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For this specialty pharma company, we performed a comprehensive market landscape analysis and provided a pain market development strategy. The Market Assessment defines the potential for commercial success for each of the identified target markets. The Competitive Analysis facilitates the identification and assessment of a potential market "space", product positioning and feature set identification for a selected product.
The Clinical Assessment determines the projected clinical adoption based on one-on-one interviews with global opinion leaders and in-the-trenches physicians.
The Current Reimbursement Landscape Analysis determines reimbursement surrounding the particular device or biologic including product coverage, coding, payment and financial impact. The Risk Analysis outlines the most direct path to successful commercialization while mitigating the known and potential risks of product development.

The Financial Analysis includes a ProForma with five to ten year revenue projections based on a risk adjusted bottoms-up sales analysis which includes a projected product adoption, a pricing matrix and projected cost of goods forecasts. The process starts with establishing your vision and clear objective of your website or internet marketing campaign. We look at the competitive landscape; identify what strategies your competitors are employing and how they are faring with those. To provide you with the best experience when using our web site, we need to use cookies to collect and store information. Business Plan is selected by global lifescience 1) companies with a novel technology seeking funding or exit, 2) entities attempting to prioritize between opportunities to determine those with the highest return on investment, and 3) companies seeking a commercialization road map that outlines the path with the highest potential for success. Business Plan is a customized comprehensive assessment that covers a broad scope of global business analyses.

We work with you to establish your differentiation in price, offering, and way customers find you. If you do not wish to accept cookies when visiting our web site, you may change the settings in your web browser. We create a game plan to build conversion copy, call to action, rewards for loyalty and repeat business oppurtunities.
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