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The Market Place Platform offers several high-conversion tools to help you drive new and repeat business. The My Market Toolkit Market Place Platform integrates with the Business Management Platform. Puerto Rico’s hardware store market is about to add a new player with the arrival of Illinois-based Ace Hardware, which recently entered into an agreement to re-brand the operations of True Value de Puerto Rico and its 13 stores, News is my Business learned.
Through the deal, Grupo Fermax — which through independent owners runs stores in Aguadilla, Bayamon, Caguas, Gurabo, Cidra (two stores), Hatillo, Lajas, Ponce, San Juan, Vega Baja and Yauco — will be taking on the Ace name and begin operating as such in coming weeks. The chain’s 10 independent owners will remain at the helm of their stores, along with the estimated 300 combined employees. The deal does not include the True Value hardware stores in Guaynabo’s San Patricio Plaza area and Old San Juan, which businessman Juan Bauza owns separately from Grupo Fermax. Ace is the largest retailer-owned cooperative of hardware stores, with some 4,600 locations in the 50 mainland United States and more than 60 countries. Puerto Rico’s hardware store market has been hurting in recent years as a result of the economic downturn.
National Hardware and Home Depot are the largest players, with hundreds of smaller operations doing business throughout the island.
About News is my BusinessNews is my Business is designed to be a tool that our island’s opinion-makers and leaders can rely on to make quick and smart decisions about their businesses and their economic futures. Peerless Oil & Chemicals, announced today the launching of a new brand of gas stations in Puerto Rico – Ecomaxx – an “innovative concept for station owners who want to be more competitive and attractive in the market,” General Manager Luis Velazquez announced Wednesday. The first Ecomaxx stations are expected to open next month in Cupey, Bayamon and Santa Isabel, with additional stations opening throughout the rest of the year and in 2013. Peerless will invest between $30,000 and $50,000 per station and plans to pitch its concept to the estimated 400 independent gasoline retailers islandwide, company officials said. To launch the new brand of gasoline stations, Peerless has designed the concept to include contemporary canopies, primary and secondary signs, and pumps. One aspect that also differentiates the contract process between Ecomaxx and other stations is the flexibility in the minimum time required to maintain the banner or brand, with the possibility of retailers placing their original names on the secondary signage under the Ecomaxx logo to retain their identities, Vazquez said. Peerless will also help connect gas station owners with financial institutions that offer attractive financing options and a training program that includes seminars on regulatory compliance, inventory management and store management. Peerless plans to make three grades of octane fuel available — 87, 91 and 93 — as well as gasoline with ethanol in the near future to preserve the environment. Wikimedia CommonsBuenos Aires, Argentina."And now we enter a Coen brothers film," said my Argentine friend Tony. We turned off a noisy street into a plain unmarked office building in the center of Buenos Aires. I had arrived in Buenos Aires just five hours earlier and needed some pesos before dinner and a show. But in a country like Argentina, few people are naive enough to do this through official channels or exchange bureaus like you would in other countries. A gringo like myself can easily do this by flagging down one of the dozens of people on the pedestrian-friendly Calle Florida who is shouting out "cambio!" which translates to"'change!" But every Argentine has a "guy" who can give you an even better deal at what they call the "blue" rate. Tony put a call in to a friend who put him in touch with his "guy" a€” who was actually a woman.

