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May 3, 2012 by Tara Jacobsen {EAV:5da08477a9fda337} – funny little empire avenue thingy to verify my blog! BUT, if you want to learn how to grow a marketing empire or really start creating some new habits…this is the post for you! Three months – this is the timeline that I use for setting habits in place and goal setting. Ok, I am great for making bold pronouncements of new habits that I want start (cleaning my kitchen sink is a biggie!). Watch any webinar and you will find something you are not doing right now, that if you could start doing it would make you a ton of money! Still in the realm of time, remember that something that you just start doing always seems harder than doing nothing (deep, right?) The first time you do a custom picture you have to get a graphic, find a quote, do the formatting, size it, say dammit that was wrong, re-size it, save it, post it, etc.
Online I will oftentimes make a folder on my browser (Chrome or Firefox) with all the pages I need bookmarked there. Because I am careful about what I add to my list of todos, I generally can make a new habit stick pretty quickly.
Being an entrepreneur and working with entrepreneurs, I KNOW how fun it is to chase shiney squirrels. How often have you decided to do something, tried it for a couple of weeks (or a couple of days) and then decided that it didn’t work? Here is your mission if you choose to accept it…figure out one new marketing habit that you are going to embrace for the next three months! If you could use a little help creating new habits, or heck even thinking about WHAT your new habits should be, check out my marketing coaching programs – they start with a tiny commitment of an hour and go up to 3 months! Tara’s “tell it like it is” personality combined with her 100 miles per hour presentations have earned her the title “The Queen of Marketing Ahhh’s” from her raving fans.
Maximizing corporate potential by driving top-notch marketing solutions, innovative branding strategies, and dynamic corporate events. More than 14 years of solid B2B marketing experience, delivering profitable solutions to drive sales, attract and  maintain customers, and build a solid corporate brand. Initially hired into largely data entry position and upon proving marketing savvy, took over all marketing  responsibilities. Spearheaded all planning activities from concept to execution for events with up to $100,000 budgets. Handled all event budgeting, ensuring top quality while consistently coming in under budget. Directed event logistics including registration and set-up, travel, hotels, booths, client receptions, guest lists, conference accommodations, presentations, and itineraries, both remotely and on-site. Led weekly cross-functional team conference calls leading up to each event, solving logistical issues and  coordinating preparation with up to 14 individuals from multiple divisions. Established and built successful partnerships with vendors, hotels, event management companies, and production services companies.
Maintained in-depth project plans including detailed Excel workbooks with continually updated task lists, contact  lists, deadlines, and budgets.
Spearheaded email marketing campaigns, resulting in more than 80% of software services clients coming in through email marketing channel. Orchestrated two successful corporate re-branding campaigns, including coordination of legal name change and new logo with all vendors and clients, new website and marketing materials, internal and external messaging, and internal communications coaching.
Collaborated with sales team, directors, and India marketing team to issue proposals (RFPs and RFIs). Assisted in executing internal and external events, including trade shows, conferences, and parties.
Created content for corporate website, sales presentations, email campaigns and corporate sales collateral. Handled allocation of $500,000 marketing budget, including advertising, print collateral, trade shows and  seminars, and services from an advertising company and a PR company. Led company's inaugural email marketing initiative, resulting in considerable increase in customer traffic.
Maintained content for company website, print advertisements, and corporate sales collateral.
Consistently met and exceeded goals including collaboration with three-person team to reach 115% of annual  sales quota.

