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The focus of any good marketing campaign in this industry is about the value that you can provide.
MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer. Multifamily housing communities attract prospects and retain residents by implementing the best marketing ideas for apartment communities that appeal to a renter’s wants and needs. We’re talking about marketing ideas that cover leasing activities, management tasks and resident retention ideas that managers typically need as part of their marketing plan for apartment communities. Did you know you can make a community manager’s leasing job easier by providing marketing strategies for apartment communities in a ready-to-go format via the Internet?
If you believe marketing for apartment communities creates credibility when it’s professional with high quality content, then you understand the necessity for this type of service. With a done-for-you marketing service you can deliver excellent customer service, create partnerships with employers and merchants, build an online presence and create a sense of community with ease.
With an internet based marketing service experts such as graphic artists and trained copywriters can do the marketing work for you so that you can focus on other pressing leasing matters. Marketing for apartment communities cover topics ranging from parking to pets to parties and can be used in a variety of formats such as posters, door hangers, e-flyers and postcards. Managers can instantly launch full-blown marketing strategies targeting potential renters and existing residents on multiple levels.
Your marketing plan can start with a poster about your special rental housing leasing promotion, for example, to hang in a high traffic area, but think of how much more attention you’ll grab if you take a few more seconds to also change the format to a door hanger, send it in email as an e-flyer and mail it out as a postcard. Being able to create instant newsletters so that managers can keep residents informed about their community’s news, as well as calendars to keep them updated about its events is a huge time saver and is one of the many benefits an internet based apartment marketing service can provide.
Get access to the Hello Resident template library with no additional charges for multiple downloads of PDF, JPG, HTML code and live URL links.
Multi-Unit Portfolio LicensePortfolio accounts with 500 or more units qualify for a corporate software license discount. Are you tired of spending money on newspaper advertising that just doesn’t seem to lower your vacancy rates? The beginning of this journey starts when you make the effort to be honest about what your leases provide. Maybe you’re a senior services apartment community that targets the 55 and older crowd.
What makes your apartments better than any of the other apartments that someone could decide to rent? Hide money within the vacant apartments and allow renters to search for it as a way to reduce their move-in costs if they have signed a lease.
Offer potential members apartment upgrades that they may want so life can be a little more enjoyable.
Use on-hold marketing techniques to drive up the value of your community whenever you have to put a prospect on hold.
Make sure your landscaping is updated because first impressions really count when it comes to an apartment tour. Create an annual community event, like a bake sale or a garage sale, that will drive a lot of visitors to your community. Use targeted products at targeted businesses in a co-op agreement throughout your community. Offer residents a small rental discount if they’ll help to promote your community in some way.
Let your residents be your greatest ambassadors and let them show potential tenants all of the benefits that your apartment community has to offer. Consider becoming pet friendly and you’ll open up a new world of marketing opportunities. If you do love pets in your apartment community, then a unique marketing opportunity would be to put your logo or brand on pet products that you could hand out at local pet gathering spots, like the dog park.
Take your marketing products to your local churches because a pen in a pew is a pretty handy thing to have.

