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And in terms of real estate SEO, you’ll probably want to get credit for BOTH the singular and plural versions of what people are looking for. There are a number of other dynamics at play and so this is why many people hire us to do the difficult lifting of thinking through this problem properly.
There is a secret in the real estate business and the big real estate companies don’t want you to know about it. Knowing what kinds of marketing are effective is important for every real estate professional and separating out the hype can be difficult. Real estate companies would like their real estate agent’s brand to rely on proprietary company marketing services as much as possible so that the brand loyalty and clientele that you build doesn’t walk out the door if you do. It has been said that “What you say times how many times you say it is the only thing that works in marketing.” That is why real estate post cards are so valuable in a marketing plan today. Right now, real estate season is in full swing and it is the perfect time to lay out your six month real estate postcard marketing plan and ReaMark is here to help.
When you follow up your “Just Listed” April mailing with a “Just Sold” postcard, it shows there is movement in the market and demonstrates your capabilities.
The kids are back in school and it’s time to get your home ready for the colder weather ahead. It is time to “Fall Back” and your prospects will appreciate this “timely” reminder to set clocks back an hour. As a real estate SEO consultant, over the past 5 plus years I have spoken to many brokers about their real estate SEO needs, online marketing and their website.
According to Travis Saxton, Real Trends Marketing and Technology Manager “the 2012 Online Performance Study was born out of popular demand by the residential real estate industry.
And Steve Murray, Real Trends Publisher says “It reports on the real results of brokerage firms in their attempt to create real value for themselves, their sales professionals and their housing consumers. Having insider access to information gathered from over 420 offices representing over 19,000 agents that accounted for over 135,000 transaction sides and $37.5 billion dollars in 2011 sales cannot be ignored. Learning what makes others successful, is just smart says Randi Thornton, realWITS FOUNDER. If you did not read the report, or want too quickly learn about important takeaways to leverage data that eliminates guess work of running a successful real estate brokerage read on. My Opinion: While this statement is well known amongst those whose career success relies upon servicing home buyers and sellers, it has been my experience many choose to ignore or do not allocate sufficient dollars on improving their websites performance and real estate SEO.
100% of online consumer expects to receive a response time within 30 minutes or less when requesting property information. My opinion: When an online visitors makes an inquiry on a company real estate website they anticipate an almost instant response. As earlier stated, 90% of consumers begin their home search online, however the study reports 42% of brokerage firms did not have a real estate online marketing budget!
The study breaks down the results by brokerages that outsourced, combined in-house and outsourcing or in-house only for their real estate SEO (search engine optimization). Yes, Google will tell you where your real estate online marketing dollars deliver the greatest ROI and when to say no with others. My opinion: What may be interesting is that out of these 58% brokerages, 95% of them also conduct real estate SEO. Grab your website analytics and do a side by side comparison of the 2012 Real Trends large brokerage sample of participants from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012, representing a total of 84 million annual website visitors of which 28.9 million were unique visitors. The study pulled the top 10 keywords used by consumers to find the real estate brokerage online. When a prospective home buyer or sellers uses a real estate companies name or similar as their keyword phrase, the consumer is more than likely aware of the company and is seeking their website address. When a prospective home buyer or sellers uses a general keyword phrase such as “Dallas real estate” or homes in Dallas” they more than likely do not have a specific real estate company in mind.
The study’s results revealed out of the top 10 keywords for a brokerage only .97% were unrelated to the brokerage name. My Opinion: If the main purpose of a real estate website is to attract prospective property buyers and sellers, how well is a website’s performance that generates nearly 100% of its traffic from consumers already aware of them?
Do a search on Google using the above 5 search phrases, replacing “primary market” with your marketplace. My Opinion: To generate optimal real estate website traffic numbers, it is important your company appears on page one of Google search results for at least 2 of the 5 keyword phrases.
In addition to the above the study also highlights mobile presence, website conversations and goals, referring website traffic sources, traffic value, competitor comparison, social media, behavior engagement, site speed plus more. My Opinion: This real estate online marketing study offers insightful data that can be used to implement proven strategies into any brokerage of any size or location.
