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So bearing that in mind and assuming you are having awesome conversations with your customers, here are some of my favourite list building tools for helping you collect data and convert more customers.
Personally, I use Infusionsoft and LeadPages, but at Smarta we used Mailchimp for years with great success. LeadPages offer an easy way to create mobile responsive landing pages, launch pages and sales pages. A site that offers you simple, speedy email marketing with easy design tools and templates.  This email marketing software sends newsletters and follow ups and delivers an easy to use service to help expand your business. A web application that can help anybody to build an online form that will automatically build your database and make collecting and understanding your data fast and easy.
A contact management software that lets you see everything about your contacts quickly and easily.
I use Ontraport (was office autopilot) and hybrid connect for squeeze pages which is a word press plugin. Wishpond makes it easy to create landing pages and contests, manage your leads and contacts, and automate email campaigns. The pride of the Wishpond Blog is our subscribers - all 18,124 of them, as of this morning. I'll tell you exactly why each one works and why you should be implementing them on your own blog. This is one I don't actually see very often on other blogs, which makes me super excited (I love doing things first).
It makes the mailout personal as well, with the words “Get James Scherer to personally send you his new posts.” This is more effective as well, because each of our content creators does mail out the articles they write. They’re great for eliciting a subscription, as you can be sure that your reader is interested in the exact subject they’re reading, and a content upgrade is simply more of that exact subject. Content upgrades perform substantially better than a squeeze page for email-gated content (even 500% better) but are also more work to put together. Exit intent offers are one of the most common blog subscription tactics, and we’ve actually replaced it in favor of the other four strategies in this article. However, because it was such a huge part of our list growth between 2013 and this past summer, I owe it a piece of this article. The exit-intent offer is your last chance to capture a prospective subscriber’s details, as it appears only when their cursor scrolls over the top pixel of your article’s page. The best part about the exit intent offer is that it can be used for multiple campaigns (not just blog subscription). The exit popup has the highest view rate out of all of our list-building strategies (as it’s viewed by everybody who bounces from our blog). We’ve moved away from the exit popup not because it doesn’t work (it does) but because, since Wishpond became free a couple months ago, we use an exit popup to promote the platform instead.
Ebook banners are probably (along with the scrolling form) the most common strategy for generating subscribers from blog content, and for a long time they (along with the exit intent offer) were our primary source. If it weren't for content upgrades, they'd still be #1 on my list of strategies, as I like how genuine they are. Not every offer can be a content upgrade, and email-gated ebooks (or resources like them) are a great second option.
They’re relatively simple to create and, as evergreen content, last far longer than a content upgrade.
Simply embed a linked image (or CTA banner) into the bottom of your blog article that sends people to an optimized landing pages with an email-gate between them and being able to access your ebook. For more on how to create an ebook (without hiring an expensive graphic designer) check out my “Ebook Design Kit for Marketers Who Can’t Design for S**T” as well as parts 2 and 3 in that series on building a landing page and promoting your ebook.
Almost every business blog you see has one of these, and they wouldn't be so ubiquitous if they weren't effective.
A scroll popup is a great way to ensure your lead subscribes if they want to while reading your content, and only after they’ve read at least 50% of the article (so there’s value there).
That said, because there’s no distinct offer involved (apart from the inherent value of the article they’re reading) we’ve made our scroll popup appear only once a week. We’ve also made this popup appear in the right margin of the screen, so it doesn’t impede our blog visitor’s ability to read. In fact, only the exit popup actually stops readers from getting the value of our content, and that only when they intend to leave anyway. The scroll popup also contrasts pretty loudly with the color scheme of our blog, to really grab the eye of our readers. Hopefully these list-building strategies have given you a better understanding of how we use our blog content to generate emails and start relationships with our readers (and how you can do the same).

