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If your niche allows you to write one excellent post each month and still make you money then that is excellent but in reality there are millions of blogs battling for dominance and a share of all the traffic. I believe in sending traffic to other posts and helping out my fellow bloggers but if my site was the only one around then I would be raking in the money, but I am not the only site, I am one of millions and every other blog in my niche that makes a commission or a sale dilutes my profits so yes, even though they are good people and my friends they are my competition.
A good competition though, with competition we are forced to up our game and give the best quality and service we can otherwise we lose.  Never underestimate the power of having competition. So you see it is imperative that we create a lasting impression on our readers and give them enough incentives to keep them returning back to our sites. I think I heard you all groan then, you are probably thinking that I mean the type of guest posts that you get offered by email. These writers would go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that they give you a post that would benefit your site and your readers. Once you have built up your site to a point that you can take on other writers then you can take the pressure off of yourself.
Building a business is done in stages; with blogging your first stage is to publish a large quantity of quality content to get noticed and rewarded by Google who will push you up the rankings. Eventually this work will bring you a nice number of monthly visitors which will entice other writers who will happily write for your blog because they want to borrow your traffic. You simply keep an eye on the quality and reject anything that you think is not good enough for your site or your readers.
I have received many emails from writers offering guest posts that have been paid to send traffic to sites they do not own often promoting products like fast payday loans or other such rubbish that could harm your reputation. There are several networks that you can join to find people offering posts to be used on other people’s sites as guest posts. As I write this I hear that Google are thinking of doing a new update penalizing sites that use guest posts on a regular basis. People write an article in exchange for links back to their site and to gain exposure, to Google this is a spam link.
This is all good for you, not only do you now get your site filled up with regular good content from writers you trust but writers who want to build up a following and a brand will promote their posts across their own social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ sending more free traffic to you. Having your own controlled groups and communities can have other added benefits, not only do you find great writers, you make plenty of great friends who will give you great ideas for your business and will often happily share your posts even without you asking. Regular quality content takes time to create and if you wish to create a large quantity of quality content then you will need to think ahead and work out a way to get the content without hurting your head or your finger tips.
Wordpress is a fantastic tool for bloggers and internet marketers who need to make websites fast, the problem with WordPress is that the most basic WordPress Theme does not have a sales page template.
The first sales page I ever made in WordPress required me to upload a separate page template into the Themes folder in the Cpanel part of my website.
The other option is to buy a specialised WordPress Theme like Optimised Press or Premise, these Themes have sales page and squeeze page templates built into them.
They are seriously good Themes but if you decide to change your Theme then you will lose your templates again.
The only real good way of saving your special crafted sales and squeeze pages is to use a plugin. Paper Template is great because this plugins comes pre packed with 50 pre written headlines, 70 plus bullet points with text which are fully editable and some great guarantee boxes and images. This makes building a perfect sales page very easy without the hassle of hiring someone to do the copy for you.
Adding payment options like PayPal buttons and email opt-in forms like those created in Aweber can be added to the page in a very easy 3 step process. Please note, I had to deactivate the CK Editor plugin for this plugin to work properly as it is designed to work with the standard WordPress editor.
The price for this incredible plugin is only $17 which for anyone in the UK is less than £12 which is an incredible price and one rarely seen in the internet marketing industry.
As I am sure you can have already realised, when I learned how cheap it was I bought my own copy and installed it on this site.
If you intend to build sites for clients or eventually sell your own then you need to buy the developer licence. Google Sniper was a bestselling information product that was sold on Clickbank a few years ago that showed you how to create a niche based website in a matter of days and then get it ranked on the first page of Goole for a certain keyword.
The idea was that these websites would sit high in Google’s rankings and pull in free traffic which would be converted into affiliate commissions.
Many Clickbank products had up sells that cost several hundred dollars and as an affiliate you would get a large share of any money made from them as well as the commission from the front end product your website would promote. A simple niche site can cost as little as £60 a year to host, even less if your hosting account allowed unlimited domains and you use that to host several sniper sites. Having several of these sites selling different products each month would make the owners a nice monthly wage. Google decide that it wanted to clean up its search results and reward sites that were constantly growing and evolving with higher rankings and those that were thin on content and untouched were dropped. Google rate growing sites that have lots of regularly added unique quality content and large numbers of visitors, this means that the simple niche sites should no longer get a look in when it comes to the rankings. If Google are now paying attention to these content based sites, is there a way to use their strengths to create simple niche based websites that rank in Google for certain keywords similar to the old Google Sniper system?
The biggest issue you would have when creating subdomain mini niche sites is the room they will take up on your server space.
As far as Google is concerned, each subdomain is classed as a separate website ranking for its own content and keywords giving you the opportunity to create more rank domination.
In the summer of 2011 Google decided that links between subdomains were considered as internal links which gives both the subdomains and the main domain an increased chance of ranking high in Google.
Creating mini sites that are 5 -6 pages deep associated with affiliated products that are actually subdomains and linked to your main site could be a way round the recent Google updates that destroyed many of the Google Sniper sites. The more you do, the more WordPress installations you use and the more content you create will use up disk space so you might need to change your hosting package one day and pay more per month but if you are making affiliate commissions from your subdomains what is a little extra cost?
Once inside you will be given the option to create a subdomain, simply type in the name of your subdomain in the box and hit Create. I am writing this mainly for those who are working from home either in the evenings or weekends trying to build up a business that will one day free them of the day job. What normally happens is this, people sit down to work at home on the computer and within a few minutes they will be checking emails, searching YouTube for videos and texting, myself included. We cannot help but be distracted; it probably has a lot to do with the genetic make-up of humans.
Interestingly the most successful people are often successful because they enjoy the work they do so doing more of it fills their desires for pleasure and enjoyment.
Most of us know that if we totally focused on doing what needs doing then we would probably be done in half the time and then we can relax, have fun and chill.
The pain of working hard and being seriously disciplined can scare us and make us hold back a bit but in the long run, after years of wasting a lot of time, looking back and realising that you could have reached your goal earlier if you had been more focused, more disciplined and more committed which resulted in more free time to enjoy life will hurt even more. We sit down with good intentions of getting as much work done as possible but we are soon distracted, and sadly we often happily allow ourselves to become distracted. If you are an evening blogger or writer it is possible that you will have family around and if you do not have the space in your home to work away from everyone then the chances are you will be in the lounge on the table while the children or the better half is sat watching TV.
It won’t take long before you are soon chatting about what is on the TV or sat at the table staring at the TV yourself. It is only right and fair that you spend time with your loved ones but getting that work done is equally important, after all, if you want or need to change your life or circumstance, then the only way to get different results is to do different things. Make a space in your house away from everyone, even if you have to use a fold away table in the bedroom so you are not distracted. Check your emails if you must, or write it in as part of a plan, do it every other day then leave the other days free to get on with other jobs like producing content.
Create a schedule of what to do each day or evening and stick to it, having a plan and schedule can keep us focused and direct our attention otherwise we will be bumbling around between half jobs and wondering what to do next.
Make sure you do not have Facebook or Twitter open; it is so easy to get into chats and commenting on things that are not relevant. Turn music off, as a lover of music this one is difficult, sometimes music can help me work better and I know many others would say the same. However even chill out music can still have me drifting off into imagined scenes of sun kissed beaches with blue skies and clear seas.
My better half is often right, she tells me to switch it all off completely, turn it all off and work for a few pure undisturbed hours and you will get far more done, especially if you have a plan to follow as soon as you sit down. Newbie bloggers can get distracted with statistics, we all know the importance of getting site visitors and we want to see the amounts increase each week but checking them every 5 or 10 minutes will not help us to be more productive. Ironically, the number of visitors we get would more likely increase if we got more articles and posts written.
I bet if you read back all those comments and answers you will see that they are probably not that important and beneficial to your work anyway making them a waste of your time. I know, as I write this I have ended up in a Facebook chat which I am bringing to a quick end now! You need to develop an anti-social attitude to social media, sounds strange but you must otherwise you will be sat wasting your time playing Zynga games and chatting most nights and when the new year arrives you would be wondering why you are still stuck in the same old rut you are trying to escape from. I thought I would share with you a book that I am currently reading, it is a kind of review however I haven’t yet finished it but I am so far in, fully enjoying it and believe I can give you my opinion and thoughts on it. The book is ‘Day Jobs Suck’ by Patrick Meninga, Patrick is a frugality ninja, which means he lives free not just by earning good money but he also saves money and has created an incredible simple life for himself. Let me first tell you this, Patrick has achieved something many of us want yet never do, he has worked every hour spare to create a website that grew to a point where it was earning $2000 a month in revenue from advertising and he then went on to sell that same site for $200,000 to one of the companies who advertised on the it. He then used that money to create a life free from the restraints and needs of having a day job by investing it wisely. Patrick is an Olympic writer, when he was building up his site he would write several thousand words a day, in one month he created more articles for his blog than most blogs publish in a couple of years!
So back to ‘Day Jobs Suck’ In this book Patrick discusses the difference between being Rich and being Wealthy. A lifestyle inflation is when you get a bigger house, buy a bigger car or start holidaying in bigger more expensive hotels once you start to earn more money. Ideally you would invest that money to create passive income that would free up your time and reduce stresses and strains of modern life.
A wealthy person however is the opposite, they have enough money whether it is incoming each month from passive income or as savings where they can live and enjoy life without the stress of having a day job.