If you live in a community that loves coffee, then your own coffee sleeves can help to promote your wears. Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies. Marketing strategies for apartment communities are successful when they are consistent and creative, two areas that can be heavily impacted by staff changes and fluctuations in management. And you can gain access to an online library that houses hundreds of successful marketing ideas for apartment communities formatted into copy and paste campaigns. That’s a lot of marketing bang for your buck and a certifiable plan to help achieve success. Do you get frustrated by the results you get from a listing you’ve put on Craigslist or other free sites? No one likes seeing “Pets are negotiable” and then be told that only one small dog will be accepted no matter what… and the prospect has a cat. Find out what the most stable jobs in your community happen to be and then directly market your apartments to the people who work in those jobs. Discover who is hiring in your community and give them a preferred renting status so that you can form relationships with the employers who are providing people with secure jobs.
Create a survey for your renters to take so that you can determine what is most important to them about living where they do.
If you have a website, create pages that are employer-specific so they’ll want to share this page with their employees and even on their social media sites.
Donate to charity teams that are represented by the secure employers in the community so that you’ll create a relationship that benefits everyone when good things happen. Marketing is about being different, so do something that other apartments aren’t doing in your community. Host an event that allows people to explore their artistic side, such as a photo scavenger hunt or apartment tour to show off the unique designs of your unit. Free stuff is always something that people love, so create fun marketing items like t-shirts, guitar stickers, or even little pins for a baseball cap that put your name on display so that people can walk around and market for you while feeling like they look good in your stuff.
Do something special for your residents when they decide to renew, like bring them lunch one day to finalize the rental agreement. Utilize the seasons to provide discounts on the first month of rent or on the required security deposit so that prospects can see that there is value in having one of your apartments. A lot of marketing efforts are focused on bringing people into the rental office, but what do people see once they step through your doors? Get a radio station involved with your rental pushes and consider hiring them to do a live broadcast from your site. Get QR codes designed for people to see throughout your community so they can scan them with their phones or tablets. Install a business center at your apartments so people can stay productive without having to pay for a broadband internet cost.
Have a pet park if your apartments accept pets so that pet owners can be social with each other and you’ll eliminate the little surprises that people can find while walking to their car for work.
Solicit testimonials from your current renters and make it worth their while: a small discount off of their rent for a month is often all it takes for them to give you a good soundbite or a few words of text that you can use to market to your prospects.
Or maybe you’re right off of a military base and you’re looking to get more traffic from stationed personnel as they search for off-base residential quarters?
When you make that the focus of your marketing efforts, you’ll quickly set yourself apart from the competitors in your local community. This type of marketing campaign also helps potential renters to be able to see how clean your apartments happen to be. You could paint an accent wall in the apartment, varnish the cabinets, or even put in a new countertop based on their preferences. You could give them the typical easy listening music, or you could give them a succinct message about why people love living in your community and even record testimonials from current residents about what makes life so great in your apartments. You could hand out small packets of personalized Post-It notes, tissue packages, or just regular stationary that has your contact info.

If you’d invest thousands into staging a touring apartment, then why wouldn’t you spend a few hundred bucks to upgrade your front landscaping that people see when they come into your community for the first time? This is an excellent chance for people to get something they want, hunt for a good bargain, and still get a chance to tour one of your model apartments if they want. You could hand out bottles of water with your contact information on it at the local gym, for example, or hand out small wrenches or screwdrivers at the local hardware store. It could be a bumper sticker on a car, a banner ad on their blog, or any other method that you approve of that increases your overall exposure.
You can start your own internal ambassadors club if you want, offer incentives to join the club like a lower rent, and even uniforms that will instill a sense of pride into people. Send them down to the local convenience store for free, put them in other high traffic locations, and people will promote your brand without ever really realizing that’s what they are doing with every sip they take. An effective marketing plan can help make apartment leasing a simple task to do and will have people begging you to become tenants.
Save time for your prospects and you’ll have them want to start a relationship with you! You can then take that information and market their answers towards your prospects so they can see the value too.
Show the incentives clearly on this employer page and you’ll create a powerful tool that will encourage prospects that might be relocating from out of town to consider your apartments first.
How much good could you do with a $100 charitable donation for every renter one of your secure employers is able to send your way.
Sign twirlers, billboards, or even a mascot that people see wandering around town are all ways to gain attention in a way others might not be doing right now.
With an advertisement placed on a shopping cart, for example, people will see the name and contact information for your apartments a number of times while they pick up lettuce, potatoes, and proteins to stock their fridge.
If you give your prospects a terrible first impression, then they’ll likely bail on you faster than you can blink!
Curiosity is always going to get people to scan a mysterious code and you can even include certain discounts when a QR code is used to eliminate a vacancy you might have. Add a camera and people will be able to Skype for free, which is an attractive feature for many in low-income situations. Whatever your community might be, there are some good marketing tactics that you can begin as soon as today that will help you achieve a lower vacancy rate almost immediately.
Even though the apartment might not need an upgrade, it will help each renter personalize their living space and because that option is rare, it will set you apart. You can even hold your own table in the model unit if you want to further encourage people to stop by for a visit.
You can also find referral help from pet supply stores, pet groomers, and even the local Humane Society.
The religious community is often more stable in terms of job security and treating property as if it were their own, so you could find yourself a plethora of new applicants just as soon as the afternoon sermon is over. You’ve simply got to provide potential renters with the information they need to see the value in what you have. Take some time, make your place look great, and you’ll create a winning first impression that people will love. Eliminate any negative encounters and people will spread the word for you that you’ve got a pretty awesome place to rent.
Market this aspect as much as possible because pet friendly communities are few and far between.

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