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The key to any successful marketing program is to set clear objectives, and Facebook marketing is no different.
Beyond the standard goal of conversions, consider the awareness amongst your target audience of a new product line or promotion. 1.) Consider the maturity of your brand and degree of equity on Facebook a€“ How established your brand is on Facebook will shape the goals you select.
2.) Consider your industry a€“ What goals are appropriate and realistic for your business, your customers and the products you sell? 3.) Consider the brand assets you have available to promote a€“ Over the past year, Facebook has allowed marketers to promote numerous online and offline activities and assets, including mobile applications, offers, events, and Facebook applications.
4.) Identify the Facebook metrics that align with your objective a€“ Consider the awareness and conversion metrics that make sense for your business. 5.) Confirm tracking and reporting capabilities a€“ Once marketers have identified success metrics for each campaign objective, they must ensure proper reporting processes are in place to track progress towards success. Once business goals are confirmed, develop an action plan that allows other higher-level stakeholders and media managers to understand how proposed Facebook investments and targeting strategies align with other company initiatives. When creating the action plan, consider a mix of ads (voice of your business), stories (voice of your customers), or a combination of both to communicate the message to your audience. This entry was posted in Facebook Marketing Tips, Social Media Marketing Tips and tagged Facebook Ads, Facebook Advertising, Facebook Advertising Guideline, Facebook Marketing on July 6, 2013 by Social Marketing Intelligence. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In 60 sec I win $337 at my first trade and till now I continuing generate money with Ataraxia 7 Software System. Emtec Business Development Manager to Fairfax County Public Schools and FairfaxCounty GovernmentKey Responsibilities • Accountable for completing sales objectives and general quality of service for FCPS.
Key Accomplishments • Identified perused, penetrated 3 key global accounts and performed consultative selling BT Global Services portfolio. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The comparison was performed in the retail branches between the hours of 12 pm and 2 pm on a weekday (See note 1 below). TD Canada trust branch had a 4-5 person line up and an about equal number of tellers serving the customers.
TD Canada Trust has discontinued the use of hard copy brochure and offered the credit card comparison only on their website.
The RBC Royal Bank location had about 3 person line-up in the middle of the day and approximately 4 tellers servicing the customers. The BMO location had a 2 person line-up and2 tellers plus an information desk representative servicing the customers. Across all banks, none of the tellers were able to help the customer narrow down the choices.
Overall, a few patters and improvement opportunities emerged as a result of this experience. Second, tellers need to be trained to be more knowledgeable and show enthusiasm by actively offering cards and working with the customer to find the best suitable option.
While it is important to recognize that more and more customers are applying for cards online, the traditional retail channels need to ensure that they can continue servicing customers at the branches.
Note 1: The output of the study is illustrative of one customer experience and may not give a true representation of the customer experience in aggregate. Whatever the scenario, finding ultimate meaning in one’s job would greatly contribute to workplace satisfaction. To become a trusted advisor for a client involves moving through the key stages of relationship building. Financial accounting ratios help analyze company’s performance in any given year and through out the years.

