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David Barnard, the founder of Contrast which makes the popular iOS app Launch Center Pro, has claimed that making money from paid applications in Apple’s App Store is becoming more difficult.
Barnard, who often writes about his experiences in the indie app development space on his blog, isn’t ready to go that far. On the contrary, latest statistics from analytics companies such as App Annie and Distimo, app revenues for Apple’s App Store and Google Play continue to be on the rise.
Maybe because there are already 100 free weather apps already and the need to pay $2.99 isn’t there?? To start out, the project manager and subject matter experts determine the main deliverables for the project.

Regarding the format for WBS design, some people create tables or lists for their work breakdown structures, but most use graphics to display the project components as a hierarchical tree structure or diagram.
Here we'll break down the process for you, making it easy to use these structures in your project planning.
The WBS is designed to help break down a project into manageable chunks that can be effectively estimated and supervised.
Once this is completed, they start decomposing the deliverables they have identified, breaking them down to successively smaller chunks of work. That varies with project type and management style, but some sort of predetermined “rule" should govern the size and scope of the smallest chunks of work.

There could be a two weeks rule, where nothing is broken down any smaller than it would take two weeks to complete. Determining the chunk size “rules" can take a little practice, but in the end these rules make the WBS easier to use.

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