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INSIDE THE SERIESFifteen days until winter comes to HBO, but you can bring it to your desktop now with the seven Game of Thrones house sigil wallpaper downloads featured below - and don't forget that the first 15 minutes of the season premiere can be seen tomorrow night (Sunday, April 3) at 9 PM on HBO and will be available here on "Making Game of Thrones" immediately after it airs.
Serious games and educational simulations are an unique product category with functional requirements that are different from platform and casual games, MMOGs, and drill–n-skill learning games.
As an emerging market little has been written about the best engines for building serious games. Probably for visual reasons, Hotah’s axe has been extended a full foot (Dunne says the one he designed is seven feet, whereas the one in the books is described as a full foot shorter). The weapons with which the Snakes are associated presents another slight change in adaptation from the books to the TV show.
Look at the beautiful work on that axe and tell me the Sand Snakes’ costumes are in any way comparable. Winter Is Coming is your source of news, rumors, speculation, and discussion for HBO’s Game of Thrones, the television adaptation of George R. Women being exposed as sex models in porno magazines and in newspapers is sexist and WRONG!!

Richard Carey from Serious Games Source analyzes which game engine is the most comparable to the special needs of Serious Games. The gameplay itself is only the tip of the iceberg: hidden out of sight is an engine the player doesn’t see.
This lack of transparency makes it difficult for publishers to choose development partners, and for developers to scope serious game projects and determine the best tools to use. Check out the video below to see Jessica Henwick, Keisha Castle-Hughes, and Rosabell Laurenti Sellers in full Sand Snake regalia! In the books, Obara is skilled with both the spear and whip, Nymeria is the dagger specialist (usually concealing about a dozen of them on her person at once), and Tyene is a wicked poison-maker. They wouldn’t go to combat with exposed skin any more than they would show up in court in armor.
The weapons are all showcased in the video in some form or another, with Jessica Henwick in particular getting a graceful crack at Nymeria’s whip, which should put Indiana Jones on notice.
The changes may have just been done to allow Tyene to have a more distinctive weapon, one that is both visual and physical in nature.

They wear the right things at the right times for the right reasons… except, apparently, for the show. I feel like a light breeze would render the other two completely naked in a middle of a fight. I’ve no issues with their wardrobe, especially since this was a weapons designer video and not costume. Nonetheless, all three of the actresses look at-ease with them, and there is no nipple armor in sight, all of which bodes well for Oberyn’s bastard daughters in the upcoming season.

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