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AllThingsChristmas offers its collection of free, beautiful Victorian Christmas cards in pdf format for you to print from your computer, as well as free Internet Greeting Cards you may send via email.
For more printing projects, visit our Christmas Printable page which features Victorian Gift Tags & Lists, our Printable Coloring Pages, and our North Pole Gift Tags. The tradition of sending Christmas cards begun in 1843 – about the same time as the first Christmas seal was published. Today, Christmas cards come in all shapes and sizes — from small and simple to big and colorful. Since the Internet became widespread in the middle of the 90’s, sending electronic Christmas cards became the trend. Many homepages offer easy-to-use digital cards which simple require the user to write an email address, a traditional Christmas greeting wishing for many nice Christmas presents, and finish by clicking “send”. In 2004, the German post office gave away 20 million scented stickers for free to make Christmas cards smell like a fir Christmas tree, cinnamon, gingerbread, or a honey-wax candle.
An average household in America will mail out 28 Christmas cards each year and see 28 cards arrive in their place.
Christmas Stocking - - I went yarn browsing and found some of that sparkly Christmas yarn.
Plan to decorate your Christmas tree this year with unique, showstopping ornaments you can easily make them yourself! Glue the rosettes to the craft ball, starting with one at the bottom center and then layering around in a circular pattern. Since a child I have loved messing around with crafts and materials and have always had a special place to store everything. When I bought my first home I made great use of my under stairs cupboard and soon filled it with paints, ribbons and papers. If you are lucky enough to designate a space in the home as a craft room, Here are some great storage ideas. Sheets of paper can be stored on a collapsible washing line and small pieces can easily be stored and decorate a vintage wooden ladder. When I buy prepacked tissue I always remove it from the packaging and roll it into scrolls.
If you have string, raffia and twine in your collection, store the ball in a jar or used metal can (They make a tidy dispenser).
A product that I have just designed, is our brand new Ribbon storage dispenser set which holds 5 rolls of Jane Means ribbons. To celebrate the launch, we are giving away a set to a lucky follower which includes 50 metres of ribbon and is worth ?25.
I am totally in LOVE your dolly pegs and vintage wooden ribbon spools – i will find a reason and space to have a craft area exactly like this even if it means that my husband has to sleep in the shed! Jane, I came on 1 of your gift wrapping courses over 10 years ago and still use so many of your hints and tips.

I have always loved gift wrapping and particularly enjoyed it whilst working at The White Company.
We only just met last week at Speciality Food Show in the SECC but already I’m a fan. Absolutely love the purple ribbon – my favourite colour of all time, it reminds me of a certain chocolate company! Some brilliant suggestions there – my Pinterest board has taken a hammering with all these! Why have I only just read this, you’ve inspired me, now going to sort out my craft space. These lovely Santas look beautiful when printed on 8? x 11 inch cream or white cardstock from your color printer; after printing, just cut in half and fold!
The first Christmas card was produced in England, and the idea was well-received, because the following year, more than 25,000 Christmas cards were sold.
The big American producer of Christmas cards, Hallmark, employs a whole army of Christmas card designers who produce new Christmas cards every season.
The card arrives in the receiver’s inbox, and the old Christmas greeting tradition is carried on albeit in a modern way. Friends and family, far away fighting, received cards with patriotic messages and symbols, like Uncle Sam. The most famous of these enterprises is probably the UNICEF Christmas card program, launched in 1949. Fold forward the shelf, cutting the two-inch lines above the bricks (shown in illustration). Follow these simple steps to make fabulous handmade Christmas ornaments that will only look like they cost you a fortune.
If you are using a size other than a 2-inch craft ball, you may need a different amount of circles. You can use either a pin or a dab of hot glue to secure the ribbon in place, then hide the method of attachment by gluing a rosette on top of it. Through my work and extensive travelling, I have carried much of my craft materials away with me by the use of a rigid suitcase and gentle packing.
Alternatively your craft room could be a garden shed or a designated corner of the garage or potting shed. Sheets of paper and tissue can also be rolled in to scrolls and tied with string or ribbon.
For larger collections of ribbon buy an inexpensive bookcase and glue on some wooden edging to stop the ribbons from falling out (B&Q Offer a free wood cutting service and sell wood glue too). Longer lengths can be wound around pretty wooden spools, or placed loose in a large storage jar. Here I found lot of brilliant ideas that can help me to give my craft room an overhaul, I would like to incorporate ribbon storage idea.

I am also considering starting my own gift wrapping service simply because of my love for it.
I went on the wrapping course last week and the first thing I did when I got home was organise my craft bits! However, the first Christmas card provoked controversy in certain circles in England, because the Christmas card pictured a company of people touching glasses and saying “Merry Christmas”.
The most popular cards are the old fashioned and nostalgic ones with sledges and pixies, and a big, chubby Santa Clause in a red and white coat. Putting them together simulates the look of a Christmas tree, especially if you add a small star sticker or cut-out on the top. Cut out Christmas motifs from magazines, preferably colorful ones, and glue them together on a piece of paper (e.g.
Ribbons and embellishments were popped into baskets which were hung from the beamed ceiling. I have several of these which I take to courses around the UK and have painted them with a cream egg shell paint from Laura Ashley.
I had my joiner suspend 10 rods on brackets at the back of my chocolate counter which I use to hang cello wrap, gift wrap and co-ordinating ribbons for each season. Putting alcohol and holy Christmas in one picture did not please the English citizens then.
Then decorate the fabric or felt with pictures of stars, reindeer, trees, holly, candy canes, or whatever. The two fronts of the fireplace of course must be the same distance forward, and the shelf resting on them. Although your circles and swirls do not require cutting perfection, it helps if you try to maintain some unity in the thickness of each swirl.
You can do this with other pieces of felt or fabric or with buttons, sequins, glitter, or whatever you want to use.
Then draw and cut the candlesticks and Christmas stockings, and place them in position, and pin or paste them on.
If a new window doesn’t open after clicking the picture, you will need Adobe Reader which you may download free from the Adobe Website. If you want, you can glue cotton on the top of the stocking to look like the classic Christmas stocking.

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