It is an ironic cycle of stupidity, we work hard to earn money so we can afford to slow down and relax! Patrick sets out to show us that without realizing it many of us are actually trapped in a misery of our own making and with conscious decisions we can free ourselves of many of the restraints we have built.
In one chapter he states that he himself cannot go out and buy a Ferrari but he could go the next 3 years without any paid work whatsoever.
Patrick has an incredible way of looking at things which open up your mind in a Zen like manner, he once said that a dollar earned is taxed, but a dollar saved is tax free, or words to that effect and that really got me thinking. It is so true, we can work hard to earn more money so we can buy the things we probably don’t want or need and a lot of the money is then handed over to the Governments. I for one do not agree with the countless billions the UK Government has spent on military actions in Afghanistan or Iraq, working less taxable hours would mean less of my money going to such issues. I remember when I worked in a wood working factory, a work friend called Mark realized that from 7:30 in the morning when we started to our first tea break was pure tax money.
I am really loving this book, it is a breath of fresh air in a world of ‘work hard and make more money’ pressure. I get tired of hearing people say that they do not have a life or can afford to do stuff when they, like Patrick says, go and buy a big house or expensive car only to leave themselves with no spare money.
I have created many problems in my quest to make more money and learn how to earn, I do know that it will pay off because I intend it to, however let me be open with you, I have chained myself up more for which I am now regretting.
One of the things I truly loved when I worked for myself was to sit in my hammock in my garden on a lovely sunny day, listening to some great music and chill in the sun. Not only do I hardly see the sun these days now I have rejoined the day job (to learn how to leave the day job! Interestingly I have created more chains for myself so I could learn to escape them, my regret is that I didn’t know Patrick then and that he hadn’t written this book two years ago!
If you are seriously thinking of escaping the rat race, taking a step back from stress and pressure and want to really live a fun life then I highly recommend this book and I also suggest you get to know Patrick as I am sure you will get a lot from him.
My Internet Marketing Advice site will probably seem from the outside to be very pro blogging and you are right, it is.
If you are wanting to make a few thousand pounds in the next 48 hours I advise you to lower those expectations now, they only happen to seasoned internet marketers who have a huge following of people all hungry for the next get rich quick product that doesn’t work! It certainly won’t happen with blogging, but in the future it is possible you could be making $40k+ a month from blogging like Pat Flynn does… So why should you focus your attentions on blogging? Before you rush out and start blogging I would advise you to take into consideration these few things.
Now I am not one to feed you bullshit or blow smoke up your arse, blogging is a full time business and can be a lot of hard work.
So, if after my advice you decide to try out blogging for yourself, and why wouldn’t you?
It is possible to become successful in a niche or industry you know nothing about but it is a lot of hard work and very rare that you will succeed unless you build your blog like a property developer, investing money into it by getting other people to do the necessary work like writing content and building the site.
The easiest and cheapest method is to do most of the work yourself at the beginning and for that you will need to create a blog that covers a topic you love. It is important that you choose something that you love, in turn; doing what you love will soon grow into loving what you do. Take music as an example, let’s say you love Hip Hop, everyday you listen to Rap and Hip Hop music, you watch Hip Hop shows and music channels, you know a lot about the history of Hip Hop like the graffiti and break dancing that was associated with it in the 1980s and the people who started it all in and around New York. Also in your spare time you make your own Hip Hop music on your computer, you buy and sell old Hip Hop vinyl and design your own street clothing, everyday you eat, breathe and sleep Hip Hop. Building the blog on Opera would probably have a strong fast start but after a week or two of researching for information to write in posts, sitting and listening to loads of YouTube videos to share on your site and finding it hard to like and differentiate between what is good or bad because as far as you are concerned it is all bad, your motivation and enjoyment will be so low you would find excuses to do other things!
With the Hip Hop blog, expressing an opinion on new releases would be second nature to you so writing a few new reviews on music would be enjoyable and done without any self pushing required.
You see if you do a blog on a niche that you love, you add more content to the site and focus more of your time and energy on the site, it cannot do anything but grow. Even if the niche you have chosen has less money in the market than other niches, you will make more because of the size and reputation your blog has got from the attention and love you have spent on it. A fully working Hip Hop blog with a growing fan base will always make more than a semi derelict Opera blog that has the occasional passer by popping in and then running away fast because there is very little for them to read.
With there being over 7 billion people living on planet Earth with well over 500 million of them living in the 5 main English speaking nations and not forgetting all those around the world who speak English as a second language, you will find that there are a lot of people who will have access to the internet and be interested in your niche whatever you choose.
If the niche is a popular one with a lot of competition that doesn’t mean you will fail or that you should not build your own blog in that niche. I am amazed at how many Internet Marketing Guru’s that I have never heard about when I talk to other people in the industry.
Fans will go to conventions; they will dress up to look like their idols or passions no matter how daft they look. Just because a competitors blogsite has thousands of monthly visitors doesn’t mean that those visitors will not come to your site regularly. It is your job to fill your blog with a lot of quality content that is better than your competitors so that your site visitors return more and more and eventually favour your site over your competitors. So before you go rushing out to start blogging thinking you are going to make millions, you need to sit down with your new best friend a note pad and paper and write down all the things that you love, things you enjoying doing, things you know a lot about and even things that you want to get involved in but haven’t yet started. As long as you have a strong interest and passion in the subject matter with a fair amount of knowledge then you are in a stronger position to build a successful blog that could make you the money you need to become both time and financially free. You will have noticed that most websites you visit these days have some form of advertising  placed somewhere on the site, many have their whole site drench in advertising making you wonder if they actually have any returning readers! It is well known that too much advertising and little or no content is bad for a blog in the eyes of both the visitor and Google yet having advertising on your blog is still one of the best things to do. Newcomers to the blogging world hear of Google AdSense and give that a whirl hoping to generate money from a few clicks or impressions.
Private advertising however will leave the site owner with a nice chunk of cash each month that they know they are going to get without relying on their visitors having to do anything like clicking on adverts to generate earnings. If the companies who have placed their advertising on a site are happy with the results they are getting they might advertise on a longer continuing basis meaning a nice continuous chunk of cash each month for the site owner. The ads that are shown on sites are not just random they are matched up as best as possible to the content of the site. The website owner gets a percentage of the money the advertiser pays Google when the advert is either clicked or hit a certain number of impressions on that website. This incredible system prompted people to create niche specific sites specifically designed for Google AdSense.
Google tried to cut down on the amount of ads that were shown on sites and force sites to improve their quality to give the visitors a better experience, after all they want to put their ads on quality sites, that was what the network was designed for after all. The problem with Google AdSense is that what you earn each month can vary a lot as it depends on the action of the sites visitors, where as with private advertising as long as you have a steady number of visitors and the advertiser is happy you will still get paid each month.
For the newbie blogger only starting out Google AdSense is a good start, you might earn a few £$ to help pay towards your running costs and maybe make a bit of profit while you build up your sites visitor numbers up to a point where you can start to sell advertising space to people for a premium rate. Remember networks charge a commission so big sites often charge more via networks to pull back some of the lost money. When your site starts to get a nice amount of monthly visitors you can charge a premium amount for your advertising spaces.
The next time you are surfing the web, take a look at the sites you visit and see if they have any private adverts, maybe even send them an email asking how much they charge, you might be amazed to see that some of the smaller sites with very little traffic earn enough each month to cover all the running costs and make a nice profit on top. This method can convert better than most of the banner ads you see on sites, people have gotten so used to seeing adverts that they have what is commonly called ‘banner blindness’ not only that but people believe most banners are dodgy. This method has become very popular with the stay at home mothers and fathers who became bloggers and is very popular with internet marketing forum owners and YouTube channel owners.
Bloggers would write about things they used, whatever the niche they were involved in they would review a product that they used and really liked. Companies noticed these bloggers mentioning their products in a positive light and giving them recommendations and started to send free products and stuff out to the bloggers. Now reviewing products is so powerful that many affiliate marketers started to create what become known as Google Sniper sites, named after George Brown’s hugely successful Google Sniper product. These reviews are written in a way to give an honest and balanced view of the product explaining the positives of the product and with some negative aspects of the product. Genuine reviews are you recommending a product or tool that you use and like to people who like and trust you, if you have that relationship then you have the power to influence people to buy. Un-boxing is a video phenomenon where brand new products like iPads, notebooks and other electronic items are unboxed live in front of a camera, switched on and gone through all the workings and software that is on the product. These YouTube channels will have affiliate links in the video description box so the viewer can click straight through to buy it from places like Amazon. If you want a more honest and less pressurised way of making money online then the review and un boxing method is probably for you. There’s no better way for bonding and building trust than finding opportunities to meet your prospective clients face-to-face, letting them know that you’re a real person … not a post card … not a voice message. There are number of “shares” I’ve been contemplating for what remains of my 12 Days of Christmas post series, but last night while reading a post by my friend Scott Hudspeth, wherein he shared a video from TedX San Francisco, I found today’s.
How many times have you heard the Twelve Days of Christmas during the holiday season?  It’s one of the holiday standards … just like writing good copy for your real estate listing is a standard for top real estate professionals. I follow Photography for Real Estate, regularly; and this past Friday, Larry Lohrman (hat tip) wrote a brief post about a recent real estate video that had been mentioned in one of his flickr groups. So it was with great interest that I read the responses to Tech Savvy Agent’s Facebook Page request, back on May 26th. Please note that the question asked was “Name the one …”, not name the top 11 reasons.  Nonetheless, out of 56 responses only 6 respondents listed a technology solution or tool as the “… ONE thing” they attributed to their real estate success.