Randi Thornton has been involved with SEO since 1985 when she used SEO to gain top search ranking for her real estate related websites. Follow her on Twitter or Facebook and be sure to subscribe to weekly articles including the release of her future real estate online marketing book.
Did You Know?The vendor you choose to design, host and manage your company real estate website does matter. TestimonialsReal Estate SEO TestimonialIn less than one year, Randi took my website from the third page on Google organic searches to the number one ranked local real estate website for all the key words I requested. I wholeheartedly recommend Randi to anyone looking to improve their organic search rankings via real estate SEO or a real estate website with realWITS.

Realtors may be wondering whether or not it’s worth the time and effort to establish a presence on social media. Sprout Social’s Consumer Engagement Index evaluates which industries receive the most engagement from customers on social media. Now that we know people want to engage with realtors on social, the next question is: are realtors taking advantage of it? These graphs demonstrate the size of the audience looking to communicate with real estate professionals on social media. The Real Estate Agent Directory created by N-Play is probably the most popular realtor app on Facebook.
You can also post listings to your Page, share listings with other agents, and link your profile to your business Page with this app. And just like that, we now have a target audience of 34,000 qualified people who would be ideal to Like your Facebook Page. Twitter is a great platform to use in conjunction with Facebook for driving awareness and boosting engagement with potential home buyers.
On Facebook, you may only want to post one status a day promoting an open house or sending out valuable content. Schedule tweets for each individual open house or showing ahead of time so you can focus on getting the place in great shape. Use tools to queue tweets with great content to go out automatically while you’re working on other things. If you want people to see all of your Tweets about open houses and quality content, you’re going to need to develop a sizable follower base. Click the Create New Campaign button in the top right-hand corner and choose Custom campaign from the drop-down.
LinkedIn’s professional members make it a great place for realtors to network and find new connections while also building brand equity.
Since a home is one of the biggest purchases a person will make in their lifetime, you need to establish trust with your prospective buyer.
LinkedIn is mostly about finding relationships within your industry and leveraging those relationships for the benefit of both parties. Docusign makes it easy for you to get the signatures you need on all of the paperwork that goes into a sale. Although floor plans and pictures of homes are essential for showing off a location, incorporating a live-stream video is a unique way to present a unit. Although following this guide step-for-step won’t return immediate results, the long-term payoffs from creating social equity for your name and brand will be well worth the time you spend developing your social marketing strategy. I am writing in from Nigeria, Africa.I googled 'how to use social media to market properties', and came out with several sites. Sprout Social is an advanced, collaborative social media management platform for teams of all sizes.
Real estate companies sell a brand, training, office space, bulk advertising discounts and marketing.
Using the company website may be the only viable way to get your presence on the web when you are first starting out but as soon as you cash that first big commission check get your own website. If location, location, location are the three rules of real estate then network cubed are the three rules of marketing. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. Find out what effective techniques you should be using in your real estate business with this infographic.
When you touch base with a specific market consistently over the course of time, it serves to brand you and your business as being a local expert. We have over 260 styles of recipe cards to give you the widest selection of easy to make recipes your prospects will love. We work with our professional real estate clients to develop promotional and marketing products that work.
Repeatedly, I hear the same responses…Brokers do not have enough financial resources for these services. However, they were unwilling to stop publishing featured home listings in real estate magazines, stop their yellow page advertising, reduce outbound mailings and postcards or discontinue paying for leads from online real estate portal giants. While I cannot speak for others in my industry, I have witnessed real estate companies outmaneuver the online portal giants as well as those who continue refuse to pay for good real estate online marketing. They continue allotting marketing dollars into the yellow pages, home magazines and other off line media sources despite the fact people use the internet to learn about and locate homes for sale. Why would a real estate company continually pay so much to purchase leads and not invest in their real estate website or real estate SEO?
Buried within Google analytics is factual data to eliminate the guess work and make wiser real estate marketing decisions. Similar data can easily be obtained for off-site real estate marketing campaigns such as magazine advertising, yellow pages and other previously popular marketing sources.