The stakeholder management includes identification the stakeholders, stakeholder analysis, stakeholder engagement, stakeholder information flow, abiding by agreements, stakeholder debriefing. Answering these basic business questions will help you develop your company’s business model.
Gantt charts are useful project management tools because they conveniently display project tasks against one another. With the proliferation of Facebook advertising products, marketers are constantly presented with new opportunities to capture the attention of customers across every stage of the buying cycle.
Think about how to influence customer perception of your brand to increase the likelihood of purchase in the future.
For example, a startup may be new to Facebook and therefore may need to focus on fan acquisition in order to establish a community to engage with over the long term.
For example, a marketer in the retail industry may set a specific sales objective at a target ROI and use a promotion to achieve this objective. Consider which assets you have available to promote and how will they support each of your objectives. To fill the top of the funnel, are you concerned mostly with the reach and frequency of your message? Consider utilizing a social ads management tool that tracks on-Facebook (social) engagement metrics, off-Facebook (website) conversions, sales, ROI, and Lifetime Value in a single interface. This plan will also serve as a guide for Facebook managers to implement and optimize new campaigns.
I work in a similar industry and used parts of your plan as they were quite relevant to what I needed to do for my job. This was done to examine the banking experience free of additional customer volume interruption and possible teller fatigue following a long shift.
As soon as the information desk representative became available she approached the customer and offered her help.Upon the request to outline BMO credit card options, the teller did not ask any questions and proceeded to provide a brochure. This could include being more upfront with advice and being more familiar with the credit card brochures. This includes presence of knowledgeable employees and relevant information such as well-designed hardcopies of brochures. Having a job: A lot of people draw satisfaction, a sense of pride and security from having a job in the first place. Having job security: This is another quite basic aspect that means LACK of constant threat of being fired. While some advertisers continue to view Facebook in traditional, transactional, performance marketing terms, successful Facebook marketers are beginning to adopt a a€?full funnela€? approach. Consider building customer loyalty in order to drive repeat purchases from your top customers. Mature companies with a strong fan base may find it more appropriate to leverage their existing networks for word-of-mouth marketing and driving brand engagements. A B2B marketer may instead choose to use Facebook ads for the objective of increasing awareness through a page post distribution strategy that promotes thought leadership. Doing so will allow the marketer to accurately determine the ROI of their Facebook program and budget accordingly. Conversely, sponsored stories allow Facebook users to act as brand ambassadors by promoting their engagements with your brand to their friends. The 5 major Canadian retail banks were compared: TD Canada Trust, RBC Royal Bank, Scotiabank, CIBC and BMO. When asked to outline the credit card options, the teller provided limited and somewhat disorganized information.
When the customer inquired about the credit card offerings, the teller asked the customer which bank she currently banked with and whether she had any other credit cards, but did not inquire about the customer’s purposed for the card. As in the case of RBC Royal Bank, the teller presented a brochure that she used to explain the various credit card options.

When the customer inquired about card offerings with the teller, the welcoming representative approached the customer from the back with a brochure and explained the service offerings. Like at other banks, this teller failed to circle the card choices she recommended to the customer. Brochures were helpful in providing the information, however they were also somewhat confusing due to an overwhelming amount of information and available choices.
To boost credit card sales, tellers could benefit from a streamlined process for assessing and segmenting customer needs. Narrowing the choices down with the help from the teller would lead to higher sale penetration and better overall client experience. They select their objectives and use these relatively new creative formats to craft a holistic approach to marketing in this rapidly growing channel. Successful marketers are experimenting with awareness and consideration building techniques by utilizing new Facebook ad types and destinations, while at the same time continuing to focus on driving conversions by targeting Facebook users with purchase intent. To eliminate possible differences resulting from customer service at different areas, all the branches visited were in close proximity to one another. She did, however, briefly inquire about the customer needs by asking what was the customer’s current bank, whether the customer was a frequent traveller and what would the primary use of the card be. The teller had to solicit help from other associates and left the customer waiting at the desk for some time, which also held up the line. The teller then presented a brochure, but did not go into detail regarding which card better suited the customer’s needs.
The customer felt that the teller was displaying inattentiveness to customer’s needs by repeatedly mentioning the travel card, even after the customer stated that she was not a frequent traveller. It was a bit confusing why she did this considering the customer was already being serviced by the teller. However, in comparison to TD Canada Trust, BMO representative was more clear in outlining those more suitable options. Another related framework is The Pig a metaphor that shows that everyone sees the pig differently, the butcher, the piglet, the farmer, the environmentalist and the store owner, etc. Have a conversation with your senior-level management about the short-term and lifetime value of each of these metrics and be sure to justify the importance of investing towards these objectives.
After the information was finally printed, the teller handed it to the customer but failed to comprehensively outline the most popular credit card options. She did not try to cross-sell or really push any products and did not display much enthusiasm in satisfying customer’s needs.
However, CIBC personnel was enthusiastic to address the customer’s card needs and asked questions.
Again, the customer did not feel that the representative was trying to cross-sell or push the product.
Furthermore, the printed credit card table was partially cut off and in non-legible format (i.e.
The teller offered to make an appointment with a financial advisor, who would assist in the card sign up process. Once customer preferences and needs are identified, the teller would then align their recommendations with the most suitable credit card product. The information given to the customer was quite thorough and the service was very friendly. The teller failed to narrow down the customer’s choices based on the preferences the customer has communicated.
More specifically, the customer has asked teller to circle the 2-3 preferred card offerings for customer to consider at a later point.

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