Rich teaches Constitutional Law, Constitutional Litigation, Civil Liberties, and Jurisprudence. Pierce received a law degree from Washburn University School of Law in 1977 and a master of laws from University of Utah College of Law in 1982.
After receiving a law degree from the University of Kansas School of Law, Concannon served as a law clerk in the Office of the Kansas Attorney General and the Office of the Kansas Insurance Commissioner and as a research attorney for Justice Alex Fromme of the Kansas Supreme Court.
Westbrook's teaching and research focus on financial, international, and transactional subjects.
The article asserts that with nearly every phone call, text, Facebook post, and store purchase humans are adding to huge databases containing their personal information. The couple became pregnant without using the services of a licensed physician; they separated after giving birth to a girl three years ago. In the January 2, 2013 Washington Post article "-->Kansas sperm donor fighting effort by the state to make him pay child support," Elrod "said the law seems clear: Sperm donors who don't want to be held liable for child support need to work with a doctor. Professor Glashausser said "The president would simply announce that Congress had created a 'Catch-22' situation requiring him to both borrow and not borrow the money." The President would take the position that the appropriation bills amount to an implicit repeal of the debt ceiling because newer law trumps older law.
Powell, of Wichita, currently serves as a Judge for the Sedgwick County District Court and was first elected in 2002. Schroeder, of Hugoton, began his practice in rural southwest Kansas and has served as a district court judge for the 26th Judicial District since 1999. Some donors had their children write messages to the intended recipient child or donated multiple items that were to be kept together for one child that were themed, such as school supplies or art. After a fun day of packing and preparing the boxes with labels, they were delivered to a local collection center. This Article bridges a gap in existing literature by evaluating, from an empirical perspective, the impact of conflict among the lower courts on the Supreme Court’s decision to grant or deny a petition for a writ of certiorari. The case involved same-sex partners who had entered into an agreement to coparent children who were conceived by artificial insemination and born to one of the partners.
The Kansas Supreme Court issued its opinion in this case on Friday, February 22, 2013, including mention of the Center's brief. The decision upheld the right of a same-sex nonbiological partner to continue parenting the two children born to the relationship.
The case was returned to the district court to hear evidence pertaining to the best interests of the children and reconsider matters of visitation time.
Professor Rory Bahadur has been selected the National Academic Curriculum Consultant by the Council on Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO), a division of the American Bar Association. The CLEO program seeks to expand legal education opportunities to minority, low-income, and disadvantaged groups. Advancing again this year to at least the quarter-final round, the team lost on a split-decision to the University of Montana. Graeme Austin is chair of private law at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, and professor of law at Melbourne University Law School, Australia.
On February 13, 2013, at the end of its two‐day event, KCSDV held its 10th Annual Safe Homes Safe Streets Benefit Reception at the Topeka Performing Arts Center. Becky Price, of KCSDV, was grateful that Washburn Law students volunteered and was excited that the dinner helped to educate so many on the important work that KCSDV does. The Kansas Association for Justice established an award in remembrance of Raymond Spring, '59, former professor and dean of the law school.
Amy currently represents clients through her general practice office in Tonganoxie, Kansas. While surveys show a majority of Americans are sympathetic to this young man's situation and would be in favor of some form of immigration relief for the Dreamers, Congress has not approved legislation to revise the immigration code.
Having graduated from high school or obtained a GED, being in school or a GED program now, or being honorably discharged from military service in the U.S. Not having a felony conviction, significant misdemeanor, or three or more misdemeanors and not posing a threat to national security.
Interns in the Law Clinic help clients gather documentation to prove the elements of their case and file all of the necessary forms for deferred action. Washburn University School of Law's Legal Analysis, Research, and Writing Program is ranked 11th among all law schools in the U.S.
From its inception, the strength of Washburn Law's LARW program has been its commitment by faculty to provide integrated skills education essential in producing competent, practice-ready graduates committed to serving their clients, the legal profession and society at large. Washburn Law legal writing professors regularly teach a seminar session in the Washburn Law Clinic, helping students to make a smooth transition between classroom and practice, and our legal writing students regularly observe oral arguments before state and federal appellate courts. Washburn Law was named a top law library, ranked at #19, in the National Jurist's list of Great Law Libraries.
Washburn Law is one of the nation's most outstanding law schools, according to The Princeton Review. Washburn Law has offered one of the most extensive oil and gas law curricula in the nation and is recognized as a premier learning institution with a focus on oil and gas law.
The oil and gas industry has been a significant part of the Kansas economy since the early 1900s, and oil and gas law continues to be a major area of practice in Kansas and throughout the world.
Many of the significant scholarly resources used in the practice and teaching of oil and gas law are associated with Washburn.
As Professor Glashausser explains, however, the text, context, and drafting history of the Extension Clause reveal the fallacy of those conventional justifications.
As the many Native American nations gamer economic strength and come into increasing contact with state and local forums, so do the chances that those forums will come face to face with questions of tribal law. It may be possible for tribal courts to gain some of the advantages and ameliorate some of the dangers by entering into a variety of cooperative arrangements with state courts.
The purpose of this article is to bring together the various options for tribal and state court cooperation for the analysis of tribal law questions.
Those were the powerful words spoken to me the first day I was hired, and this analogy sums up very succinctly the role of quality assurance within a company. There is a well-known saying within QA professional circles that states the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of meeting the schedule has been forgotten. If you don’t like unit testing your product, most likely your customers won’t like to test it either. Take the time to genuinely wrap your mind around what you are testing, as well as what might be the future implementations. An informational website, a music streaming app, and an eCommerce platform are fundamentally different products. From test cases to checklist, it is of dire importance to track what was tested, what needs to be tested, what portions had issues, what needs to be regressed, what needs to be re-tested, etc. Technology powering email marketing has advanced in recent years and marketers have simultaneously improved their skills. Studies suggest Internet shoppers are frustrated by irrelevant ads and marketing campaigns. Sending email blasts – one universal email newsletter to all your subscribers – should be avoided. The scenario above is but one ideal situation with email for ecommerce, but how do you achieve it? Leveraging past behavior of subscribers is an excellent way to encourage visits and purchases. Great creative with the ways your ecommerce store can use – and profit from – email marketing. Shipping confirmations should provide all details required to track arrival of the shipment. Email marketing is just one channel by which ecommerce retailers can connect with customers and maximize profit in the process.
Deschutes is the undisputed “powerhouse of pour” in the Pearl District and a titan in the Oregon brewing industry.
It is a place where the barstools are always warm, because they are always occupied (good luck snagging one for yourself).
Deschutes wears its crown proudly, perhaps unaware that it simultaneously wears another crown to which its loyal legion of followers might be entirely unaware: Deschutes has the best website of any brewery in Portland. Elegant design: While it remains true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are also features (in the web design world) that are considered universally beautiful.
We commend you, Deschutes Brewery, for being equally as adept at crafting a website as you are at crafting beer. Creating an effective visual identity for your business – from logo to letterhead to your online presence – is something that requires (and deserves) a tremendous amount of forethought.
A marketing plan helps solidify the objectives of a company by identifying a clear understanding of both your products and potential customers. A successful marketing plan will showcase a deep understanding of what your company offers, how they offer it (and where, to whom, etc.), and will demonstrate clear insight of your particular place in the market, as well as details about your customer base and why they make the decision that they do. In order to know why your customer might choose your business, you have to have a crystal clear understanding of your product – and your competition.
Once you deeply understand your product and place in the market, you will then be able to lay down plans to move forward in a realistic and effective way. After you identify who your customer is and what their existing buying habits are, you must decide what it is to say to them.
For now, these changes only affect queries that are deemed “highly commercial.” However, it is an incredibly safe bet to assume that all queries will eventually join rank.
Simply put - Google wants to make money and these changes are the subterfuge to enhance that effort. Perhaps less obviously, the elimination of ads from the right-hand column means there will be no more moral victories for advertisers who are outbid by their competitors. It’s not a secret to say that technical writing can be dry for both the writer and the reader. So what can you do when your subject matter, product, or service lives in the technical realm? A general rule in marketing copywriting is that the more words there are, the fewer of them will be read. When you fully believe in your product and services, that fact will be communicated in all of your content, from technical white papers to consumer-focused headlines.
Research – Whether you’re writing for a technical audience or consumer audience, you have to start with research. Walk Away - After you have compiled and studied your research, walk away and do something unrelated to your writing project. Set A Time To Write – Scheduling a time to write seems simple enough, but when your brain is faced with a task you’re not used to, or a task that may seem a bit amorphous, it likes to procrastinate. Don’t Get Stuck On The First Sentence – Staring at a blank page is incredibly intimidating, even for seasoned writers.

Nothing Is Forever – To build off the last point, it’s important that you get your thoughts down on paper, even if they are just pieces and not completed, final copy. Content Management Systems (CMSs) are web software systems that make programming and building a website easy.
Drupal 8 is a major rewrite of the code-base, and built on Symfony, a well-maintained PHP framework. ExpressionEngine 3 is a significant update, but requires only minor updates for the add-ons to the take advantage of the new features. The ExpressionEngine developers have decoupled much of its code base from its foundational framework “CodeIgniter.” By doing so, it is growing up and using more efficient framework – less “straight-forward” PHP. Think of the difference between ExpressionEngine 3 and Drupal 8 as the difference between an 18-wheeler and a utility pick-up truck. There is a relatively unknown tool that helps to amplify the success of these ads even further, yet I very rarely see advertisers utilizing it.
