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Dynamic character of Kiss And Make Up movie will take your attention while watching it online with your girlfriend or alone.
I don't understand why Suicide Squad is coming at the start of the DC lineup, I would've thought they'd wanted to focus on their roster of heroes first. God I hope Harley is done well, she is my fav super villain so if she sucks in this movie I will hate the whole thing.
I wouldn't at all be surprised if Will Smith's agent is sweating right now, or at least pressuring for rewrites to give Smith's character a bigger part. Dressed in tight track pants and a vest, the star of movies Private Benjamin and Overboard looked in great shape when she was seen out shopping in Los Angeles.

If you like this website, Please support by clicking one of these button bellowThank you for your time. Enter Your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new post by email. But, it seems obvious this simply a response by DC to Guardians of the Galaxy's runaway popularity. Feels like they're so worried that it won't work, they need to cast one of the most bankable stars.
There is a lot of hype for this especially since it will be the first post Batman V Superman movie.

Since we already know Batman v Superman will at least make huge money at the BO (the movie will need to at least get mostly positive critical reception as well) suicide squad is unknown to most of the general movie going audience so we can only hope that people will like this as much as guardians of the galaxy.

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