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Madison Miner first entered the online mobile scene as many great startups do; by making life a little more convenient. Under the name Womple, Miner’s original app became an iGoogle gadget, allowing it to take (“scrape”) the core content from any website and optimize it for mobile platforms.
Womple was able to capitalize on Bellingham’s emerging identity as a great place for startups: the company was the first be accepted into the Bellingham Innovation Group’s Big Idea Lab.
Womp Mobile operates under the philosophy that optimizing a customer’s site for mobile should bring the highest possible return on investment. Miner’s platform is Java-adaptive, allowing it to complete a full conversion of the desktop site to a mobile site. Womp Mobile’s drive to provide quality services to their clientele has gained the company plenty of support among their customers. Perhaps the best rating of Womp Mobile’s quality is their client retention rate, which Miner puts at almost 100 percent.
That statement is indicative of the kind of working environment Womp Mobile employees enjoy. With that issue in mind, Miner has brought on several employees with expertise and training in international business, sales, and marketing. 2013 saw online sales on mobile devices surpass those on PCs for the first time, and the popularity of mobile devices doesn’t seem to be slowing down. If you happen to be a business owner who is looking for help optimizing your website for mobile devices, get in touch with Womp Mobile.
Tobias is a full-time contributor to Bellingham Business News, covering local business events, tech news, and advice for job seekers in the Bellingham area.
About UsBellingham Business News is Bellingham’s one-stop resource for all things local business, including upcoming events, in-depth news stories, and spotlights on featured businesses. It’s becoming clear that mobile is the center of local business’ integration with the digital world. Thanks in part to their use of mobile devices, consumers are demanding more and more information, but they aren’t yet aware of some of the capabilities will soon be integrated into local businesses. At the root of the issue, perhaps, is that as more people are to use their mobile devices in local searches, the less likely they are to look up from their phones to discover something. With mobile advertising generating outrageous returns (76 billion calls last year, and 162 billion by 2019), it seems that pushing oneself in front of consumers will primarily be done through mobile as well. The benefits of mobile advertising should be welcomed by the business community as well, particularly because of the ability for mobile click-to-call ads to track results and thus allow businesses to evaluate ROI.
Local search is at the heart of what many companies do, which is developing a constant stream of connections for local businesses. Simply choose a domain name preferably your name with a dot me (yourname.me), provide us with your various links and graphics, our team builds your online business card in 48 hours, ready to publish!
Cheryl Lynn has extensive experience in all phases of Online Digital Marketing and remains up to date on the latest technology and advances of Mobile, Digital, Social and Local Internet Marketing. Local Business Ionic is the bootstrap you need in order to build your next extremely modular Ionic application for any kind of BUSINESS and LOCAL STORE. PDF and Online Catalogs is a crucial part of the information every business needs to expose to existing and potential clients.
Make your clients instantly aware about the “Open Hours” and if the business is open at the particular time the user opens the application. Set the Open Hours in a configuration file and let the code of “Local Business Ionic” to take care of the rest.
A detailed list of the all the open hours is also automatically created and is available in the “Contact Us” screen. Provide to your clients an one-click-away action to drop you a call or stay in contact with your business.
Set your phone number, your email address, your location and your facebook page in the configuration file and you are all ready! Give your clients everything they need to find you by defining one or more locations of your business or store(s). The News, Products and Services and Catalogs listing windows are fetching data from online sources by using the JSON protocol. Yeoman Ionic Framework Generator combines the best practices and features for scaffolding a hybrid application. Local Business Ionic’s extremely modular architecture is going to eliminate any unnecessary complexity. Yelp has become the bellwether for a location-based services app, as well as the huge opportunity in local-mobile services and marketing. Local advertisements on mobile devices constituted 40% of Yelp's overall local ad inventory in the second quarter.

