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There are six levels of professional relationships that you should be naturally moving your clients through.
Acquaintances are contacts whom we have gotten to know a bit better, or friends we have carried with us through the different stages of our lives.
At the beginning of your relationships with them, some contacts and acquaintances become clients for whom you are invariably hired in a narrow, expert role. If you do a good job on the first engagement or transaction, you will probably be asked to supply more of your products and services. You earn this coveted role—which was the subject of my first book, Clients For Life—by exemplifying a series of essential qualities that set you apart from the expert for hire or vendor.
This is the ultimate goal, especially for a firm: to be a trusted advisor to your client and to harness the full power of your organization to address a variety of client issues. Level 5 and Level 6 client relationships will contribute a disproportionately high percentage of your growth, revenue, profits, and intellectual capital development. Ask, don't tell: This is a book that will transform your conversations – and maybe even your life. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The Buy-Ship-Pay model identifies four main business partner types: Customer, Supplier, Intermediary and Authority. The following figure illustrates the business processes and transactions that are included in the Buy-Ship-Pay model. The table shows a more detailed view of the business processes and transactions included in the Buy-Ship-Pay model. The diagrams are from the Buy-Ship-Pay model, and show the level of detail of information available for each process.

At a special Senate hearing Tuesday in Miami Beach, Senator Bill Nelson described south Florida as "ground zero" for climate change and its threat to coastal communities, calling for "new, innovative kinds of solutions" and warning that they won't be cheap.
The threat is all but imminent as experts predict sea levels will rise about one meter by 2100. We know something about each other, and may have actually spent a fair amount of time together; but the individual has never become a client. The client has a problem she wants solved, and you have the specific knowledge and experience to deal with it.
Don’t kid yourself, however—you’re still in “request-for-proposal territory,” just as you were when you were a solitary expert for hire. These include things like personal trustworthiness, independence, judgment, big-picture thinking, empathy, and others.
You will also receive Andrew's acclaimed monthly newsletter, Client Loyalty, and Andrew will notify you in the future of major new updates and additions to the collection of Power Tools. The supply chain ensures that goods are ordered, shipped and paid for while complying with regulatory requirements and supporting trade security. The International supply chain reference model and the Buy-Ship-Pay model have the same origin.
The types or organizations that make up these four categories, and the roles they play, are described.
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They may be important to us for other reasons, however; perhaps as source of friendship, information, and insight about markets and competitors, or as resources that we can introduce to our clients. At this point, you may be spending a lot of your time with procurement managers or lower-level buyers, without the benefit of having an anchor into senior management. You are now an agenda setter—someone who understands, is aligned with, and is helping to shape and improve your client’s agenda of critical priorities and goals.  You’ll also experience great personal satisfaction in the role of a trusted counselor who is having a significant impact on client success.

You are helping to shape your client’s agenda, you’ve developed many-to-many relationships, and you are meeting an array of client needs with different services or products. You can send these slides to your personal contacts who might be interested in Business Diagrams. The Buy-Ship-Pay model identifies the key commercial, logistical, regulatory and payment procedures involved in the international supply chain and provides an overview of the information exchanged between the parties throughout its various steps. The idea of creating a reference model for trade transactions was refined to the more specific scope of Buy-Ship-Pay phases within the supply chain.
Below that level, business process views of the named transactions are stored in the model. Business management structure diagram example showing organizational structure and its management via various levels and org reporting structures. At this stage, the trust and mutual understanding that enable a relationship to deepen simply have not developed yet. You are by no means part of this client’s inner circle; you’re more like a contractor who is managing many tradesmen or experts.
It’s not an easy task to play this role with a client, but if you succeed, you and your firm will probably have a client for life—and a highly profitable one at that.
But when they do, your personal satisfaction—and not just your income statement—will dramatically grow.

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