I am referring to the “countdown” function available in AdWords, which allows advertisers to dynamically display a custom countdown within ads. These custom-built countdowns automatically update once daily, thereby (presumably) creating urgency behind the upcoming end date of a sale or another significant event.
The tone, or “voice,” of your advertising is, to paraphrase many of our parents, not what you say, but how you say it. Marketing - the essential component of a company’s relationship with people or brands before they become customers (or leads).
Automation - the use of tools within a system to send personalized, targeted messages across multiple channels in an efficient and scalable fashion.
Based on our exploration of the two words it is easy to see that marketing automation is a comprehensive solution. Message Tailoring: target prospects based on the actions they’ve performed on your website. Customer Segmentation: group, or segment prospective customers by their interests, behavior, and sometimes, even demographics. Communication Consistency: uniform, optimized, on-brand delivery of any marketing messages or communication across all channels and touch points. Actionable Insight: detailed reporting on each campaign or channel to allow for for easily digestible data, statistics, or graphs to further improve future marketing efforts.
It should be pointed out just how hard it would be to generate and maintain a truly effective marketing campaign for a high volume of contacts. This ability for targeted messaging is radically different from traditional email marketing blasts. In direct contrast to plain email marketing blasts, marketing automation leverages behavioral-based targeting and communication. A word of caution…the value and success of any marketing automation implementation is relative to your business’ needs.
Otherwise the outcome of a successful implementation will result in an increased operational efficiency and reaction to prospects’ behavior and communication when they are ready, increases in revenue, and predictable activities and accurate sales forecasting. Doing so eliminates three entire steps from the knowledge-seeking process: 1) Scanning the results and deciding which website to click. However, in the efficiency-focused eyes of Google, every step is a burden regardless of how deeply its roots are planted in the process. Google has immediately answered my question, thereby preventing me from engaging in the cumbersome process of clicking on a website (or various websites) to locate the same information.
The real challenge is attempting to understand more complex queries, which has become Google’s central theme and predominant goal of 2016. For example, Google also understands the slightly more complex query “what year was Portland founded?” and once again answers my question directly within the SERP. In this case, Google is displaying an entire paragraph of information from a website that it deems an authority on the subject. Google has confirmed publicly that it recently launched an entirely new artificial intelligence system called “RankBrain” to assist with the process of determining rankings.
RankBrain is a self-teaching artificial intelligence system that converts language into mathematical entities.
It is safe to assume the RankBrain system will evolve significantly over time, much like the PageRank system has evolved since 1998.
Of course, there are countless other “less significant” trends that will affect Google and other search engines in 2016, which I will cover in my next blog.
However, there is a frequent misconception regarding the process as well as what proper content marketing actually entails. Very simply, the primary objective is to transform all of your content into something that is unique and therefore memorable. The goal behind crafting your uniqueness is to attract views that result in links and shares, which consequently will attract new viewers and simultaneously improve your SEO.
Unfortunately, the above scenario is not likely for most businesses, especially when the topics pertinent to their industry are inherently dry. Obviously, most of these tasks fall into the category of “easier said than done.” But there’s no crying in content marketing, and nobody promised you that domination of the internet would materialize with ease. However, many times businesses are so close to their own products and industry that it becomes difficult to decipher which information is important, relevant, or understandable to your audience. It sounds very basic, but many times businesses have not defined their specific marketing audience. You shouldn’t create your marketing copy in a vacuum, but writing by committee is the fastest way to denude your materials of any and all efficacy.
Before touching any web-building application, you first need to clearly define your website’s main purpose or objective. A great way to determine the importance of what elements are found on a specific page is to simply rank them.
The first thing that you are introduced to is a promo for clearance items from designer names.
Before scrolling for more content, the eyes circle back up to see the Nordstrom logo, as well as another small ad-strip for shopping gift cards. If the website being designed is information-heavy, it is beneficial to present the information in such a way that the user will be able to find information quickly, read through the content easily, then process it. If the website is more image-based, make sure the imagery being utilized is of high quality (no 20x20px photos blown up 5x its size, please).
Simply put, “gestalt” is a German term most commonly used in psychology that means “unified whole.” You may have heard of the phrase, “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”. Clarity - Clarity among elements on a page means that every piece should have a clear purpose for its presence on the page as well as its positioning. You may have heard about responsive design, because the thinking has been around for a while now. Have you ever tried finding a specific destination without any directions whatsoever on how to arrive there? There are no extra bells and whistles on their search page, unlike other search engines like Bing or Yahoo.
First and foremost, before any design work is started, you must know the website’s main purpose, objective, and its end-users.
Last month, a couple of us from GRAYBOX took a flight down to San Antonio to attend the 2015 ExpressionEngine Conference. Although they chose not to use a common framework such as Bootstrap, Foundation or Skeleton, their home-rolled framework is similar to many of the frameworks on the web these days - responsive, grid-based and consistent.
The spam module comes with a database of ham and spam values, and is configurable to work with your content because spam on one site is not the same as spam on another.
Unlike developer hooks, the Event Service is a broadcast of an event during the functional operation of an add-on, but closer to the code level without the need for an installation of a developer hook record in exp_extensions, or with the overhead of the extension settings. The update to ExpressionEngine is solid, and keeps the core functionality in tact, while upgrading many of the lagging features that had needed some attention over the years.
Anne Godfrey was appointed Chief Executive of CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing) in August 2012.
As Chief Executive of CIM, I lead a team of 192 staff based on a seven acre campus in Berkshire.
At CIM, we take a broad view of diversity, which we believe is not only the right thing to do but which also delivers value to the bottom line. Ia€™d give the same advice to women as Ia€™d give to men, and that is to take both your personal and professional development seriously. After a challenging few years CIM has just celebrated another successful year with a new brand position and visual identity that better suits our role in the 21st century.
If you write an incredible post readers will want to come back and read more, due to time constraints they might only be able to read one post a day so they return another day to read more but if they see the same post on your front page they will leave.
The only real answer is to produce more top quality posts and publish them on a regular basis.
Just this week I have written over 5 and some of them were seriously long posts and believe me they took some work.
We need the traffic; we need it in large numbers so that we can charge premium rates for our private advertising and so we have a greater opportunity to be able to sell more than one or two products per month. No far from it, I am saying that you should open your site up to good writers who write posts that match yours in quality.
Writers can create content that you schedule to go out at specific times leaving you to focus on the other important jobs that building a successful  online business entails like sharing content on social media, blog commenting, WordPress maintenance and advertising. You create a network of readers and become recognised in your niche by commenting on other blogs and doing guest postings.
If you posted every day then you could get six writers who could write one post each week, leaving you to write one a week if you wanted to then that is your full weeks content taken care of. Google do not like links that are gained unethically, in their opinion, doing something in exchange for a link or two back to their site is unethical. Many will say yes, after all they get to promote their name and website in front of your traffic as well as get a link back to their sites. If not, occasionally asking the group nicely would have your posts shared to thousands more people within a matter of minutes.
I hope that I have given you some new ideas for generating posts for your site and help build up your blogging business.
This was a big faff, if I decided to change my WordPress Theme, I would need to upload the template into the files of each Theme I used.
You shouldn’t need to change Themes if you have found one you like but every now and again you might want to give your site a fresher new look.
I believe other editor plugins like TinyMCE will also need to be deactivated, however for me it wasn’t an issue as I hardly use any of the other tools you get when using the CK Editor. This is incredible value for money, when you also consider that you can use it on unlimited amount of personal sites and you get lifetime access to a members area where you can watch excellent training videos and see what other excellent plugins the developers have available to buy at incredible prices. Selling just one or two products a month would make a lot more than what you would pay out annually for the websites. This was to give internet users a better experience and give them the quality information they needed. It has nothing to do with the posts on the main site but because it is a sub domain it can benefit from the strength that the main site has. Your main site and several subdomains could in theory end up on the same Google page squeezing out the competition. Because subdomains can be optimised for their own products and keywords search engines will give each subdomain the priority it requires. Making sure your install it to the subdomain and not accidentally write over your main domain, but I know you know how to do that. Some people write long winded posts giving as many ideas as possible but in truth the real way to increase productivity at work is get rid of all distraction.
In reality for most of us four hours of work can be reduced to one or two pure focused hours leaving you more time to relax and chill, or do more work, whatever you want to spend your time on.
Whatever your time scale is, it could be hours, days, weeks or even years, the more we do undistracted and with complete focus, the faster we will get to what it is we want. JK Rowling is an author and multi-millionaire because she wrote books, if she sat on a sofa eating crisps every night watching TV wanting to be an author then she would not be an author or wealthy. Discipline is important but interestingly the discipline needed will actually make your life easier, and you will get more done in the long run. Do that in your chill time unless it is your business account and that is what you have scheduled for the hour. If you add up the time spent checking on site statistics and social media comments you will probably find that over a week you would have wasted the amount of time needed to write 1 or 2 great posts. I needed to thank someone for sharing a post and then out of nowhere he replied with questions… Aggrrr. Now you might suddenly start to panic and think that means he is living like a monk and has no form of technology in the house but you should stop now because you would be wrong. For a bit of extra pocket money and to cover small monthly costs Patrick spends a bit of time doing some freelance writing for clients one of which are the new owners of his old site.