A keyword is a word or phrase someone types into Google or any other search vertical’s search field box to find what they are looking for. To exceed average or below average profits, a real estate company’s website traffic should be obtained from a healthy mixture of both branded or company name related and general real estate keywords.

What was surprising was the fact the top 15 contenders were not the most populated marketplaces. In April 2013 she launched realWITS, a real estate website platform that utilizes built-in SEO to help companies achieve better real estate online marketing results. Here are some suggestions for why real estate social media marketing is important and how agents can effectively approach the most popular social networks.
According to our data, the real estate industry is second overall in terms of inbound engagement relative to audience size. It’s an application that gives you the ability to network with more than 333,000 agents through Facebook.
It is a long and arduous sales process, so your prospects need to be nurtured over an extended time frame.
Similar to building up a large audience on Facebook, the Twitter advertising platform may be the biggest win for quickly establishing a relevant following. People want to make sure that you know what you’re talking about and can close this important deal successfully.
In order to do this, you’ll need to find other influential people in the real estate industry. With USTREAM you can offer virtual open houses for people who may not have time to visit the location in person.
Of all the sites i read through yours seem to connect with me personally because it gave deeper insights with simplicity on strategies relative to social media marketing. I believe i have much to knowledge to gain from your sites on how to go about my business. You knew that already but what you didn’t know is what they sell and who their customers are. The ultimate question for a big real estate company is not “Will this sell houses,” or “Will this attract home buyers,” but rather “Will real estate agents pay for this,” and “How much will they pay?” Real estate companies are not the only ones selling to real estate agents.
Either way you go, be prepared to commit resources (your time or your money to pay for someone else’s time)to maintaining, updating, and optimizing your site for search engines. You can get great recognition with your face on a billboard but real estate agents are in the business of providing valuable service, knowledge and guidance in the largest purchase of people’s lives. Choose from 100 styles with everything from maintenance suggestions to money saving energy tips. Perhaps that is what makes the difference between the successful and those who are resistant to change.
Well spent money on website design, real estate SEO and the systems and tools that support real estate online marketing.An online inquiry is one of the most desired real estate online marketing outcomes. When a real estate company pays for leads they are growing the business of one of their biggest online competitors, rather than growing the value of their company. This type of off-line data can be tracked by listing a different phone number or website domain (pointing to your website) in publications and other media to provide tactical measurements of real estate marketing dollars spent in these verticals. The top brokerage drew 6% of its overall traffic from keywords listed in the top 10, search terms used to get a visitor to their website that was not related to their company name.
There is room for every real estate company to expand their reach using website and real estate online marketing best practices. We also have a few great app suggestions to keep you productive and give you more time for social media marketing.
Sprout Social’s recent index report looks at social media statistics by industry, and here are some of the key stats as they relate to real estate.
While the industry ranks second for incoming messages, its rank drops to thirteenth for responding to those messages. If you’re new to advertising on Facebook, this article is probably the best place to start. Whether it is streamlining your social media process, or saving you time so you can focus on social, these tools will make a great addition to your arsenal. Add the names of the people who need to sign and send the files out to the necessary parties. You can post on Facebook once or twice a day and on Twitter , you can tweet multiple times a day without annoying followers. Web designers, SEO developers, printing companies, direct mail providers and real estate industry associations are lining up to sell marketing solutions to real estate agents. Here are two of the most effective marketing strategies, one old and one new that can work for you.
When a visitor has landed on a website and raises their hand by filling out a lead form to inquire about a listing, why wouldn’t you have an arranged system in place to reach back within minutes or in real time? One great strategy is to get people to Like your Page and then use tools like Sprout Social to schedule and publish content valuable to your follower base. Most large real estate companies and real estate organizations encourage agents to utilize their personalized section of the company or association website.
Respond to emails as quickly as possible (an hour or two maximum) and if someone includes a phone number, call them. This person wants information that you have and if you don’t respond with adequate amount of time, they will find a real estate company that will.

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