Back in our tiny holding cell, I thought about taking a photo but didn't know if that would get us thrown out.
Before I was able to ask Tony what I could and couldn't do, we were buzzed through into the main office by a young woman with dark hair who greeted us with a smile and escorted us to another room. Justin Maiman"Tony" and I getting our money changedWe passed through a few rooms set up like waiting areas at a dentist's office. The woman motioned us over to a couple chairs, said something I didn't catch to Tony in Spanish, went through a door, and closed it behind her.
This woman was all gestures, no speech, and if I had to pick her out of a lineup tomorrow I'd fail.
DSW’s incursion into the Puerto Rico market is in line with plans to expand its footprint this year. Designer Shoe Warehouse, best known as DSW Inc., will be opening its first store in Puerto Rico this year, at Plaza Carolina. The retailer that specializes in selling brand name designer footwear at competitive prices, is already scouting for a store manager, News is my Business learned. The shoe retailer has had its eye on the Puerto Rico market since late last year, when in September, it unsuccessfully put in a bid for the 34,000 square-foot retail space formerly occupied by the defunct Borders bookstore in Plaza las Americas.
DSW opened its first store in July 1991 in Dublin, Ohio and as of January operated 326 stores in 40 states and 336 leased departments for other retailers in the United States. DSW’s incursion into the Puerto Rico market is in line with plans announced in January, when company President Mike MacDonald said the retailer “will be opening more new stores in 2012 than we previously planned, the majority of which will occur in the second half of 2012. Plaza Carolina has seen its share of tenant movement so far this year, with the closing of the Gap store last month.
The Market Place Platform allows you to quickly deploy effective marketing impressions and drive your audience to online conversion tools, web presenations or direct contact. We feel Ace’s reputation for superior customer service will complement our stores’ existing culture,” said Jorge Perez, a member of the Ferrmax group and owner of the Aguadilla store.
The operation generates annual retail sales of approximately $3 billion, according to the company’s website. In the last three years, the industry has lost about 20 percent of its sales, which as of Oct.
This is the first brand of gas station to be launched by Peerless and is the result of many retailers expressing a desire for a more cost effective option for expanding their stations, he said.
For this reason, these entrepreneurs not only need a more robust infrastructure, but also the tools that enable them to handle more consumer traffic at their stations. The new stations will also include convenience stores under the “Maxx Store” and “Maxx Deli” names to attract the public to purchase other products in addition to fuel — which is the lifeline for most local gasoline retailers. Furthermore, regular gasoline will incorporate a new additive with a larger amount per volume, which “will give Ecomaxx gasoline properties that enhance motor performance and power, clean with detergents and protect against deposit formation,” he said. He mumbled a code word and just like that we were ushered into a rickety-old elevator a€” the kind in which you have to open and close the doors yourself. On our left was a large bank teller-like window with no one behind it, and on our right was yet another locked door. Strict capital controls, aggressive monetary policy, and blazing inflation rates have distorted exchange rates.

I imagine some people in Argentina are making a decent, albeit illegitimate, living playing off the spread between the "official" rate and the "blue" rate. The door was only halfway closed, and I could see that he was exchanging a stack of dollars for pesos. Tony and I were called into the room next door where we were once again greeted by the woman who first walked us in. Tony had called her by name when he spoke to her on the phone earlier, but I had already forgotten what he called her.
Plenty of money to spend on our week-plus vacation in Buenos Aires and in the northwest province of Salta. After so much anticipation, the final process was disappointingly anticlimactic because it was so quick.
And Salta (near the Bolivian border) is like nothing I'd ever seen before a€” large cactus plants (cardones) loomed over lush vineyards.
An average DSW store takes up about 22,000 square feet and carries approximately 24,000 pairs of shoes in stock. However, the mall is preparing to add apparel retailer Forever 21 to its mix when it opens March 24. Our tools are standards based, flexible, and are highly optimized so you get the best ROI possible.
2011 totaled about $60 million, according to data gathered by the Puerto Rico Statistics Institute. The Ecomaxx concept allows retailers to meet these objectives without losing their independence,” said Vazquez. From its facilities in Penuels, it supplies more than 200 stations both directly and indirectly in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. That is why our concept took lighting into consideration,” said Vazquez, noting that Peerless will offer individual analysis and guidance to help owners identify the most efficient lighting options and electricity costs. Sounded good to me a€” that was about 3 pesos more for my dollars than the official rate.A  So we headed east across town on the Subte (the city's subway system).
The office space we were in was so plain a€” from the white walls to the beige carpets and generic office desk and chairs a€” that it seemed to encourage forgetting. Tony and I and our wives enjoyed wonderful meals with fine regional Torrontes and Malbec wines for about $50 a day a€” for all four of us. She came back just a moment later with a receipt highlighting a conversion rate and our peso total. She left again and returned immediately with our pesos which she re-counted using a money counting machine a€” the same kind you'd see at a bank.

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