it, we can provide it and WE WILL provide it. Don’t join a program that makes you pay before you can see what you are buying.  Also avoid MLM and Pyramid Schemes.
Detailed instructions how to implement the different facets are practical and can be done without problems. It will be up to you if and when you decide to upgrade to Premium Membership which will cost you $47.00 per month. I suggest you take a serious look on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate before you make your final decision. As a husband and father to three children, (the eldest just graduated college last March and 2 brothers still on their respective courses, I was made aware of an online income opportunity that had kept me glued on my computer everyday: morning , afternoon and evening! This website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an Affiliate Advertising Program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.
As compared to ClickBank who makes it hard for new affiliates to get paid, and traditional networks like Commission Junction that may take up to 90 days to pay your commissions, JVZoo uses PayPal’s Adaptive Payments technology to pay you instantly at the point of sale.
In practice however, it uses a rotational order button to distribute payment between the seller and affiliates at the percentage set by the seller. As long as they keep engaging sellers, buyers and affiliates the way they do now, they could carve out a strong niche market for themselves and ensure survival in a competitive market. I merely tell my customers in their first autoresponder message that they don’t need to stay subscribed to the JVZoo list in order to get updates on MY products. I would buy several affiliate products through them and if I had a problem I would get my money back.
They do the initial contact with you extolling the virtues of each product like its theirs. Wealthy Affiliate is really one of the few worthy programs that I feel comfortable with to recommend to my readers. With the training here, you will rank for most of them and soon your business will break through the roof. If someone tells you that Wealthy Affiliate is some sort of pyramid scheme, then they are nuts. My suggestion to you is to start with the first one because the second one is a bit crowded. This tool is the only tool that comes up with different variants and ideas for keywords and is great for finding that golden gem of a keyword. It really shows that WA is one of the best platforms for even the most unexperienced techy out there. If you can push hard on your business, you can think about going full time within a year or two. I’ve only been a member just over a week but I have been dabbling in online marketing for a over a year and to think how far I have come and learnt in a week is really amazing. I think it was just yesterday when Kyle (Which is one of the Co Founders) helped me with one of my websites. As far as I’m aware, the platform can host as many as 25 websites only, just to be specific.
That is why we created it and that is why we have maintained the longest standing and most successful service within the Internet Marketing niche.
We have close to 1,000 total resources, so we cannot say we teach ONE thing, because we teach 100’s of different techniques you can utilize to earn money online.
Oh ya, and improving the speed, tools, and existing services that are already included in Wealthy Affiliate.
It runs on the fastest servers available and we limit the number of domains that go on our servers to 20% of that of regular web hosts, allowing for quicker website loading times and greater efficiency. Platinum members get unlimited installs, some people run their entire local marketing business using WA hosting and manage 30+ client websites within WA. There was a situation where I had to use another hosting provider other than WA itself and to be honest, I really struggled.
If you’re serious about online marketing and growing your website for success you can’t go past WA! Wealthy Affiliate is the only community that we believe in and are passionate about, why would we promote something else. K & C are avid  Internet Marketers since 2002 and dedicated themselves to help people become successful Internet entrepreneurs. That wasn’t the case recently when a software I bought through JVZoo, to use with Facebook, stopped working abruptly seven days after I purchased it. Trying to find your downloads after payment is equivalent to extracting your teeth with plyers.
The problem seems to be in the ambiguous procedure buttons that usually send you back where you started. I had spent close to $120 on these two purchases and they are telling me that for all intents and purposes they no longer function.
The seller obviously dropped the ball by not doing his homework and creating a software that conformed to Facebook’s rules. Finally I had to resort to try and get my refund from Paypal, who could not help for whatever reason in getting my money back. Then after contacting my bank and explaining to them in detail of what happened with these purchases, they deposited the money into my account before I even got off the phone with them. That’s how sure they were in that I was wronged and they were definitely getting the money back. So for you people that say it’s great because they pay out instantly, it is not the way to do business these days.
Especially when there is a potential of smart scammers someday reeking havoc on a system like this. It was a nightmare to say the least in getting my money back, without the help of JVZoo, the seller nor the affiliate whatsoever.

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