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Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. Is there a more effective way to build the vocabulary of a fictional language than a word frequency list? How should I handle a highway patrolman who stops me occasionally to give incorrect instructions about my riding duties?
Hi all!Hope we are all well!I am working in a school and have recently introduced the school to Live Streaming.
With setup 1, are you only planning on having one monitor for program view and no multiviewer? Thank you for the replies.I am so so happy to say that the school gave me the go-ahead and we purchased the advanced setup. A record-breaking entry field will tackle ice-covered stage roads at a warmer than usual Sno*Drift Rally, the kick-off event to the 2012 Rally America National Championship. The 2012 Rally America National Championship is proudly supported by VP Racing Fuels - the Official Fuel of Rally America, Exedy Racing Clutches, Hawk Performance Brakes, ParkNBlend and RECARO seats.

Seems like that monitor there should just be a multiviewer feed, but could just be how you label your stuff. Im looking to do the same thing for our church and wanted to be sure they would work before I purchased the Television StudioAjay not sure your budget.
Hosted by Rally America driver and fan favorite, Matthew Johnson, the live streaming broadcast will bring fans close to the best stage action and feature in-depth competition analysis throughout the weekend. I setup one control on my site adminpanel for switching over from live to Vod when live streaming become down. But its time to move on.In order to move the school to the next stage, I have been testing an ATEM TVS with a few Canon HD cameras.
Streaming from the thunderbolt connection should be fine, but it would require the support of it in your software. I have have also tested with the BMD Battery SDI convertor, everything works perfect (apart from the Mac does struggle on power a little bit)So here are my main questions.
I'd rate it as a quality control issue, so if you test the cameras out with your switcher and they work fine then you should be okay.

I've just worked with a lot of them and had too high a rate of them not actually able to output a stable HDMI signal.Do you need the Hyperdeck to record your program feed? The TVS has an encoder on it for streaming, you can plug the switcher right into a computer and stream like that. Haven't used the TVS personally, but that is what it was made to do.What are your graphics needs? Would the thunderbolt from the hyperdeckpro be able to feed to the mac mini to be streamed..

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