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My family not only loves a good blockbuster, we’re fascinated by what goes into making one.
Universal has been in the business of movie making for about a 100 years, eventually panning out into television, and then amusement park-style entertainment that puts riders in cinematic scenarios pulled from Jurassic Park, Transformers, Waterworld, and more. Visitors see some of Hollywood’s most iconic sets and adrenaline pumping special effects experiences in the studio tour — and it jumps right into them!  Minutes into ours, the tram was “caught” in a flash flood in what appeared to be a small town south of the border. While a lot of the sets on the tour look familiar, there are some that are immediately recognizable, like Amity Island, the small beach town terrorized by a shark in Jaws.
There’s also the perfectly manicured neighborhood from the ABC hit series, Desperate Housewives. One of the things that my family found particularly amusing about the movie studio tour was the placement of the sets. Just when you think the thrills are over and you can relax on this tour, think again!  We experienced an earthquake in a subway and drove through a massive plane crash from the movie, War of the Worlds. While enjoying the park we met many classic Hollywood legends, among them: Scooby Doo, Marilyn Monroe, Beetlejuice, and Shrek himself!  We stumbled upon many performances playing out and in one case we became accidental players, like when two New Yorkers who could have been out of the sitcom, The Honeymooners, broke their dialogue to comment on my daughter’s Stanford sweatshirt. The Hollywood Walk of Fame: Less than a 10 minute drive away is the walk of fame that winds its way through several of old Hollywood’s landmarks including the famed Grauman’s Chinese Theater. La Brea Tar Pits: Less than 20 minutes from the Hilton, you’ll probably smell the La Brea Tar Pits before you spot it.
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art: Just down the street from the tar pits, the LACMA is a visual feast from the moment you arrive at the front of the building. Is there a person in your party with special needs?  Universal Studios Hollywood is accommodating to guests with disabilities. Kristine lives in Mountain View, California, where she is the mother of a gifted girl athlete and a special needs charmer.

Frederick's Of Hollywood is an age-old lingerie brand that has managed to stay relevant after all these years.
It's going to have to be constantly tweaking if it wants to keep upA in a a rapidly changing retail world,A especially since it's so well-known for its catalog a€” a retail channel that's quickly becoming obsolete. Now, the company is revamping its catalog and moving up to luxury with a new brand called Harriett, reports Karyn Monget at Women's Wear Daily. The changes are supposed to make the brand feel more "contemporary, aspirational, elegant and engaging," according to CMO Tracy McCourt. Meanwhile, the Harriett brand is meant to grab a piece of the "accessible luxury" segment and to appeal to a wider base of consumers.
Frederick's has been trying to become more mainstream lately, trying to escape a longtime stigma of sleazinessA as it faces mounting competition from lingerie powerhouse Victoria's Secret.
It's certainly continuing in the right direction, but it's a tall order to make people forget something that has built up for more than a half century.
Hollywood Blvd Cinemas Pictures - Burt Reynolds Making An Appearance At The Hollywood Blvd.
So when we had the opportunity to visit Universal Studios Hollywood, the place where many of our favorite movies and TV shows are filmed, we jumped at it! The eerie presence of the house from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is difficult to miss perched atop a hill with the Bates Motel below it. Whoville is located right next door to Norman Bates place of business.  I seriously doubt poor Norman could be saved by the spirit of Christmas! The ghostly sight of smoke and steam effects, scattered debris, and trashed building structures sent an impressive hush over the crowded tram.  It really looked like we happened upon this scene minutes after the crash!  In fact it looked so realistic, that I’m sure many in the tour group had to remind themselves that they were seeing the magic of movie making at work!
We also enjoyed opportunities to do things we wouldn’t dare without the help of movie magic, like stick our heads in a shark’s mouth!

Despite the fact that this hotel has throngs of people moving through it daily, the hotel staff never appeared overwhelmed.
Because the hotel is so close by, we took advantage of the frequently running hotel shuttle and even walked to the park. While my kids recognized quite a few names on the walk of fame itself, once we got into the area in front of the theater the familiar names became fewer but the handprints and footprints were interesting. It emits a pungent asphalt-like scent and it’s black tar like ooze has snared many animals in it over time making it one of the richest fossil sites in the world.
While there are more than 100,000 pieces in the museum, my kids enjoyed chasing each other through Urban Light an installation comprised of 202 vintage LA streetlamps. And let me tell you, after you’ve spent the day walking through years and years of movie making, there is nothing like a soak in a steamy hot tub as soon as you can get to it! The only active excavation site in the country, paleontologists have found over three million specimens that include mammoths and saber-toothed cats.
My family secured a two-day pass to the park for the price of a one-day ticket at our local Costco. Women had much smaller feet in the old days!” exclaimed my daughter as she compared hers to Gloria Swanson’s.
Today it’s part of a 23-acre park primarily dedicated to natural discoveries in the tar pits. If you have any questions about accommodations for disabled guests, visit the FAQ on the Universal Studios website.

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