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Every Christmas for the last several years, my daughters and I make Stroopwafels as presents for friends and family.
Quick TipDid you know that you can access the updates through your software by going to the Help drop down menu and selecting "Software Updates" under "Internet Pazzles Online"? Open a word processing program such as MS Word (open office is a great free alternative) and insert the image 3 times. When I saw these Lego gift bags, I knew this was an idea I had to scraplift!  My two boys can’t get enough of these building bricks, and birthdays and holidays around here generally bring more Legos to our home. You can see the step by step instructions at Crunchy Catholic Momma (the link is below).  She also has some other great ideas if you want to have a Lego themed birthday party, from food to decorations to favors for the guests.

A walk through any store will usually result in finding at least one or two gift box ideas. Often the boxes hold candy. No one deserves a homemade gift certificate more than your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. Be sure that the horizontal fold lines meet evenly where they intersect the vertical fold lines. Last Valentine’s day I found a heart shaped box and recently I found a cute purse-shaped box at the Jelly Belly factory.
You could make gift certificates for a lesson in something they've wanted to learn from you.

Once both halves are scanned into the Inspiration studio software, move them together so they create the whole box template. I cannot look at anything without wondering if it can be cut on my cutter or translated into a new design. Don’t forget that you will need to make sure to add a tab on both halves for the box to be joined together.

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