Remember to test your popup frequency carefully, and if you’re wondering about how to set any of this up just shoot me a comment! Use Wishpond to generate leads, track their activity, and nurture them with automated email campaigns. Interested in growing your list, discover 100 technics to inflame your list subscriber like Specific Date technique, JV discount technique, Give it away technique, subscribe-only technique, plenty of ways technique and Opt-in-auction technique etc. Reveals the powerful secrets of list building with “List Building News” to build a list of greedy followers such as grabbing reader’s attention, 4 ways to build trust, 4 ways to build a profitable list, articles benefit for opt-in list etc. Easily Create Killer SEO Optimized Sales Pages, Landing Pages & Squeeze Pages That Google Will Love, Using The Power Of WordPress. The easiest way to monetize your twitter account even if you don’t have a product of your own. Boost your affiliate commission by at least 300% and improve your Click Thorough Rates with this WordPress plugin.
Amazing 70 audio music tracks such as Bonus Dop In FX, Complexium, Deep Mellow, Drum Grooves, Easy Listening Tracks, Trance Fizzle and many more. Join the elite team of successful marketers who funnel in more traffic and more money with PPC campaigns than any marketer who is focused on watered down methods like article marketing or SEO (Do you realize just how SLOW those strategies are? 101 Transparent Pro Business Images With Private Label Rights – Great content for building websites, designing sales pages, templates and of course graphical headers! Inside this “Internet Marketing Basics” eBook, you will discover: What is WordPress, Making Money with Blogging, What is Search Engine Optimization, Paid Traffic vs. Using social media to promote your business, discover the power of Google+ with this guide. Expand your marketing influence and be expertise with subscriber’s base with Ezine newsletter.
The New Way To Bring Loads Of Targeted Traffic To Any Site And Generate A TON Of On-Demand Cash Flow!
Inside “EBook Publishing Profits”, you will learn: How to use e-books for marketing and promotion, How to write an e-book, How to make your eBook “user friendly”, Why sell eBooks?
You’ll be offering much needed information about list building, using your Facebook fan page and other social media tools, how to get other people to drive traffic to your offer, and how to leverage content to create traffic day after day.
Inside “Ultimate Internet Marketing Starter Guide” you will learn all about: Understanding blogs, Internet marketing websites, Areas of internet marketing, Internet marketing skills, SEO and traffic generation and a lot of other related topics. In this e-book, we will take a closer look at PLR content that is available for the majority of membership sites out there.
So if we consider the examples above, one could almost conclude that a “landing page” is any webpage that can be visited, but nothing could be farther from the truth. As was briefly mentioned in the first article in this series, List Building 101, a landing page needs to be simple in design and needs to exist for a sole purpose… collecting visitor information.
In order to achieve the desired result, you need to make sure that your desired result is made abundantly clear to your visitor. As the name suggests, you tell your visitor what he is expected to do on your landing page. In order to help visitors make the decision that you desire, marketers often offer something in return for the visitor’s details. So getting back to landing pages, the design of a landing page need to be optimized in order to help people perform your desired action (known as converting).
With these elements, you can produce a landing page that has the potential to convert at a high rate and collect a lot of email addresses, but you should expect to have to test many variations before you have hit the sweet spot. MailChimp provides features and integrations that will suit any of your email marketing needs and produce content that will match your brand’s look and feel. You can strengthen your audience, generate more leads and grow your list with a website that offers free training helping make your business even better. Use your contact information to send targeted communications and create lists based on demographics and different behaviours.
While it doesn't get a huge amount of engagement, it does create a bit off personality in each article and effectively uses the author bio for something more than just introduction. If a reader sees that I’ve written an article (instead of Cara, Kevin, Nick or Bree - our other content creators) and they like it, they’ll be more interested in reading my next article. They have to be made specifically for the post they’re embedded in, and often provide bonus value or content related to the subject. The most cost-effective strategy is to intentionally write 4-7 blog articles on the same subject and then re-format the content into a PDF. The green box and red call to action are sure to be seen when they actually show up on the reader’s screen.

It is combined with the ideas for freebies and copywriting strategies that will influence visitors to subscribe opt-in form and newsletter. This will includes why need of list, why build a list, how to make and set a product, how to drive traffic for product, advantages of list, how to build a list, how to treat list in a right manner etc.
This is an enlightening report which disclose a closer look of list building that you need to know. This guide includes the strategies of “How to monetize and boost your list for a long term benefit”, “how to avoid costly penalties”, advantages and pitfalls and much more. Get Your Hands On These Preformatted WordPress Sales Page Themes You Can Have Up & Running On Your Site, Within 5 Minutes Flat!
Inside this you will discover: Autoresponder basic, segmentation of list, research for your market and much more.
This plugin comes with 3 high value gifts easy start marketing, starting an online business 101 and list building pro tips.
You will discover in this report: How to plan your Landing Page Theme, How to Write a Landing Page that Converts, Tips on Increasing Your Landing Page Conversion Rate, Driving Traffic into Your Landing Page and much more.
This easy to understand report is loaded with exactly the kind of information you need to launch your own Social Marketing campaign or improve your existing Web 2.0 strategy.
We will explore how to make use of: E-books, Sales letters, Landing Pages (or Squeeze pages), Articles, Thank you pages, E-courses, Blog Posts, Blog Themes, Videos and Audios! This usually takes place by means of a large, brightly colored button that instructs your visitor. In the online marketing space that will often be a free eBook or report that will help your customer to learn something that he wants to learn.
The beauty of landing page design is that there are an infinite number of possibilities to better the results that the page produces. Split testing, to explain it briefly, is the process of comparing the conversion rate of two or more variations of the same landing page. Google really dislikes this sort of thing, but remember that if you are paying for people to click through to your landing page, you DO NOT want them to be able to leave easily without first having provided you with their email address.
It will help to make a huge opt-in list that can make bucks for you anytime by just sending them mail. Includes Blogs & Sites For: Blogging Income, Email Cash System, Get Your Ex Back, Organic Gardening, Social Profits, Online Money Plan, Affiliate Profits, & Traffic Supercharge. You can add squeeze page, Thank You Page, OTO Page, White List Page, and all the Legal Pages within 3 minutes in the help of this plugin. Finding professionals to outsource your work to Getting professionals from online jobsites. The form will contain one or more fields where a visitor can enter details such as his name, his email address and any other potentially necessary information. Changing the color scheme, changing the heading, changing the title text and changing many other items can produce significantly better results. But Split Testing Your Landing Page and Improving Your Conversion Rate will be discussed in later articles. Make sure that they understand what you want them to do and also make sure that you make it as simple as possible for them.
If you use a video or animation on your landing page, make sure it’s only goal is to get that email address. Also included in this product is a variety of order now and buy now images, plus much more. This ability is what makes the internet so powerful and so wonderful and when somebody clicks on the link you have on your site, they will then “land” on the page that you desire to share. But a form by itself will not motivate visitors to perform your desired action and fill it out. Anything that could possibly cause a visitor to become distracted or forget what he was doing should be removed from the landing page. The three Rs that keep the outsourcing tide flowing – ratings, reviews and relationships, Getting your job done and much, much more!

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