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Firms are increasing their focus and capitalizing on the enormous growth of international markets.
Hanover Research determined that the aerospace and automobile markets were most attractive mainly due to favorable regulatory changes and overall market growth. If you would like further expertise on international market evaluations, we encourage you to join Hanover Research’s upcoming International Market Evaluations webinar on Wednesday, June 12th, at 1PM EST.
If your firm is looking to expand internationally, below are guidelines on executing an effective market evaluation. For example, an adhesive manufacturer may consider entering Brazil and find the automotive, medical, defense and aerospace markets potentially attractive. The firm’s executive team used these findings to make informed decisions and avoid investments in low-opportunity markets.

The keys to smart market evaluations require collaborative work across firm functions, skilled researchers and analysts, ample resources, and a thorough examining of the right market evaluation factors.
You will learn how to execute market evaluations effectively and hear real case studies on how carefully executed market evaluations shaped entry strategies. In order to validate each opportunity, the manufacturer will thoroughly examine these markets deeper and rank them according to a set of market evaluation factors. The Hanover Research team explored seven markets and determined that the automobile and aerospace were most attractive.
This case study is an example of how market evaluations enable firms to see a market with clarity, execute their strategies with conviction, and sell their products with confidence.
They came to this conclusion after evaluating several factors: for the aerospace market, for example, the team forecasted thin film demand by researching the Indian government’s military expenditures and policies for aviation, growth percentages and future investments in civilian and business aviation, and overall market growth rates.

Market evaluations can take on many forms depending on the type and quantity of evaluation factors, but well-executed ones will address the following five.
Researchers also conducted a policy analysis to determine if existing regulations could pose barriers to entry. Finally, Hanover Research’s analysts assessed threat of competition by profiling major competitors and determining their market positioning.

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