Researched and wrote direct mail pieces, brochures, business letters, website content, and edited 400+ page technical textbook.
Volunteer, Sample Non-Profit, Atlanta, GA, 2009 - Present Devoted time to sorting and categorizing textbooks in  preparation for shipment to schoolchildren in Africa. WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time. A combination of traditional methods and innovative thinking, an internet marketing plan needs to do more in a Web 2.0 world.
The first step for your internet marketing plan is a review of your business model and the objectives to be realized through your marketing efforts.
Your audience is as unique as your business, and the market you operate in influences your target audience’s perspective of your business. More than just demographics, a customer profile aims to identify what motivates your potential customer.
By aligning your sales process to the buying process of your customers, you will find you do not have to push a sale, the sale happens. People do what they want, so make sure your business (and your website) is giving them just that!
An internet marketing strategy will encompass not only your online marketing efforts, but also integrates your offline marketing efforts. The last, and perhaps one of the most important aspects, of your internet marketing plan is what to measure. Great Resumes Fast is a professional resume  writing and interview coaching firm that assists job seekers at every level secure interviews and job offers. If you were looking for something more uplifting and easy, move along, nothing to see here. Three months is a good amount of time because you can see the end of it and it doesn’t feel like forever! Yes, that is right, I use a social network or blog or make videos and products about something for A WHOLE YEAR before I give up on it!
But for business, I have to make sure that what I am setting in stone is a good habit to have, that it will help me sell more and that it will actually ACCOMPLISH something. I love webinars and watched one the other day about affiliate marketing (where you promote other people’s products).
New biz owners often do not have clients to work with, do not know what will work small business marketing wise and have nothing but time to devote to marketing. If I had my way, I would do nothing all day but research marketing ideas, check them out, write about them, make videos and get Sonic sodas to keep me going.
With that in mind, I am adding a personal note and doing custom graphics for blog posts (like the one on this post). For example, I went to the post office and bought two sheets of stamps, put my cards right next to me on the desk and had return address labels printed. But this is the part that I promised to come back to…if it makes the list, I do it for a YEAR!
Seriously, coming up with a new product, service, plan, strategy, idea, concept…all in my sweet spot. Exercise is like that for me, if I don’t have a 6 pack abs after THREE STRAIGHT DAYS of doing situps, I slither back to my slothful ways. It can be phone calls, door knocking, personal notes, sending a daily email, Facebook, Pinterest, postcards. Check out her marketing courses and products at the Marketing Artfully Shop or visit her Etsy Store, Paperly People.
Special  talent for enhancing corporate marketability through electronic and print marketing tools as well as clear, effective corporate messaging. Found innovative ways to market AAA brand, including highly successful email marketing campaigns.
By incorporating your website and internet marketing with your customer’s perspective, you create more than just a marketing agenda, you develop a roadmap that can steer your business towards growth.
It is not a one size fits all approach, every business has it’s own unique strengths and challenges and that needs to be accounted for.
Thorough research and a detailed analysis of your market provides you with one piece of the puzzle to truly understand your audience and potential customers.

What questions are they asking, how are they asking those questions, and how do they prefer to find that information? They create  dynamic, best-in-class resumes and cover letters that consistently deliver results. The reason for this is, if I don’t I am just jumping around after shiney objects all willy-nilly getting nowhere – more about this later! I thought, hum, if I just found a product every day, wrote a post about it, pinned a picture on Pinterest and talked about it on Facebook, damn I could be rich in three months!
I have lists of social media and friend contacts who would disappear if I spammed them with a new product a day and MOST IMPORTANT, I would not enjoy doing that every day. I did this before and it got me business but then I was busy and stopped (that one ever happened to you?) Another one is to work on an ebook or information product every day.
You guys, do a lot of different things to find out what you like to do and what works, then finesse later. A lot of the time that means talking with clients, paying bills, making sure we are on track, talking to prospective clients and setting up social media empires for other people. This will increase my visibility on a medium I already use (blogging) and add a new area (Pinterest). Kind of takes the pain out of sending personal notes when I can do it in 3 minutes without leaving my desk! Soooo, for my social media I have a folder with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Klout bookmarked. BUT, the problem with that is the herky-jerky stop start that never gives anything time to get off the ground! I don’t care what it is, you have to pinky swear that you will do it every work day for the next three months.
Stellar organizational and planning skills, as demonstrated in successful event planning experience.
By examining what your competition is doing online, you gain a sense of what your audience has for options other than you. What does it all mean and how does it help you to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns? I could go on and on, in fact I have a list in front of me and am working out which are going to make the short list for the next three month period! The personal notes are just a no brainer for me, I like stamps and going to the post office! Too often we take the time amount that comes with the FIRST time we do something and brand our new habit with that HUGE number! Simply by right clicking and saying “open all bookmarks”, each of these pages is opened and ready to fly through!
If I do three pins a day for the work year that is 5 (days a week) X 3 (pins a day) X 50 (weeks in a year).
What key performance indicators (KPIs) will tell you whether or not you have met your objectives? That is 750 opportunities to connect with someone new, share something and even have fun doing it.
That makes as much sense as exercising for and hour and a half and expecting to look like Jennifer Anniston!
Gained extensive experience communicating with vendors and event support personnel, and effectively managed overseas marketing team. And when changes are implemented, how else can you know whether that was a change for the better? If I do videos about how-tos even once every couple of weeks, that will be 20 plus Pinterest videos.

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