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The humorous print media advertisements (advertising) are the fastest way to communicate the message to the target audience. To make your advertisements really effective, you should use text that gives people a benefit like “Oprah ate here.” Or “We carry Oprah’s favorite things here.” People will knock each other down to get into your store! Please feel free to join us and you are always welcome to share your thoughts even if you have more reference links related to other tips and tricks that our readers may like. For any company trying to get their product or service out in print format, the task is ever more challenging and difficult. A humorous print ad campaign starts with a funny idea, but must be brought to life with clever art direction and great visuals. In this Photoshop tutorial, I’ll show you how to create an adorable deer photo manipulation in Photoshop. Over the past few years, a movement urging smokers to quit has been sweeping across America.
When first viewed, the ad’s large heading and picture of a man smoking an electronic cigarette creates a compelling argument for switching to blu eCigs.
The paragraph underneath the large heading of this ad uses berating, yet inspiring language to convince the viewer to switch to blu eCigs. As for your worries about straying from your topic, I don’t see much of that at all in your paper so far! Connor, this looks like a great beginning that I truly don’t have much to say about improvement-wise. Hard hitting campaign for Freedom for Animals, highlighting the effects of make-up testing on animals. I have a few questions.Does’t the agency which made this campain make the same campains in favour of make up companies? Ok lets put it to you this way…If you had to choose between yourself and an animal which would you choose. You need to have a viable alternative, or your opinion is worth less than the ink its written in. I don’t believe we can eliminate animal testing entirely, I mean, we do need medications etc.
Um I just wanted to say that this people just to inform that make up testing on anilmals is sick Just because somebodywants to look beautiful those animals are killed.
I’m not sure what they are, but there ARE ways to test make-up without testing it on animals or humans. Don’t you find it horrible that they make a bunch of animals, who won’t even use the make-up, try it out for us, so we can wear it? Wow, No, the alternative is not testing on humans, what we should be thinking about is what these companies are putting in the make-up in the first place.
I think that the pictures are chocking but are not effective enough,i agree that it is quite unfair to test animals,however what other solution is there… other that using humans to test on, that would be insane and could cause more problems.
On the other hand,i really think that we have enough beuty products as it is and no mare animal testing should be done for beuty products.i think that animals should be used to test on more important things such as cancer and AIDS. And don’t forget that the same people who put out campaigns like this are also against using animals for medical testing. If something from an animal is used like fur, meat, skin…etc, then if they are killed humanly and proper (professionally), thats OK! Anyway, I recently became a vegetarian and I thought I would miss meat, but I actually don’t I really like being vegetarian.
Why …(being hypocritical as to posting this reply) but why do all you people waste your time arguing about this stuff! If you can live a life where you minimize so much pain without barely compromisingly the quality of your life, why not? Its inhumane to test on living creatures that whether they have the ability to think or not, still experience pain.
Btw: Humans are the most pathetic life species to ever inhabit the Earth, and its just real sad. Instead of testing on animals, we SHOULD be testing on murderers and paedophiles like the world need any of them. I thnk that it is cruel to do such a thing to an animal I don’t think that they would like it if we did it to them so they should just knock off there crap!!!!!!!! I am all for animal testing when it comes to medical purposes (such as finding cures), but in the make-up industry— is it really that dangerous? I love animals and everything, and I don’t see much of a threat in animal testing with make-up, or other cosmetics. In some cases, animal testing is good and worthwhile, but in others situations, it’s not all that neccessary.
Do some research, a lot of it, and you will understand the horrible effects that this cruel testing has on animals. I personally think it is stupid when people say that animal testing isnt bad because animals dont have feelings. I think the people who are ALL for animal testing should go and take an animals place , and they should see what its like to be tested on .. It is just horrible how businesses like that can get away with things like that, it is against all of my morales to do something like that to a poor and innocent animal!! If print media ads in brochures, print catalogs, flyers, posters and even billboards are creatively done in a funny way, catching the attention of readers will be a lot easier.
Countless commercials, posters, social media posts, and medical professional statements have been circulating through society, all working toward the same goal: Help smokers quit smoking.

