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Firms are affected by lots of different things; a firm's marketing environment is made up of all of the things that affect the way it operates. A firm's marketing environment can be spilt into three parts: internal environment, macro environment and micro environment.
The micro environment is made up of factors that are close to the firm and affect it on a 'day to day' basis; usually these factors interract with the firm or are involved in the same industry. Firms should not concern themselves too much about which of the three categories a factor fits into. According to marketing guru Philip Kotler, marketing is the process by which companies determine what products or services may be of interest to customers, and the strategy to use in sales, communications and business development. As Business Environment Development Consulting Unit, we view marketing as an integral component to business success.
Our Business Environment Development Consulting Unit is a data-driven marketing consultancy.
Analyzing, tracking, modifying and adjusting over a long-term timeframe will usually produce greater returns than any single ad-hoc campaign or tactic. Our Business Environment Development Consulting Unit is able to provide an outsourced marketing management solution for clients. Some clients have decided to outsource their entire marketing management function to us, whilst others have opted to outsource several functions. Outsourcing gives the client a flexible marketing resource that can be quickly flexed up or down to meet changing strategic and operational requirements. Outsourcing agreements are normally structured around a core minimum level of management support that can be supplemented as required. Experience shows that this solution is particularly attractive to organisations that are experiencing rapid growth, or for those who have limited line marketing management needs, yet require significant input to various marketing projects. Our Business Environment Development Consulting Unit adopts a pragmatic yet innovative approach to marketing consultancy, placing an emphasis on project management and implementation. As such, we prefer to work with clients on an on-going basis, assisting them with the implementation of recommendations contained within consultancy projects.
We have considerable experience of leading clients through strategy formulation and marketing planning projects, working alongside the senior management team of its clients. We are also able to assist clients with customer survey work and key account management perception monitoring. We have experience across numerous sectors both b2b and consumer, however, it is probably best known for its work in professional services marketing and the business-to-business sector.
The content of consultancy projects varies but our Business Environment Development Consulting Unit has particular strength in strategic marketing planning exercises and re-branding and new service launches. Web design and SEOWe provide complete web design, web development and web sites maintenance services. MarketingAs Business Environment Development Consulting Unit, we view marketing as an integral component to business success.

The countries in the Middle East used to be vast deserts with oil filled land and war torn countries, but the times they are a changing! The United Arab Emirates is the second largest economy in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia. The 2022 FIFA World Cup of Soccer will take place in the country of Qatar, situated next to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
Companies must make a big effort to get to know this consumer and how to best reach them through their advertising in the most authentic ways possible.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Some of the factor's in a firm's marketing environment can be controlled by the firm but some are uncontrollable.
Examples include employees, company policy, capital assets, the firm's structure and the firm's products (materials).
Micro environment examples include customers, banks and trade unions as they all interract with the firm. Instead firms should ensure that they have correctly identified all of the factors which make up their marketing environment and plan how to manage them for the firm's benefit.
It is an integrated process through which companies create value for customers and build stronger customer relationships in order to capture more value from their customers. As a marketing consulting firm, our primary goal is to help businesses achieve better results from their marketing efforts.
Research yields data, data is analyzed, benchmarks are developed, and from those benchmarks we can track progress for your ongoing marketing efforts to improve their successful outcomes. Unlike traditional in-house solutions, the skills available to the client can be adjusted to suit particular stages in the evolution of an organisation. Such projects have been completed with major global organisations as well as with regional businesses.
This includes internet marketing, search engine optimization, updating and upgrading services, web site submission, web sites evaluation and assessment, etc. The twenty plus cities that make up the Middle East are trying to rid themselves of the turmoil they have been experiencing and enter into the world marketplace as a people of dominant purchasing power.
Sitting on the Arabian Peninsula, the UAE is home to the world famous city Dubai with its massive skyscrapers and enormous super malls. The World Cup generates an obscene amount of publicity and economic growth for the cities where it is hosted. Many of the cultures in the Middle East are more conservative than western countries like the United States and require advertising that meets these conventional attributes.
Firms need to understand their marketing environment so that they can make the most of positive factors and manage the impact of negative factors.
Competitors are also part of the micro environment because they are selling competing products, their activity could have a direct impact on the firm's daily business.

Micro environment factors could be national or global measures and affect many industries and groups.
Marketing is used to identify the customer, to keep the customer and to satisfy the customer. To do this, we employ a holistic approach to marketing: This entails understanding your business (including your vision, mission and strategy), your customers, your products, your pricing, your distribution and your historic marketing activities.
However, we also know that not every business is able or ready to make a long-term commitment to their marketing efforts.
It is this flexibility coupled with ourexpertise and independence that is attractive to clients. Although some countries may not be safe for some to travel, such as Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, others have thriving economies and millions of consumers with thick wallets and the taste for the finer things in life.
The Mall of Dubai attracts an average of 75 million visitors per year and has a strong western presence. Positioning your brand for this specific segment is must and many multinational brands are seeing the potential of not just this area, but of the educated and adorned people that live there. Once we have the full picture, we are better positioned to assist in developing a plan, outlining tactics, projecting realistic outcomes, executing the plan (or assisting your team with the execution), measuring results and making adjustments as necessary to achieve the targeted results. In these cases, we will assist with project-based work where our experience and expertise will augment a company’s internal capabilities and increase the chances of meeting business objectives.
Multinational brands should look to this country and its surrounding neighbors to start positioning their brands to this large group of consumer that will be in the world’s view in the near future.
For more information about the micro environment and how to analyse a firm's micro environment through a stakeholder analysis, click here. American brands in all industries are popping up throughout the UAE in cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai and they are gaining popularity quickly. The close by country of Kuwait is one of the wealthiest countries in the world filled with consumers waiting to buy international products.
Macro environment factors are uncontrollabe factors but still influence company strategy.
Although real estate and rent is high in these areas, the pure volume and quality of consumers is something international firms should not miss out on.
For more information about the macro environment including how to analyse a firm's macro environment through a PEST Analysis, click here.

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