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Gregg:  If the Hulk was mad at me, or Agent Coulson, there are a number of people I would think of calling, but I would definitely call Agent Romanoff first. Because carving pumpkins can be a lot of fun but, let’s face it, after several hours of helping three little ones clean out pumpkin guts- NO carve ideas are sounding pretty good! I’ve been writing a project for Curtis Hanson at Fox Searchlight, just as a job, because I love his work and I want to work with him.

How much can you call in favors to be in your movie, in October, and how much do people really have to respond to the script? On the other hand, to see those people and have it be Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Renner or Sam Jackson, a lot of Academy Award nominations out there. Agent Romanoff is the last person you want to mess with, but if there is a close second it has to be the Hulk.

Luckily, the script turned out pretty well, and my friends seem to be signing up to come be a part of it.

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