He has written several eBooks and recently published his first on Amazon Kindle store which is the one I am reading now. Rich is where you work hard to earn a lot of money but you are still a consumer trapped in the work-spend cycle so you spend more of your earnings going through a Lifestyle Inflation.
A rich person may play hard but they work hard and without realizing it they create a life where the harder they play the harder they have to work. A wealthy person will relax in the sun more on a day to day basis than the rich person who pays through the nose to go to a sunny country to relax.
I won’t get too political but if you are like me, there will be plenty of things our Governments spend money on that we don’t agree with. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for people working hard and getting results, I am all for people earning money if they need it. It was free and I was able to do it regularly but since I chased this dream and went to work for a top UK marketer I had to move away, rent out my house, live in a small and expensive apartment with no garden, surrounded with trees.
How ironic) I haven’t sat in my hammock out in the fresh air and sun for nearly two years now. After all, I know you want a long lasting respectful business that keeps on generating money, isn’t that right?
It can be set up so that you eventually streamline the job down to working only a few hours each week and get back maximum returns. This can be a very expensive method, if you do not have the funds then stay well away from it. Something you eat, breathe and sleep, when you know a lot about something then you can write about it more. You would be easily distracted and the blog will not grow because you are not adding new content to it or maintaining it. Searching for information and YouTube videos of the best old and new school Hip Hop would not seem like work but instead would be a pleasure. We humans are pleasure seekers, we love pleasure, we love doing what we enjoy, and we will do more of what we enjoy. There are so many people who love your chosen niche that not all of them will know about your competition and many of them do not stick to just the one site. Many fans will buy different books or CDs even if they are full of the same pictures and songs that they already have, they just wanted to buy the other version because this is what fans do.
Loving something and knowing a lot about something doesn’t mean that you do it everyday. When you have a good  amount of monthly visitors to your blog having some advertising can not only help to pay for the costs associated with running a blog but can also earn you a nice chunk of extra revenue each month. Google AdSense can fluctuate each month depending on the amount of clicks or impressions each ad receives. If a clear match cannot be made then they will put up some standard adverts but Google do try not to throw up any ads that will clash with the site content.
The websites were often filled with semi vague information which would often leave the site visitor needing to click on the surrounding ads to get more information resulting in making money for the site owner. This method works on the power of recommendations, stop and think about it, when a good close friend recommends a restaurant to you what do you do? This review and recommendation would increase sales of that product; if the blog had a big reader base then the review could have a big impact on the sales and recognition of the brand. These sites would then have a review of the product as the main article and several other articles and videos that were related to the product. Now this isn’t about abusing your power but being genuine and recommending products that you use and think are good. an honest and balanced view of the product explaining the positives of the product and with some negative aspects of the product.
These videos are a great way of making commissions without the hard sell because all you do is show what the item does and do a simple honest review. Remember, there is no limit to the amount of things you can review or how many reviews you write and share on countless websites. He received a law degree from the University of California at Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law in 1975. He began his legal career as a solo general practitioner in Neodesha, Kan., and worked as city attorney for Cherryvale, Kansas. Dean Romig indicated that instructors at Washburn Law explain to first-year students how Facebook entries posted years ago could come back to haunt them in Internet searches done by future employers or clients. In the future, drones flying overhead on routine traffic patrols may pick up something in a person's backyard that looks illegal; would this information be admissible in court?
The birth mother sought and received assistance from the State of Kansas when the non-birth mother became unable to work because of an illness. Other than that, the general rule is strict liability for sperm." Elrod also provided comments to Kansas First News for their -->January 3, 2013 report-->.
The Children and Family Law Center and the five student organizations originally set a goal of ten boxes but as donations poured in, it became apparent that more boxes would be filled. Professor Elrod kindly donated multiple plastic containers which were used in lieu of a standard cardboard shoebox. The volunteers there packed the shoeboxes into larger cardboard boxes which were taken by box truck so they could be shipped from the distribution center. Specifically, this Article looks at the political ideology of the lower courts involved in a split of authority on federal law and compares those positions to the political ideology of the Supreme Court itself.
Following the couple's breakup, joint custody was granted to the non-biological parent; the biological parent argued her parental rights were violated when the district court awarded parenting time to the ex-partner. In role as consultant, Professor Bahadur will be assisting CLEO with program development and oversee all of CLEO's programming for entering and first-year law students. Hatcher, Marissa Frederick, Kaitlin Marsh, Megan Williams, and 1L support-member Norah Avellan. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss how the New Zealand tribunal's decision affects the debate about intellectual property protection in the context of indigenous societies. He is co-author, with Professor Laurence Helfer (Duke University School of Law) of "Human Rights and Intellectual Property: Mapping the Global Interface," (Cambridge University Press). The event provides an opportunity for community members, legislators, and professionals to become more informed about the prevalence of sexual and domestic violence.
In one case, Amy worked long hours on a post-conviction petition that remained pending beyond her clinic semester.
On June 15, 2012, President Obama issued a controversial administrative policy allowing Dreamers to apply for deferred action. As one can imagine, it is not always easy to come up with an actual document to prove you have been in the United States every month since 2007 or even that you were actually here on the exact day of June 15, 2012.
Our clients are grateful for the representation as they navigate an immigration system that can be very intimidating to someone who must come forward and openly reveal his undocumented status. Our full-time LARW professors co-direct the first-year program and are members of the Association of Legal Writing Directors (ALWD) and the Legal Writing Institute (LWI).
The education service company features the school in the 2012 edition of its book, The Best 167 Law Schools. Creating the Oil and Gas Law Center will provide a structure for the existing oil and gas curricula and reflects Washburn's institutional commitment to these programs.
The Center structure will allow Washburn Law to more effectively attract students, obtain grants and other financial support for Center programs, and attract alumni and other oil and gas lawyers to assist with the Center's educational mission. Pierce is the author of the Kansas Oil and Gas Handbook, a co-author of the West casebook Cases and Materials on Oil and Gas Law, and the West hornbook Hemingway Oil and Gas Law and Taxation.
Legislators have repeatedly introduced bills seeking to prevent the Court from hearing cases on politically charged topics such as marriage, religion, and abortion. Just as other constitutional provisions guarantee the jurisprudential independence of federal judges so that they can do their jobs without fear of reprisal, the Extension Clause prevents Congress from taking certain cases away from the Supreme Court and thus secures the Court’s jurisdictional independence. The challenges posed by an AngloAmerican court answering questions of tribal law present both danger and opportunity.
In an arrangement of true parity, these options may also provide avenues for tribal courts to obtain assistance in answering important questions of state law in tribal court cases. Professor Kowalski further concludes that each option has costs and benefits, and that individual tribal nations must each undertake their own cost benefit analyses to determine which action - or none at all - is the most likely to benefit tribal sovereignty and institutions based on their goals, history, relationships with state and local entities, and even relationships between individual leaders in the state and tribal justice systems.
Sometimes the scope can be paradoxical - a small change might affect many more components than what is visible to the end user. Try to analyze your email list with your unique content in mind and try to decide what groups of subscribers you have and what they want to buy and not what you want to sell them. To begin with you must have the ability to see how your subscribers interact with your newsletter – do they open it, which link(s) do they click, and so on. If you have customers who’ve made purchases before, send them relevant follow-up information.
When they leave without doing so, you must send them an email reminding them to come back to complete the sale. It is frequently regarded as the busiest and most visitor-friendly of the 61 breweries in Portland, owing primarily to its elite location along the streetcar line only a few puddle-jumps away from the heart of downtown.
Deschutes is runway ready with its sleek and responsive design, dynamic imagery, and simple but streamlined color scheme. Color palettes, design elements, photo usage, fonts, graphics, and dozens of other visual elements all come into play, not just with the materials you have in place now, but in the future as media needs change and evolve. A good marketing plan will also highlight the successful aspects of your business and products, but also shine a light on areas of weakness and opportunity that may need more attention.
You need to be able to boil down both your business and its product offerings into simple, clear, direct statements that will serve as the overview and drive for all of your marketing efforts.
Identifying your customer base and potential customer base is more than just identifying a demographic.
Each individual marketing project needs to have own focus, its own purpose, and its own plan.
Each marketing project may have different calls to action, and each should be measured according to its own standards. Notwithstanding other events, this news alone was the equivalent of a 9.0 earthquake in the eyes of seasoned AdWords advertisers.
The answer, as always, is that Google has identified a pathway for increasing revenue that can simultaneously (and somewhat reasonably) be spun under the crafty illusion of creating a better user experience. By displaying four ads at the top of the screen instead of three, Google significantly increases the odds that an ad will be clicked. Cleaner pages, fewer total ads above the fold, etc., are the common arguments in its defense. After all, it’s heavy on specs, data, and other seemingly impenetrable subject matters, making it difficult to feel excitement or a connection to the audience or topic. When you’re intimately aware of your customers’ needs, you will be able to create content that speaks to them effectively and efficiently, and in a way that is meaningful to them.
While fancy marketing bells and whistles do attract attention, they often attract attention away from the actual product. On the one hand, it seems simple enough – after all, we use words to communicate all day long. Our brains like to percolate new information and chew on it in the background, which gives it time to form a plan.
Scheduling a time to write gives your brain a set parameter to start focusing the information it has digested, and will force you to sit down, get it done, and avoid distractions. Getting that first sentence out is difficult, and you may find you spend the majority of your time getting over that first stumbling block. When you build a puzzle, you need to get all the pieces on the table, and then you move them around until your picture is complete. While at first glance many CMSs seem similar, there are differences between them, and knowing which one is right for your project can be a bit overwhelming.
