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At NewFriends4U there's no pressure, so you can relax and enjoy getting to know people at your own pace.
Remember, everyone else is on here for the same reason you are, but someone has to make that first move. Whether you're here for friendship or dating, a friendly approach will always achieve the best results. NewFriends4U is a Friendship & Dating site, it is not an 'adult' site so don't approach people as potential sexual encounters and they will be, understandably, insulted. Believe before you speak to someone, check their profile, see what they are looking for and believe it!
Often the people who complain they are getting nowhere are the ones who don't bother to read or believe what another person's reasons are for being here. A first message suggesting a date or giving out your mobile number rarely works and makes you look very very desperate. Read their profile, see what interests you might have in common, write a list if it helps, but be prepared.

Approach someone with just 'Hi' and you'll get just 'Hi' back (if they bother responding at all).
No one wants to be depressed with long, graphic tales of woe, let alone from a complete stranger. Don't waste your time pursuing the unachievable, accept it's not meant to be and move on to find someone who is on your wavelength. Community sites are a fantastic way to make new friends and possibly find romance, but as with everything you get out what you put in. We hope these tips will help you enjoy NewFriends4U to the maximum but if you're struggling, remember there are hundreds of new people joining every day. Not because they can't, of course, because I for one believe that anyone CAN make greeting cards.
With our virtual reality chat you can meet up online in virtual reality first before arranging to meet-up in reality off-line.  This reduces the time consuming and emotionally straining process of meeting up off-line in reality, to then discover there is no connection… just think about all the time you will save meeting up online in a virtual setting first!
There's always someone new to contact, someone new to meet, so just relax, have fun and, most importantly, give it time.

If you think you're going bankrupt, find a financial advisor, and if you hate your ex, get over it. It's either they're too busy with work and family and other stuff to look for handmade card ideas or the occasion is too near to make greeting cards.I can't remember how many times my eyes have widened and my eyeballs have almost popped out (sorry, gruesome image) because of a birthday that I had forgotten.
We do sympathize, honestly!  But people are on NewFriends4U to have fun, not to be depressed or offer a service.
These things happen, you know.Photo by Artisan Design StudioFree Printable Birthday Cards OnlineSeeing as these problems can never be totally avoided and we all need last-minute solutions from time to time, I have here beautiful and FREE printable cards for you to download and print at home!

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