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The video had its world premiere on a billboard in New York City’s Times Square and you can watch it online now.
Nick Fradiani Announces New Album Name - 'Hurricane'Nick Fradiani has announced the name of his new album!
Making Michael Jackson's Thriller features: The Ultimate "music Movie" - Michael Jackson's 14-minute film production of "Thriller"!
Last week we asked Victor Sola, our sound lead, to walk us through the process of making soundtracks for our games. I try to get inspiration from everything and everywhere – whether it’s a film, a record, or even a book! After I finished my studies in audio engineering, I did several years of musical apprenticeship here in Spain. Leave something to the imagination, that is more sexy than showing off all your goods every chance you get.

This video provides an inside look as two great songs are developed, rehearsed, and recorded. Michael Jackson's Emmy-nominated performance of "Billie Jean" from the "Motown 25" special.
In this three-part interview, Victor sheds some light on how and where to find inspiration; and who in this space inspires him most. I think that composers increasingly use technology to compose for a variety of media, songs or pieces of music or gaming. In terms of composers, I’d probably have to single out the Austrian composer Tomas Dvorak, who composed music for Machinarium, Samorost and other casual games. So the challenge is to discharge your own creativity and dig deep to find the musical expression that delivers the best result. Excerpts of a never-before released Michael Jackson video from his acclaimed "Can You Feel It"!

A book I found particularly inspirational for instance, is Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card because it transports you to a unique place where your imagination can roam.
I love the way he mixed traditional instruments with electronic to create sounds that transmit a lot and really draw you in.
A behind-the-scenes look at Michael Jackson, director John Landis (Tading Places, an American Werewolf in London), Academy Award-winning makeup artist Rick Baker (An American Werewolf in London), and the rest of the all-star team who created "Thriller" - on location!

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