Yelp's mobile app users are engaged through local discovery and the ability to make on-the-go reservations and appointments. To access BI Intelligence's full report,A A Guide to Local-Mobile Marketing: The Best Strategies And Tactics For Leveraging Local Data, sign up for a free trial subscription here.
Although the gadget was hugely popular, Miner found it difficult to monetize in the first half of the 2000s. Suddenly the app market was exploding, and businesses all over the country were looking to go mobile. Through the Big Idea Lab, the company was able to connect with angel investors and receive advice from local business experts. Womple’s early success led to a 2012 article in GeekWire magazine, which brought exposure that had unintended consequences for the company. In the early days, Miner worked with numerous local businesses, developing mobile sites for the Dirty Dan Harris Steakhouse, Kulshan Brewing, and the Community Food Co-op.
The small portion of clients who don’t choose to keep contracting with the company usually do so because they no longer have the financial resources to maintain the mobile site. Several workstations use standing desks, and each employee takes a leg on the company Ski-to-Sea team, which is car-free, meaning the team bikes up to Baker for the start of the race.
Miner, whose background is in software engineering and web development, explains that his largest challenge has always been marketing. Although the company still relies primarily on referrals and online ads to draw in customers, their market has expanded across the globe.
As long as consumers continue to favor their phones and tablets over other devices, the company will continue optimizing websites for those platforms. Six out the last ten months have seen record-breaking business for the company, and the market doesn’t appear to be shrinking. You can check out their services, pricing, and testimonials on their website, or give them a call at (360)-329-2653 to learn more.
He graduated from Western Washington University with a double major in History and Chinese Language & Cultural Studies, and has previously worked as a coordinator in Western’s Writing Center. Yellow WAS at one point but now for years there are other thriving companies and independent drivers in B'ham. Our goal is to build an online community that reflects Bellingham’s natural friendliness and passion for cooperation, as well as its commitment to sustainability, civic participation, and a vibrant local economy. Maybe it should come as no surprise since everywhere one goes, one is prone to see others with their faces buried in their smartphones, but for business this trend means they have to treat consumers as mobile users – almost before anything else! The ability to summon the stock information of any business and in any particular aisle is especially crucial as people become accustomed to the “uber-ified” on-demand economy. Being visible online, incorporating the right engagement tools, and having store and stock information accessible to the world will be increasingly necessary to being a prominent part of consumers lives – without being on the “Internet of Stores”, stores may as well not exist at all. It seems that all those impolite and intrusive interactions which were once disdained are now appreciated by consumers, primarily because they are centered in one place that they control – their mobile device. Tracking where calls are coming from can also lead to better-personalized in call experiences, shortening the distance between customers and the information they really want, making them far more likely to complete more purchases.
It’s important for these businesses to understand that these interactions aren’t newfangled fads, but that most relationships with consumers are conditioned by enterprising pioneers who take risks in finding the right tools to engage their customers. As an Online Digital Marketing specialist, Cheryl dedicates herself and her work to local business entrepreneurs.
Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.
Through the use of affiliate links contained herein, I may collect fees from purchases made.
It is a well structured, well organised and implemented, full working generic app that comes with all the features that are necessary for every business needs a modern all in one application. Especially, those that need to launch another application of the device such as “Get Directions” which launches device’s Google Maps application.
They will be able to know any time if they are close to your business and drop by for a visit. The users are able to add and configure the pin points just by adjusting the remote source. The application provides the ability of forming Articles by adding a unique photo in any of them. It comes also with detailed instructions on how to configure everything in your end and have your application ready to send and receive Push Notifications. It makes building of a mobile app easy and quickly since Yeoman is integrated with Ionic Framework and Cordova plugin. Some might even write reviews on their handheld devices.A Yelp can harvest all that relevant user information while also pinpointing a user's whereabouts.

Baker before deciding to get out of bed, and as a budding internet entrepreneur would do, he kicked his development chops into gear – building a web application that would text the snow report from Mt.
The market for mobile websites hadn’t developed yet, and consumers weren’t willing to pay for the standalone app. Miner discovered that companies were finally willing to pay to have their websites optimized for mobile platforms, so in 2010, he took his expertise and the Womple name into business developing mobile websites. The program led Miner to focus purely on mobile website development, and he also chose to patent the software at that time.
A UK firm called Wapple, which had recently defeated Apple in a court battle over a trademark dispute, contacted Miner and informed him that he had to change his company’s name.
Other mobile conversion companies will often create separate websites for their customers, using the “m.” url structure, and place ads on the new website without consulting the client. Most of Womp Mobile’s clients have explored their options, and chose Miner’s services because of the extra functionality. As word spread, primarily through word of mouth and online advertising, bigger names came knocking as well.
That level of customer satisfaction is a testament to the quality of work that Miner’s staff put in.
Miner also does his best to make sure the company stays green, and allows employees to make their own hours. He had the skills to create an excellent platform for his business, but lacked the expertise to sell it. If consumer sentiment does eventually shift towards other devices, though, such as TVs, Google Glass, or smart watches, Miner plans to be ready. With mobile applications designed for pure suggestibility and total informal access to a business’ information, it’s becoming clear that there’s a “singularity” of sorts emerging in local business.
Sooner or later, everything will and must be available at the press of a button, and it’s crucial that local businesses implement this capability before they are competing with big-box stores who do the same thing. Taking up this pioneering mantle is critical to the next generation of business leaders, large and small, in assuring that they make the most out of transformative platforms like mobile – both indoors and out!
Best practices, proven techniques and experienced software architecture are packed with a well crafted design. A detailed pages provides additional information for each product including a slideshow of images and an “Buy now” link. A detailed page provides additional information for each service including a slideshow of images and an “Read more” link. Online Catalogs and PDF will give the chance to the international buyers to be effectively and inexpensively informed of your products, services or even instruction manuals and other support documents. You only need to set the location(s) once and the application does all the work for you and presents it on the map.
Products, Services and Catalogs are similar to Articles but are supporting an unlimited number of accompanying images. Also, the included Grunt build system optimizes and automates some important tasks of your workflow.
Yelp users in a recent Nielsen study said they at least occasionally make a purchase from a local business after using Yelp. Some of Womp Mobile’s largest clients to date include Jones Soda and the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE).
The link points to the actual web site where the user could find more information about the particular product and proceed with the purchase.
The link points to the actual web site where the user could find more information about the particular service. Also, Catalogs’ JSON model allows you to display more details of a catalog either by setting a url or by setting a pdf.
Developed in a time before smartphones, the app quickly gained popularity, and Miner soon found himself expanding the service to other mountains, eventually adapting the core program for the larger web. Choosing not to waste his own time or money, Miner relented and changed the company’s name to Womp Mobile.
Nevertheless, rebuilding and re-distributing the application are not required for constant updates. Also, Catalogs JSON gives the option to the User to view a Catalog’s details either online or in a pdf file.

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