The heading of this advertisement, originally launched in the fall of 2013, creates a safe haven for those smokers looking to quit their lethal habit.
Your thesis is fluid within a great intro and shows what you’re trying to accomplish. You have explained clearly and thoroughly who the audience is and what message the company is trying to send to them. Honestly, people need to grow a spine and resist peer pressure, if I can do it, so can everyone else. This will take care of the debate since it will be illegal to test finished products as well as ingredients on animals. We’re not all chem majors, but common, we know what will hurt us or any living being for that matter. So all of you out there with diabetes, artificial veins, and just about any ongoing medical treatment, thank your deity that some monkey perfected the treatment for you. I just love animals for all the reasons that they deserve more respect and they have everything feeling emotionally and physcially like humans do. I believe awareness should be raised by showing alternatives and not letting people get confused by ads like this one. As a vegan I work to avoid all types of animal abuse by not using, wearing or eating anything of animal origin or tested on animals and the world is noticeably getting better at finding alternatives.
Those makeup ads are great…why can’t those be put in the magazines that everyone reads? If you have to test out a product first before selling it to people, its obviously not good.
If you really want to open peoples eyes then i think the advertising agency would have to do more than a bit of red make up. I have to do a persuasive paper on this and present it to my class so i am looking for good reasons to convince them to stop this cruelty. Most companies today make sure to achieve this creative idea for their print ads to stand out among others.
It is a well-known fact how difficult it is to quit smoking, and many attempts have been made to ease this transition for smokers – nicotine patches, support groups, etc., but have not been successful in helping all smokers quit.
It presents the existence of the blu electronic cigarette, showing the viewer a new possibility for “healthy” smoking. It touches on every piece of your advertisement and fully touches on each piece of work; I’m very impressed! Make up is useless sometimes and it is not like every time somebody goes out she doesn’t need make up I mean if somebody really needs make up but that rarely happens. I dont mean that they should start testing on humans, but i mean they should pay humans who are willing to do the experiments, and keep animals out of it.
All EU Member States need to be in full compliance by 2009 and all coutries outside the EU will have a partial import ban in 2009 with a complete ban by 2013. The EU has incorporated the 7th Amendment to their Directive which will make the sale of animal tested products illegal.
A lot of these products are still harmful for humans, animals and the earth in general when they are put into the market. Animal testing is completely wrong, and what kind of disgusting freak are you saying that rabbits with lipstick it CUTE? And for all of you who think we would look like this without animal testing, that’s also ridiculous.
They can already grow human tissue in various culturs labs around the country, its only cheaper for them to use helpless animals. I don’t know where those businesses can find employees that would do that stuff, and if they did they are probably the most highly payed people, because i know i would not do that for any amount of money!! Another problem faced by these campaigns is that they cannot stop people from starting to smoke, which starts the whole process over again.
Switch to blu,” make it seem as though it is in smokers’ best interest to not quit smoking, but rather smoke electronic cigarettes rather than “normal” cigarettes. However, in the next sentence, the ad states that blu eCigs will allow smokers to, “[t]ake back [their] freedom…” Given this ad was displayed primarily in America, the viewers of the ad have a very strong belief of what it means to be free.
So we all know that make up industry isn’t based on survival like the medicine industry so I think people can live without it. This amendment will force all cosmetic companies to invest in alternative methods if they want to continue selling their products in the European market (thank God somebody has an ethical backbone)! There are plenty of cruelty free and safe cosmetics, you don’t have to go around looking like you were dragged through a hedge backwards, this is purely saying look closer at what you buy. We’re animals too of course, you shoud know this, so why use another animal just to hide for your ugly spotty faces anyway? I think that animal testing for medical purposes is (sadly) necessary, but for cosmetics, it’s completely uncalled for and should be stopped. Now Most people on this sight are probebly against this,but I hunt…now before you don’t read the rest ,or think that I am not right for doing this, but when I hunt it is for a good cause! If there wasn’t a need for people to look so hot and beutiful these days than non of this would happen, but we all know that would never change. Seeing the negative effects of smoking drives smokers to want to quit, but, as mentioned previously, this is a very difficult task.
This heading portrays the act of quitting smoking in search of better health as something undesirable, and idiotic.

