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Trying to navigate through the various new social media categories, blogs, sharing sites, and social media firms is an absolute mess. This depiction of the digital marketing landscape was shown at a Buddy Media event marking the launch of the social marketing software agency's new suite of measurement tools.
When you need design, copywriting, digital or PR support, it’s essential that these services deliver the right outcome, on budget.
It takes a strategic eye, creativity and a determined focus on results to reach out to consumers and business customers and get their attention. Marketing Zone’s experience enables you to very quickly identify the highlights of your offering that will attract customers and unlock your path to success. So when it comes to your next marketing initiative – whether you need an agency to handle all of your communications or just refresh your website and design a leaflet – you can be sure to generate, interest, sales and advocates.

Testimonial'I wanted to thank you and the whole Marketing Zone team for the most amazing work that you have done for us over the past 6 years. In 2007, researchers at Cornell University, my alma mater, conducted a study to determine the effectiveness of the Google Search Engine Results page, or SERP and in the process developed the Google Heat Map. The Cornell University researchers fitted volunteer subjects with goggles similar to those used in fighter aircraft.
1) right hand column of the Google Heat Map Page, Pay Per Click Ads gets about 10% to 15% viewing by the visitor subjects. 2) Banner Ads positioned at the top of the Google Heat Map Page also, get about 10% to 15% viewing by the visitor subjects.
3) In the Organic or Natural Search, position one, two and three get the most viewing by the visitor subjects.

The bar graph to the left shows that on average, position 1 of the Natural Search gets about 42% of the free visitor traffic.
Position number 2 gets about 12% of the free traffic, and position number three gets about 8% of the free visitor traffic. In addition, Google’s strategy is to frequently modifiy its ranking algorithm, which shuffles the order of the Organic Search Results on the page. Raleigh Internet Marketing Agency (RIMA) has developed an annual marketing program that assures business owners that their website will achieve top ranking position in the search engines.

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