Because it is much more “standards based” than ExpressionEngine 3, any PHP developer familiar with Symfony will have an easy learning curve. Although it technically has a license fee of $300, the cost of building an ExpressionEngine site is generally lower, as it doesn’t require as much work to get the site up and running.
EE3 is much easier to get going on smaller projects, but can be easily scaled to architect much more complex features, and as a general rule EE developers are going to be cheaper than Drupal developers.
The pick-up truck is usually the easiest and most useful for the vast majority of people, but the 18-wheeler is designed to be used for enterprise work and would be overkill for most.
This conversation can take many forms and have many different end goals, but it all boils down to your business talking to your customers (and potential customers). It is distilling your company’s vision and values into a set “personality” – whether that personality be a serious voice of authority and professionalism for a law firm, or a whimsical and fun tone for a toy shop. It will tell your audience everything they need to know about your company – who you are, how you conduct your business, how you view your customers, and more.
A simple way is to compile a list of “character traits” your business would have if it were a person. It will define who your business is to people who may have no other knowledge or interaction with it. Part of the issue is the name; it is not as easy to say as paid search, it is not as ubiquitous as SEO, and the ‘automation’ turns some people off immediately. For some companies, especially the ones that have larger potential customer base, the possibility of maintaining constant interaction with each and every person is quite overwhelming.
When used properly, marketing automation can all but guarantee that prospective customers receive narrowly targeted, highly relevant, marketing messages at exactly the correct time. Basic email delivery services frequently are only able to send non-targeted email “blasts” to a large group of recipients in a one-to-many fashion.
Using marketing automation, a company can automatically send a new prospect just starting their online research some high-level information that is relevant to their exact topic. Thus, if your content marketing isn’t working, then marketing automation will not provide the desired fix.
However, unlike the previous examples, the specific answer that I desire is not “front and center”. RankBrain does not replace the Hummingbird algorithm that launched in August 2013, but rather exists as an addendum within it to help process highly advanced and highly ambiguous queries.
It is a safe to assume that PageRank, ever-evolving system that evaluates the volume and the quality of links pointing to your website, is also a top-3 factor.
Consequently when RankBrain encounters a word or a long-tail phrase that it fails to recognize, its self-teaching system makes an educated guess as to what words and phrases have similar meanings based on its formulas, then ranks websites accordingly. However, because RankBrain launched less than 100 days ago, its evolutionary curve is likely to be sharp in the coming months. However, for the sake of conciseness, it is a fair summary to state that “informational SERPs” and RankBrain will dominate the SEO landscape in 2016. Too often businesses rely on intermittently publishing the occasional blog or sporadically engaging on social media. In a heartless world where attention spans are minimal and competition is fierce, one must deliver all content with an eye toward standing apart from the crowd. Every link or share that is generated could also potentially result in yet another link or share, thereby producing a cascading snowball effect of new visits.
However, that segues into the next point about content marketing that is frequently forgotten: it must be a long-term and consistent effort.
Even the most utterly fascinating arrangements of words and sentences still require visual aids, preferably equally as fascinating. Strive forth with confidence, and remember to engage uniquely, frequently, and visually to achieve success.
It takes knowing the exact needs of your customer base, as well as how to quickly and effectively communicate your message in a way that solidly resonates with them.
It is decidedly difficult to whittle down everything you want to say about your business, but it’s important that each marketing campaign has a singular idea – a focal point of a message that will resonate. Soliciting input from outside sources can and will be helpful, but it’s important to draw a distinction between someone who has an opinion and someone who has a say in the final product. Headlines are usually only 5-7 words after all, and that website only had a paragraph – how hard can that be?
It works in concert with other elements like programming and graphic design to create a complete package that effectively delivers the message necessary to increase your business.
This sounds obvious, however, designers at times tend to skip or ignore this step and make assumptions about what the client is seeking. Therefore the best web designers are carefully tuned to the needs of their users and have a firm grasp of each website’s purpose, the type of content that should live on each page, and how each page should interact and relate to the rest of the website. Determine their rank based on how closely aligned elements are to the main purpose or objective of the website. Essentially people tend to view websites as one whole entity before seeing the individual elements (such as the logo, navigation, main CTA, body content, footer, etc.) that comprise the entire interface.
In order to achieve clarity, the UI should be simple, easy to use, and uncluttered, employing many different facets of whitespace to give importance to or take attention away from elements.
Unless your website is specifically geared toward tantalizing people with a mind-blowing design, most of the time your users are simply looking for information. Responsive web design (RWD) is a technique utilized in web design that aims to provide to site viewers the best viewing experience possible across a wide range of devices. The number of mobile users viewing websites on their devices will only increase over time, so make sure your website is running on a platform which gives the optimal experience for any user on any screen-size. As websites these days become more interactive, it’s the designer’s job to make absolutely sure the website functions well and is easy to use.

For example, we typically find search bars somewhere at the top of the page (either top right, or, if called out more, top-center).
The prototypes don’t even have to be coded up - they can simply be design mockups that link each page to another.
Without a major version release since late 2009, I was excited to get my hands on the latest and greatest iteration of EE. No crazy new features or anything, just some general housekeeping by putting the action items on the left, the config on the right, and refreshed the blocks of content with some actionable pieces of information. Some fundamental file structure updates have separated out the core EE code from the third-party code and updates promise to be a simple drag-and-drop replacement of the core code. Additionally, new models can be framed up quickly - although there is not a data builder like some other frameworks, you have to create your tables and fields, then map everything to the model in your add-on.
Specialising in change management within the not-for-profit space, she has a proven track record of delivering challenging targets, alongside harnessing the skills, knowledge and passion of members, staff and external stakeholders. Working with my senior management team, we support an international community of professional marketers and the organisations that employ them. By keeping the voice of the consumer at the heart of an organisation, marketers use insight to deliver strategy and implement change.
They range from consultants to marketing executives, CMOs and CEOs, and work in the private, public and third sector. We believe in a diverse and inclusive organisational culture a€“ one which respects the individuality and equality of our employees and members.
It allows you to share information, improve your skills and raise your profile with like-minded individuals in your field. We are now focusing on growing, looking at how we can adapt and keep ahead of the curve, as well as what we need to prioritise to ensure that we continue to remain relevant to our members and the wider marketing community.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Hopefully they will return another day but if they see that nothing new has been added to your front page they will leave and probably never return. Different niches will require more or less, if your blog is about celebrities then you will require to post more than once a day otherwise your blog will not rise through the ranks. I had several moments of brain freezes and writers block, I didn’t know which way to think some times.
Quality content is king that we know; delivering a quantity of quality content is what you should be aiming at. There are many out there who want to build exposure and be seen, who want links back to their own sites. I could be wrong but, I have now been given my own author account on the site and I am doing it for the exposure. To Google it is irrelevant where the link is placed, if a link is gained from writing an article wherever it is on the page, it is wrong. So it could be worth doing some ‘future proofing’ and start using the terms ‘staff writer’ or ‘freelance writer’ and maybe even ‘article by…’.
Well I have great news for you, there is an excellent new plugin called Paper Template that builds excellent sales pages.
It isn’t just sales pages that you can build, you can add opt in forms to create landing pages for building email lists. You can call a subdomain whatever you want, there is nothing stopping you from targeting a keyword, obviously a long tail keyword would create one long messy URL.
If your main site becomes an authority site your subdomins will be pulled up by its strength in a kind of gravitational pull.
Scientists have told us that this desire is what makes us grow and evolve, without it we probably would have died out long ago.
The more you get done then the less frustrated you will be and you will become more relaxed. I try and have some Ibiza style chill out music playing so I am not distracted by heavy energetic bass lines, beats or vocals otherwise I would be dancing around the room like a loon. Stress, misery, bad health is costly and we buy that lifestyle by simply wanting new shiny toys which means we work harder and longer to buy the items we think we need to relax and chill. That is the reason I turned to learning how to make money online, I imagine it is the same for you. It is long lasting and a lot more respectful and ethical than many other forms of online marketing. I am sure you do not want to earn a few fast £$ then nothing again, what is the sense in all of that? It is one of the best business models around and one of the cheapest start ups; if you are not afraid of a bit of hard work you will be rewarded greatly for your efforts. Imagine trying to write about a topic everyday or every week when you know nothing about it or simply are not interested in it. So if someone told you Opera was huge and very popular on line with a lot of money to be made from advertising & ticket sales etc, a lot more money than what was in the Hip Hop market, would you be wise to go ahead and work on that Opera blog? Adding new content and sourcing out affiliate markets would be something that you look forward to doing and can be done while listening to your favourite music. The one great thing about Google AdSense is that whether an advertiser stops running the ad campaign that was running on your site Google will replace them automatically so you do not need to go looking for new advertising clients.
The really annoying thing is that it isn’t really anything new, many marketers know about this but what is amazing is that there is a lot more people who don’t know much about this method or the power that it has. They do write the reviews so they offer more positives than negatives and by the end of the review the site owner has manipulated (in a nice way) to make the decision to buy the product through their affiliate link. They are not pushy or trying to do the hard sell, it just doesn’t work on review sites. They can see what it does and familiarize themselves with the product and make a decision whether they want to buy it or not. Not everyone likes selling and trying to convince people to buy items they probably don’t want or need. Prior to joining the Washburn Law faculty, he was a law clerk for Chief Justice Donald Wright of the California Supreme Court and he served as a staff attorney at the Legal Aid Society of Wichita.