Just wish the lip one was a bit more gruesome, since it currently looks like a herpes outbreak. As far as imports, a partial ban will be in place in 2009 (exception for 3 tests) and a complete import ban in 2013. I guess you can always be a hypocrite like Ingrid Newkirk, but really, who wants to be stupid? So, a whole new market has been created: smokers looking to find a way to smoke without the harmful side effects of conventional cigarettes.
This portrayal makes switching to blu eCigs all the more pleasing because it allows the consumers to continue smoking, and the switch now seems to be the most logical choice. This means that all cosmetic companies will have to invest in alternative methods now in order to be in compliance; if they are not in compliance, the company will not be able to sell their products in the European market. The world might actually live a few billion years more sinse we feel the need to polute everything we see.
Also, the man smoking the blu eCig in the ad appeals to the audience’s human need to fit in and be liked.
Blu eCigs is taunting the ad’s viewers, almost saying, “How could you let them take away your freedom? I can say i am or was a hypocrite by posting this, because in the past i have used products that were tested by animals, but for the last 2 years i have been super cautious by what i buy, to ensure i dont endanger any species, from rans to monkey to ECT. The majority of ingredients have already been tested and the results have been published, so continuing to test these same ingredients is a waste of time and money. Animals are not the same as us, and i would ask everyone who posted a comment about animal tests being neccessary please, please please educate yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This device contains a smaller amount of nicotine than normal cigarettes, but the smoke is all water vapor, thus eliminating almost all of the harm of cigarettes. The man is depicted as a very cool person, who, based on his clothing, is successful in life. Further, non-animal tests have shown to be more reliable, more cost effective, and produce faster results. People everywhere are spreading the word about these devices, and advertisements are popping up all over written and digital media.
His clothing is expensive, his jewelry is large and flashy, and he has the overall demeanor of someone who has made it in life. I applaud the EU for taking this ethically responsible step in the right direction – to fight this change when we have the technology to end animal suffering would only show what a completely uncivilized society we are!
One ad in particular, the “Why Quit?” ad, uses appearance and berating language to convince wannabe quitters into electronic cigarette consumers. Who are they to tell you what you can and cannot do?” This lights a fire under the viewers, and frustrates them to the point of wanting to do something about it.
They are not here for us to create a safe life for people, they are here for a reason like all of us, and that reason is not to test out your concealer to make sure it’s safe before you cover up your stupid face. A) its actually not that expensive especially with technology today (hospitals do it for average people when they need to replace badly burned skin) and B) companies such as L’Oreal are big enough where they can afford the cost, even if it were incredibly expensive.
How would you like to be locked in a lab and experimented on for the benefit of other people? It has the same shape as a normal cigarette, but is black, and has a mesmerizing glow at one end.
Also, the last sentence of this paragraph makes a personal attack at the viewers and their work ethic.
It states, “Nobody likes a quitter.” This statement makes the viewer believe that they are not working hard enough to maintain their habit, and that they are not hard working individuals because of this fact. I MEAN REALLY WOULD IT BE SOOOO BAD TO SAME MILLOINS OF ANIMALS LIVES BY JUST NOT WEARING MAKE UP TESTED ON THEM!?! So, if these smokers quit, they will never achieve the happiness or success of the man depicted in the ad, and will be shunned for being “quitters.” Again, this statement is using the fact that humans want to be liked and want to fit in, and they will do almost anything to achieve acceptance. Think of yourself, your brother, your mom, you sister as a tiny animal trapped in a lab suffering day after day, dying being cruelly neglected and horribly mistreated! So, the ad again portrays the idea of quitting smoking as illogical, convincing the viewer to switch to blu electronic cigarettes, and once again become a part of society. Every animal should get the chance to know what its like to have a home and be loved and taken care of. They are suffering so that humans can live carefree lives full of artificial crap like makeup. It makes them seriously consider who they are as a person, as an American, and as a member of society. This deconstruction of self allows blu eCigs to rebuild the viewer into someone that chooses to smoke their product, and become the person that this company envisions as an ideal citizen. That way I can sleep well at night knowing that I am not contributing to the income of those who treat animals that way.

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