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Social media marketing is dominated by Facebook with research revealing that over 90% of all social marketing endeavours include a Facebook marketing campaign. Twitter is still used by brands and organisations to engage with an audience and run marketing promotions but its lack of a self service advertising platform has restricted its ease of use as a marketing tool.
Many companies marketing teams are still learning to optimise and utilise the reach and the power of  Facebook’s 800 million users as a marketing platform, from when to post an update to what are the best tactics to implement. Here are some infographics that will provide some tips, tactics and insights into the world of Facebook marketing. Facebook was founded in 2004 and its main revenue driver is its self service advertising platform that allows companies to create design and place their own banner advertisements on Facebook. The number of Facebook marketing strategies and tactics that you can create comes down to the creativity of the marketing team.
The battle for the marketing dollar is dependent on many factors and this infographic looks at the factors that help drive those decisions such as. By the way thanks for posted and really useful and interesting article, and  absolutely agree with the methods you have mentioned above.

Facebook with research revealing that over 90% of all social marketing endeavours include a Facebook marketing campaign.  thanks for this great info. It was a pleasure to hear Matthew Dixon, co-author of The Challenger Sale, speak earlier this week at the InsideView Insider Summit in San Francisco. In addition to highlights of his ongoing research of sales organizations worldwide, he focused on a few new ideas and trends I wanted to highlight here. Relationship sellers, in his view, focus on reducing constructive tension and therefore end up decreasing the sense of urgency to move forward with a change or purchase. Sign up for our newsletterReceive the latest B2B news, trends and helpful how-to’s delivered to your inbox every month. It was only in July of 2009 that the self serving feature for brands to advertise was introduced. He’s a high-energy, fast-paced speaker who goes far beyond just reiterating the key points of his seminal book.
But Matthew challenged the crowd to think instead about developing a ROPE calculator, which stands for Return on Pain Eliminated.

From his perspective, emotional intelligence is far preferable, especially when you’re looking to hire and train new reps into a more diagnostic, teach-centric sales model. But Matthew wants more companies to increase the level of tension sales teams create, specifically related to challenging their status quo and forcing them to rethink whether what they’re doing currently is producing the best, most efficient results possible. Challenger sellers increase that tension but do it in a way that introduces and reinforces the value for the buyer in alleviating that tension for the good of the organization. Facebook is a winner over top of Twitter, but Twitter has it’s own unique look and feel.

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