He asks "What is personal information and what is professional?" Employers looking at Facebook accounts, or asking all job applicants if they can look, is a big issue.
Each box was filled with candy, toys, school supplies, soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and other various items. The postage for each box was $7.00 which was covered in part by donations and largely by the student organizations. The team finished 3rd overall in the preliminary phase of the tournament, with a 4-0 record against Louisiana State, William Mitchell, Iowa State, and Michigan State. Amy wanted to see the case through, so she volunteered her time in the clinic during the holiday break and spring semester in order to fulfill her professional responsibility to her client. The child grows up speaking English, attending public schools, making friends, playing sports, learning and enjoying American culture.
The Department of Homeland Security was directed to exercise, as appropriate, prosecutorial discretion for those who are approved and not use enforcement resources on these low priority cases. All of these documents must be organized in a logical way to make sure immigration officials will see that each element is met. The LARW program at Washburn Law is the only law school specialty program in Kansas and the Kansas City metro area to receive a national ranking for 2014.
As experts in their field, LARW faculty members have shared their teaching expertise with peers at the Free University of Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia and with visiting Chilean law professors.
We are training the future lawyers governmental agencies will need to effectively regulate the industry," Pierce said.
Oil and gas law, as an elective field of study, has always enjoyed a strong student following.
He is a co-editor and upkeep author of the multi-volume treatise Kuntz, A Treatise on Oil and Gas Law and co-editor of the Oil and Gas Reporter. Opportunities come with strengthened inter-sovereign relationships and with the acknowledgement of tribal legal potency by other forums. Therefore creating or discovering a bug is not criticizing someone's work, but rather enhancing it. Utilize analytics to determine the target, put yourself in their shoes, and attempt to view the product through the end-users eyes (admin, user, and all other possible roles). Ecommerce email marketing has become so complex many shoppers assume websites know more about them than they actually do. Don’t dwell on the myriad of possibilities, even something basic – like male and female – is an excellent start to segmentation! Make it fun by personifying your cart and use language like "your cart is lonely" or similar in sync with your branding. We love the cozy lodge decor, which radiates a vibe of rustic sophistication and reminds us of our own office. Today, opinions and decisions are made in split seconds, based almost solely on the visual components of the message.Your visual brand identity, and how it is presented to your customers, needs to be planned just as intentionally as your business goals. You need to know what compels them to make their purchasing choices, where they shop, what product they currently buy, who influences them, what media they watch, and what their habits are. While each piece of marketing will help bolster the purpose of your overall marketing plan, each piece must also have its own clear focus and function.How Do You Measure Success?
Going into your marketing projects with a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished and how that will be measured will guide you toward creating effective, on-target messaging. However, the shake-up was compounded further by the additional revelation that ads populating the righthand side of the screen have been axed into oblivion as well.
As an added benefit, this maneuver also contributes to the ongoing slow death of SEO by marginalizing organic rankings and pushing them farther below the fold for highly competitive queries. Therefore, advertisers who were previously bidding conservatively will be forced to abandon that approach and elevate their bids. Advertisers will now face increased competition in bidding, which inevitably will result in higher CPCs and consequently lower CPAs. The copy can end up being dry and lifeless, more of a space holder than actually beneficial to your audience.
Respect the fact that technical readers don’t want a “marketing campaign.” They want information and facts. Many businesses try so hard to dress up their technical writing that it wildly misses the audience that matters most: the technical professionals. For a technical audience, nothing is more of a turn-off than feeling like the actual content and information you were hoping for is nothing more than puffery or meaningless buzzwords.
It’s not meant to create catch phrases or to produce water cooler talk about edgy marketing campaigns.
On the other hand, sitting down to write a paper, article, or piece of marketing presents its own set of hard-to-quantify issues for people who are not strong writers or who aren’t used to longer-form (longer than, say, an email) copywriting. Know what information is going to be important to your audience, and compile an outline or bullet points that include all the information you want to convey. When you write, you can change the order of sentences and move them around until you get the picture you want – but that’s easier to do when you have all the pieces on the paper. Writing by committee is the least effective (and most excruciating) way to write, yet probably the biggest temptation within a company.
Following a simple method like the one above, and then augmenting it to fit your personality and situation will carve off much of the intimidation factor. In this post, we’ll explore a few of the major differences (and a few similarities) between two of the most popular and most robust CMSs, ExpressionEngine 3 (newest update released in Oct.
ExpressionEngine still has the backbone to withstand huge amounts of traffic and a solid architecture that is very developer friendly. And while the cost of building a Drupal site is generally more expensive, the Drupal site can we architected to handle more complex business logic and functionality. And each company, just like each person, is a different entity, so honing in on who your company is and how it speaks to its marketing audience is a crucial aspect in creating effective, meaningful, and impactful marketing.
The tone of your marketing materials needs to match your company’s central mission, but it also needs to be employed cohesively across the board into all of your marketing materials, no matter what department or committee it originates from. Many people, even marketers, frequently use ‘marketing automation’ interchangeably with ‘email marketing’.
Conversely, if (or when) a prospective customer is ready to buy, they can be sent purchase-related messages.
3) Orienting yourself to the website after it loads and subsequently scanning for the information you desire.Historically those three steps have been so fundamentally ingrained into the mindset of utilizing a search engine that they seem like an insignificant burden.
In 2016 I expect Google to make significant adjustments to RankBrain as its strengths and flaws are identified and then reinforced via hard data, therefore contributing to a further shifting of the ranking landscape.
Extreme examples of this effect are evident on YouTube, where amateur videos can “go viral” and transform average citizens into internet celebrities overnight.
Many of your blogs will never gain any traction whatsoever and will fail to rank in Google. Visual aids also provide additional SEO opportunities, which further assist with elevating your rankings when optimized properly. Having a clearly defined set of eyes on the marketing copy will not only streamline the process, but keep your message direct and clear, based on the research you have already done.
This ends up with the client expecting A-B-C, while the designer delivers X-Y-Z, leaving both parties unsatisfied and frustrated with the end result. To combat sharpness issues always make sure there are no “partial pixels” present on any element and that all pieces align with the pixel grid, otherwise the design of a page can seem out of focus and unrefined. The spacing between elements does not have to be literal white, but alludes more to the negative space surrounding the elements. As a general rule, text and images shouldn’t overlap, unless there is a specific purpose or intent behind the reasoning of doing so.
When building responsive websites, the site is built using a proportion-based grid, flexible-sized images, and media queries via CSS. To do this, the essentials that are needed are simply a search field, a search button, and for self-promo purposes, a logo. If we place the search bar at the bottom of the page, it will take a while for users to find it. The new version contains a few major updates, but generally sticks to the core and cleans up several areas that have been neglected for far too long. The control panel is now fully responsive, so using your mobile device to make an update won't be as annoying. Prior to this, Annea€™s career in academic and professional publishing included senior sales, marketing and product development roles for publishers such as Prentice Hall and Thomson Reuters.
From product management to digital, brand to integrated comms a€“ effective marketers add real value and ROI. As a leading training provider, CIM works with businesses of all sizes around the world to develop their marketing skills, knowledge and performance. We strive for a variety of views and opinions across our network, and on our advisory boards and have a number of policies in place to encourage marketers from all backgrounds to engage with their professional body. Recognise your strengths, continue to learn throughout your career and, most importantly, dona€™t assume people will automatically see how great you are.
It is your job to manage and invest time in your own performance and career development plan.
If the answer to both questions is yes then you need to not only deliver quality content you have to deliver bucket loads of it. If not, don’t berate yourself, now is the time to start and get back on track, make 2013 a great year. That unfortunately is what most Internet Marketing guru types will have you doing, before you know it you will get a bad reputation as a scammer or spammer before you really got started. Ahrens Chair was endowed by the law firm of Michaud, Cordry, Michaud, Hutton and Hutton, named in honor of former Washburn Law professor James R. He served as associate dean of Washburn University School of Law for five years and was acting dean in the fall of 1985 and interim dean during the 2006-2007 academic year.
Pierce teaches Oil and Gas Law, Advanced Oil and Gas Law, Energy Regulation, and Drafting Contracts and Conveyances. Sager Memorial Professorship was established by Stan, '57, and Shirley Sager in memory of their son Kurt Sager, '76, who died in 1998 at the age of 44. In her previous position at the University at Buffalo Law School, Westbrook taught courses on international finance, securities regulation, international trade, the North American Free Trade Agreement, acquisition transactions, and transactional practice.
She and other victims have been working with KCSDV to eliminate the 5 year Statute of Limitations for rape. He is a past president of the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, which awarded him the 2012 Clyde O.
Dangers inhere in crosscultural illiteracy and particularly in the temptation to ignore abstention principles and to attack tribal jurisdiction. The tests done by the QA team on a single item are drastically more intensive and objective compared to what a developer can perform on his or her own work. The point here is to find aspects from which to differentiate and customize the emails you’re sending based on a subscriber’s personality and buying habits.
But if you want to increase, even double your sales from the email, more personalized offers should be your goal. The more complete the customer profile, the better your chances of developing lasting customer relationships.What Do You Say?
Consequently more businesses may consider abandoning or de-emphasizing SEO as a viable strategy and refocus their efforts instead on paid search.
