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Logitech is extending Alert Commander support to Apple’s OS X via a new app that you can grab for free in the Mac App Store today.
The OS X app allows customers to install and configure their security system, watch live video, store footage on the hard drive, as well as play back recordings. Users can set up motion zones for individual cameras and create and manage e-mail and mobile phone motion alerts, in case a perp happens to enter the cameras’ radius.
Security-wary customers can back up the video and manage their account and security settings with ease via the user-friendly interface of Alert Commander. With the release of Alert Commander for Mac, Logitech is now offering its security solution on every major platform out there.
Logitech asks potential customers to note that its Alert Commander solution is only compatible with Logitech Alert cameras.
Even though, we live only fifteen miles from downtown Seattle, my family and I live (in some peoples’ opinions) out in the sticks. There are now wireless cameras out there which don’t need electrical power making them fully portable. ADT does offer the ADT Pulse system which does have everything you mentioned above, but the cameras are wireless and you can add more components to the system like light control and environmental control. Good review though, the Logitech cameras can be a good alternative to the do-it-yourself crowd. I helped a friend set up this system, but now I need to know how to get the video off the computer so that it can be edited with Windows Movie Maker or something similar.
Using the app and an array of Logitech Alert cameras, you can now monitor your home (or whatever matters to you) right from your Mac.
The update adds localization for Danish, French, German, Italian and Spanish, as well as some bug fixes.
Bill, next time it might behoove you to reveal your employer so you aren’t mistaken for a spammer. I’d like to know how well updates to the equipment keep you current with new operating systems.
Triby is similar to Amazon's Echo, Echo Dot and Tap devices, but adds in some extra features like an LCD display, preset buttons and more. So, I have been looking for (high-tech) alternatives to better monitor our property and house ourselves. But few are designed to be more of a DIY home, web-feed monitoring system than just a pet-cam type of setup (although in recent months more have been coming to the market). Considering how integrated and capable it is, Logitech Alert 750i Master system seemed to be the best option for my application.

Remote viewing requires a PC or Intel-based Mac with Adobe Flash Player 10 or later (free download). Logitech has engineered a connection, hard points on the front and back, allowing you to mount the camera in a multitude of different ways. They also include a cradle for the camera to sit in if you want to set it on a flat surface or a suction cup to attach it to a mirror or piece of glass. Instead of using the molly-bolts Logitech included, I used my (handy-dandy) studfinder and drove several two inch screws into a 2×4 (much more secure). Once the mounting hardware is secured to the wall, the 750i easily screws onto its threaded end.
Along with being able to email picture notifications, stream live and record video, the Alert system cameras can also include audio as well.
The last photo is letting me know someone is checking out my new polebarn without my consent :-I.
When the wind blows the branches of our Sequoya tree, I receive email alerts due to just that (vs anyone on our property). Not a big deal though, I would rather get (to within reason) more notifications than not enough.
Once I receive a notification email, I can log into my system via my smartphone or laptop to see live video feed from my Alert system. Depending on your connection quality, logging into your system through your smartphone is an issue at times. The Logitech Alert Web Viewer The Logitech Alert Web Viewer enables you to view your system from any computer or tablet connected to the Net; Mac, PC, iOS or Android device alike (Logitech is working on a web viewer for the Blackberry). The Logitech Alert Web Commander Logitech Alert Web Commander enables you to control your security system remotely via your web browser or smartphone apps as if you were using the Alert Commander software from within your network.
Viewing your Alert system is a free service Logitech provides out of the box; the Web Commander is an upgrade service that costs $80 per year. Logitech Alert 700e Outdoor Add-On Camera I liked the Logitech Alert 750i Master System so much, I decided to use it as our primary security system for our home. So (as I stated above), I purchased the Logitech Alert 700e outdoor add-on camera to augment our overall system. Like the 750i, setting up and integrating the 700e camera into the system was quick and easy as well (it took me much longer to pull the ethernet cable through our attic than it did to get the camera operational).

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