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If you born without any purpose you’d like to do everything in order to find the right thing to do. Evaphone totally free online application that lets you make phone calls from PC to phone right from browser itself. For example to call Argentina (54), Buenos Aires (11), 5555-1234 telephone number 541 155 551 234 is entered.
After pressing the call button you will see the short promotional video, wait a few seconds. To use Evaphone just make sure you have the basic requirements like Good internet connection, Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher and good headset for USB phone so you can make effective VoIP Calls.
This service works differently, if you open Google to your browser, surely you can open this service too. Use the calendar, add, delete and edit entries to make your experience Evaphone even more comfortable. When Tango first launched a year ago, its big draw was that it could relatively painlessly connect video calls across both Android and iOS platforms over Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Tango is already compatible with all 450 Android and iOS phones and tablets, and each new one as it comes on the market, Setton said.
Which is kind of funny for a company that provides an alternative to phone calls and now doesn’t even require phones! The name of Voip service provider is Tango who is a ultimate Free Mobile Video calling service provider, they offer Unlimited Free Video Calls anywhere in the world for free. Do you know that with Tuitalk (and its new version), you can make Free International Calls (which includes India).
Tuitalk is an advertisement based voip provider which is offering free calls to about 40 destinations. Tuitalk asks for your personal interest, geographical profiles while registration, based on which ads are shown. Tuitalk offers about 10 minutes of free calls each day (simple trick being to register with your extended profile).
I subscribe an account in TUITALK and install the latest softphone to make free call to India. According to various insider reports and rumors, whatsapp the world’s most popular instant messaging application for smartphones.

WhatsApp will be releasing a PC version for the users who have been constantly demanding the PC version for a very long time now.
The rumors regarding this event happening have been around ever since the launch of the application. But this time the news comes from insider reports which suggest that after the acquisition of whatsapp by facebook there will be many major changes, and this will be the first of them.
Facebook purchasing whatsapp will forever be known as a very iconic deal in the history of information technology as facebook is all set to change the way whatsapp functions. Whatsapp for PC is being introduced to combat competition against Viber and Skype –and the users will be provided with a facility to make free video calls across the internet – using their smartphones or using their laptops or computers, users will now be able to make free calls once whatsapp officially launches their application for the PC users. Numerous reports suggest that the new whatsapp will feature the facebook brand in a more obvious fashion and the classic green and white of whatsapp might change to the blue and white of facebook soon. However this remains a speculation – but of what we are sure of is that sooner or later the PC application for whatsapp will be coming out, and people will be using it for making free calls over the internet. This current version of whatsapp allows the users to send voice notes, however the problem here is that it does not feature that continuous communication. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. GTA 6 To Feature Osama Bin Laden As A Character In The Game: Major Speculations –Could This Be The End Of Windows 10 Mobile OS and Windows Phone Devices?
Try free service and if you are satisfied then go for paid service which also has very attractive price and fits on your calling budget.
After registering, you may call to make both free and paid calls directly from your personal page Evaphone. The service doesn’t require logins, passwords or user names, because Setton and his team want it to be easy to use. Tuitalk cashed on this and launched the service, where it offering totally free international calls in lieu of advertisements.
Voice quality of Tuitalk is also good (but yes with increasing load on thier network, you may get some disturbance in your call). I got a message that ur accnt has been successfully created but I didnt get any email on my accnt. Its headache every 2 minutes you get disconnected.Please do something so that atleast we can call 6 minutes in one call.

The whatsapp PC voice and video calling will be an extended version of the voice notes feature.
Just visit official website from any browser enter your phone number and start making calls.
Payment services allow you to make PC-to-phone calls cheaply and enjoy the benefits of registered users including free call minutes and bonus. Instead, Tango asks users to register with their mobile phone numbers as their unique identifiers. It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources. Well, in past few months, we have already seen the call rates to India dropping to a great extent.
If you are looking for making free calls to other destinations like USA, Canada, Mexico etc, then also tuitalks works equally great. We hope that you will be able to make free calls to India and other countries and save big bucks. But from March onwards they stopped the service of calling within India which I was able to use it in the Feb.
I followed the instructions and called India, Hongkong, Canada but all the time the message says the number is invalid. When you place any call, first advertisement will be shown on your softphone which actually pays for your call. I mailed at their services too & they said that the service within India is banned for a time.
You can use this service effectively if you have headset or microphone with speakers, Internet broadband and Adobe Flash Player (9.0 and higher).
So is there any genuis who may be able to perform any hack or tricks using proxy switching or deleting their cookie or anything like that so that i can call within India.

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