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If your business is not online ready for maximum exposure be sure to follow these steps above to start getting the brand recognition you need to excel in today’s business market! If you work in marketing in today’s increasingly competitive higher education marketplace, the odds are, your school is facing the proverbial perfect storm.
Many higher ed marketers often naively assume that once a new program is introduced or student registered, the hard part is over.
At a time when more recruitment pitches than ever before bombard prospective students, your school can risk becoming lost in the clutter. When properly considered, these three core marketing guideposts can help amplify the impact of your efforts to attract prospective students, and retain existing ones. Brian Muys is associate vice president of public relations for American Public University System. Lately I’ve been learning a lot about branding, some of it is conventional wisdom that many marketers know but some of it is new to me, and it might just be new to you too.
This is where the heavy lifting begins, especially if you offer a complicated product or service. This is the essence of your brand, distilled down as succinctly as your product or service will allow, this is the idea that you want your customers to think of every time they hear or see your brand. Starting with the foundation of your attributes and features you will needs to roll each level into the next creating a synergistic relationship between each level of the pyramid until it ends with the true essence of your brand.
Of course, this is just one method for clarifying a branding strategy, what are some other methods you’re using?
When asked about brand building strategies, marketers in a recent Forrester survey said that search and social media were neck-and-neck.
Digging a little deeper we see that online video is hot with the B2B crowd (who knew) while mobile is the weapon of choice for B2C. Social media is changing the way we sell everything from accordions to wildebeests, but marketing man can not live by Facebook alone. We’ve talked before about how much of what we see in social media is spaghetti on a wall. There is no one way to succeed, but we do know that there are two critical points — trust and emotion. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In order for a brand to betruly successful, it has toknow how to anticipate need.Has any company ever beenas successful as Apple in thisarena? Content Equals Money is a contentwriting service that serves a widevariety of clients with top-shelfshareable content. Colleges and universities face challenges every day in driving awareness with prospective students and faculty, let alone with existing students and alumni.

Make a point to simplify your messaging so it is easily understood, while retaining a compelling “call to action,” re: the ease and benefits of enrollment. But many schools tend to directly or indirectly associate themselves with competing institutions, rather than truly define what sets them apart.
Identify and effectively articulate your unique selling proposition to these key target audiences to help ensure they are most receptive to the benefits of the academic experience at your school. As we’ve been examining our current positioning and brand strategy at my day job, we’ve been approaching this new effort in the context of a “brand pyramid”.  This is a very structured way of crafting a communication strategy that creates brand synergy starting with the features and attributes of a product or service all the way up to the “brand idea”. You can use this same structure to build a messaging strategy for different segments of your audience; this certainly applies if you are selling into a B2B situation where people in different roles will experience different benefits from your product. Search won by a nose thanks to business to business marketers who rated social media lower than business to consumer marketers.
Social media campaigns are an excellent way to show your customers that you’re human. All things being equal, they’d rather buy a wildebeest from a family-run business who supports the local Little League team than a faceless corporation known for their environmental faux pas. Great branding tips from the mastermind behind Apple, one of the most innovative companies of all time. We cater to SEOmarketing agencies as well as smallbusiness, providing contentmarketing strategies applicable tomany fields. The fact is, no matter how well-regarded your program or institution is, it won’t sell itself. Aspiring students want to be able to quickly distinguish what they want from the blizzard of schools competing for their attention, and tuition.
To rise above the noise, deliver messages to the market that will most effectively resonate with prospective students, if not ones contemplating returning for a second bachelor’s or graduate degree. While this approach may be effective for validating the comparable depth and breadth of your curriculum, for example, it’s less so when you’re seeking to distinguish your school’s key advantages. He received an English degree from Dickinson College and an MS in Communications from the American University Kogod School of Business.
The “brand idea” being the essence of what you provide to the marketplace, distilled down to one word if at all possible.
Your brand personality will dictate how consumers respond to your brand on an emotional level. No matter how many Facebook fans you have, you’re still only reaching a small portion of the audience.
Use it to highlight the faces that make your company great, the good works you do for the community and the factors that motivate you to keep on going. Whether you needcontent for yourself or content foryour clients, Content Equals Moneyis the insource Writing Service tosuit your needs!

Your biggest challenge is finding the proper balance of traditional “outbound” marketing communications tactics like advertising, direct mail and earned and social media with more referral-based, “word-of-mouth” initiatives based on your school’s academic reputation and student satisfaction.
That means clearly aligning your school to specific benefits that resonate with both current and prospective students, i.e, academic quality, affordability and flexibility, among others. Clearly demonstrate, if not quantify, how and why your programs and instructors are different, i.e. It manifests itself in human characteristics such as sincerity, competence, or fun, just to name a few. Highlighting a pivotal moment in Ray Charles' career-a moment when he sees what else he must do besides being a gifted musician, when he needs to establish his own Brand-it reminds us that you must know who you are if you are to become a truly exceptional leader. With this balance achieved, there are several considerations you should take into account to most effectively position your school to key target audiences.
All those tiny bits of information getting passed by RT’s and shares, evolving and changing with every step. It is about establishing your own unique voice-a voice that encompasses your values, beliefs, expectations, motivations, and other intangibles and that touches those around you in profound ways. Simply put, it is about establishing your professional brand.In addition to being a talented and innovative musician, Ray Charles understood brand marketing.
What about you?Individuals' brands have the ability to create pull as powerful as that of any product or company brand. Your professional brand is your most important asset; nothing else on your personal balance sheet trumps its value.
Your brand represents your essence as a business executive.You may wonder how you go about building a brand from scratch.
Your current brand is comprised of all the associations that other people have when they hear your name or interact with you. The right question to ask is: "Does my current brand create the associations I desire? Rather, you should aim to develop a brand that more effectively leverages your core, authentic personality.
She had direct, honest discussions with each of her managers in which she explained that their role was to produce energy, not to consume it.

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