Here are a few basic tips to keep in mind when creating effective content for technical subjects. This doesn’t mean that your technical content can’t be –or shouldn’t be – compelling, clear, and well written; it simply means that it’s important to keep the flash and sizzle to a minimum so that it doesn’t distract from the message and facts. Let your products and services do the talking in the technical realm, and don’t be ashamed to let them do so.
Technical writing’s sole purpose is to convey direct information in a way that many other areas of marketing don’t: in a stripped down, content-focused, straightforward manner. It has the simplicity for rapid site building and the flexibility for extensive custom system development. Additionally, it has to speak directly and effectively to the needs of your specific audience; it needs to be said in a way that resonates and compels.
These kinds of tailored programs are critical to nurturing your contact relationships proactively (not reactively), while retaining control over the flow of information.
At the same time, the marketing automation platform could be configured to send a notification to sales or account staff, and recommend contacting the lead.
This suggests that Google is either a) failing to understand the very specific nature of my query, or b) failing to pull only the information that I desire into the SERP.
The resulting frustration usually causes reduced effort, which only serves to further feed the cycle of failure. One good idea is to create a proxy profile of the perfect customer, hang that customer profile up, and then write directly to that person. More often than not, companies that write their own web or marketing copy end up spending more time and money to get results that are far below what a professional could have offered in the first place. In this post we’ll explore the most important web design principles to remember so you can make a website visually engaging, effective, easy to use, and memorable. The amount of negative space employed can give a very different feel from website to website. To alleviate the frustration, follow the K-I-S-S rule and keep your website simple, direct, and easy-to-use. To alleviate their struggle, it is key to employ a clear, simple, and easy-to-use navigation. The barely-there navigation that exists on the upper-right hand corner of the page allows Google users access to everything tied to their google account, in a neat and simple package, without hindering the user experience. In cases like this the conventional placement of useful UI elements is the best route to take. In partnership with our 160 strong study centre network we deliver professional marketing qualifications. Our annual Salary Survey specifically looks at diversity in the workplace within the marketing industry and we will report back on the results later this year. And getting exposure to more than one function in an organisation, and understanding what they do and how they work will support this. But people get the idea they should get involved in a niche that has a lot of money in it even if they know nothing whatsoever about that market. For several years he worked with Washburn Law Clinic students representing inmates in constitutional challenges to Kansas prison conditions.
He has also taught the core courses in Contracts, Business Associations, and Environmental Law. It is awarded to a faculty member considered to be an excellent teacher, who may be a traditional academic or an individual with prominence in the field of law, with preference given to a professor in the area of International or Commercial Law.
She also served as the director of the University of Buffalo New York City Program in International Finance and Law.
Another focus of the event is the benefits of creating safe homes and streets for everyone. There were a total of 16 student volunteers who signed up for various tasks before and during the reception.
Pozez Chair in Business and Transactional Law and Professor of Law, will be the Center's director.
Finding bugs is the natural outcome of this action, and consequently quality and customer experience are elevated.
Some of your customers are commercial quilters and buy more often so you can create a special promotion for them.
Step it up a notch by offering free shipping if they order this extra product that same day.
More advertisers = more competition = higher bids = more money flowing into Google’s coffers. But technical writing is not a place to show off prose or clever turns of phrase: it’s to convey explicit and exact information. A gigantic portion of writing is editing, and it’s often easier to go back and work on that opening sentence(s) once all the other pieces are in place. But it is still very important that you are not the only one reviewing and proofing your work – selective, strong guidance will always benefit your writing. Picture getting a huge pile of free wood in order to build a new house – the materials are all there, but you’re the one cutting, sawing, sizing, and piecing everything together on your own. Lastly, select how many days in advance of the event you would like the countdown to begin. Email is but one component of marketing automation, but they are absolutely not the same thing. Leads looking at one product on the website can be sent information about that specific product, without a salesperson having to ask the lead anything. Writing ten interesting blog posts significantly increases the odds of your discovery over writing one interesting post. The content and messages you create should be specifically for that customer profile; anything that falls outside that target area – even if it is information you might think is useful – should tell you that your message is not targeted correctly or precisely enough. It would be a tragedy for a campaign to fail because everything was professional except the writing. Humans are creatures of habit - if you place elements in areas where they aren’t usually found on other websites, you will inevitably confuse your users.Launching a website without any form of user testing. These relationships need to be built over time and will take long-term attention to grow and maintain. Schedule some proper time to do your work, decide what you are doing each time and really focus. Rich's publications address a wide range of constitutional law topics, including federalism, sovereign immunity, prison conditions and race relations. Pierce is the author of the Kansas Oil and Gas Handbook, a co-author of the West casebook Cases and Materials on Oil and Gas Law, and the West treatise Hemingway Oil and Gas Law and Taxation.
Senator Dole is clearly one of the most well-known and distinguished graduates of Washburn Law.
She teaches Business Associations, Financial Institution Regulation, International Business Transactions, and Securities Regulation. The Children and Family Law Center provided Family Law Certificate credit for several students who volunteered their time.
He is undocumented and could be removed from this country and sent back to a place he does not know.
Pierce has been the driving force behind the oil and gas program at Washburn Law since its inception nearly a quarter of a century ago in 1989. This award recognizes excellence in teaching natural resources law, by fostering a broad understanding of the law, mentoring students, and for innovative teaching style.
Others are hobby quilters and perhaps buy only one piece of fabric and may forget about your store – you can stop this! The ultimate goal here is urgency, so starting your countdown more than 10+ days in advance is not likely to have the desired effect. It is often as simple as a straight "numbers game", and those with the bullheaded determination to continue churning out content are much more likely to be declared the victor. Increasing line-spacing, especially with fonts encompassing a larger x-height than usual, aids in readability of long passages of text.
You won’t know for certain any user behavior patterns on the website until you get it in the hands of users. Also, living up to yours and othersa€™ expectations is a tangible and sometimes uncomfortable element of leading. For example, the funding allows them to hire research assistants, travel to conferences or invite speakers to the law school. He also authored the three volume treatise, Modern Constitutional Law (3rd Edition), published in 2011. The Professorship is awarded to a faculty member considered to be an excellent teacher, who may be a traditional academic or an individual with prominence in the field of law   Professor Concannon has achieved both. Jessup International Moot Court Competition held at Denver University Sturm College of Law, February 15-16, 2013. Who will fix and regress the defects? These questions will help you choose the necessary ammo. If you're operating an ecommerce store, and you’re not generating stacks upon stacks of sales via email then you have serious work to do.
Be careful not to have too much line-spacing with text though, as the likelihood of connecting the user’s eye from one line to another decreases when line-spacing increases dramatically.
Maybe the CTA you thought would get 100% visibility and 80% clickability performed poorly in actual testing. He is a past president of the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation and a member of the American Law Institute. He was a senior contributing editor of Evidence in America: The Federal Rules in the States and serves on the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws. He dreams of one day being able to work and live in the United States without fear of removal. The stronger the association, the higher the chances of turning them from a one-and-done shopper into a returning customer.
Maybe the one subtle element on the page actually gets clicked 4x as much as you anticipated.
During the current academic year, he has received the Outstanding Service Award from the Kansas Bar Association, the Distinguished Service Award from the Washburn University School of Law Alumni Association, and the Clyde O.
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) has increased opportunities for private plaintiffs to bring collateral civil actions. Hatcher is Top OralistThe Washburn Law Jessup Moot Court Team competed in the Rocky Mountain Super-Regional Round of the Philip C. When your visuals are beautiful, it behooves you to allow those visuals to speak for you, rather than clunkily ramrodding uninteresting sentences into every nook and cranny.
Creating a persona for your business can not only help you nail down the tone for your marketing, but it will also be a indispensable in- company tool across departments so that the voice and tone remains on-target and consistent. In response to FCPA investigations, shareholders now routinely file derivative suits, securities fraud class actions, or both. The Righter Professorship is awarded to a faculty member who has made extraordinary contributions to the law school primarily in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service. The website very adequately covers the SEO 101 basics, and also stretches into more advanced tactics like clean navigation silos, friendly URLs, speedy page-load times, etc. New media means new marketing opportunities, and businesses need to be ready to create materials for these opportunities.
Nevertheless, a number of the suits have been settled, some for amounts exceeding the government penalties paid by the company for the FCPA violations. Social media: Social media efforts cannot officially be considered part of the website itself. In order to ensure that the visual brand tone and messages adhere to the visual plan you already have in place, you need to create a “brand book.” A brand book is a detailed set of guidelines on how all the aspects of your brand is handled, from how your logo may (or may not) be used, to letterhead, to email headers and footers, to websites.
It will hurt a bit to lose some of your words and thoughts, but in the long run, less is more. Shareholder litigation based on company behavior that violates the FCPA is significant because the threat of private litigation increases the impact of an FCPA violation by increasing a company's liability, parallel shareholder litigation may subtly expand FCPA liability, and shareholder lawsuits may also be of more general doctrinal significance. Many brand books are as detailed as specifying how far away the logo or design must be from any other visual elements.
Professor Westbrook examines recent shareholder litigation based on company behavior that violates the FCPA, introduces the FCPA and the current surge in its enforcement, examines the increase in shareholder actions based on FCPA violations, analyzes shareholder derivative and securities fraud class action lawsuits in terms of what shareholders are alleging and how their suits are faring, and draws preliminary conclusions about the legal consequences of increased collateral shareholder litigation based on FCPA violations. The more specific the brand book, the more you ensure that your visual business elements are in line and in tune with your company’s goals.

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