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In case you didn’t already know, using social media for content marketing ideas is one of the best ways to ensure your messaging is aligned with your target demographics.
Blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, webinars and videos are various forms of marketing content. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Tumblr give you an opportunity to engage directly with potential customers. Companies that are new to this concept must know how to use it effectively to get the most out of the experience.
As a general rule of business, companies should pay attention to current events and trends on television, social networks and RSS feeds for information that could effect their market.
By following trends and conversations discussed on forums, content ideas may be generated and discussed. As the creative director and chief executive coffee drinker Steve Floyd works hard to make sure all of AXZM's clients are happy with their product and new business keeps walking through the door.
Steve's knowledge in the world of Open Source software (like Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla) combined with 7 years of organic Search Engine Marketing experience has positioned AXZM to compete with some of the largest marketing firms in North Texas.
Contact us now for any information you might have regarding pricing, installation, quotes, custom builds, seo, design, etc. One of the reasons we started our business was to always meet new and interesting people and help make their ideas come to life.
Accounting for inflation since 1974, building the Six Million Dollar Man would now cost $29,308,052. The Marketing Ideas Academy is a powerful online course, full of time-tested, proven marketing ideas that—when used daily—are GUARANTEED to achieve results for your business.
Valentine’s Day is literally just around the corner, but it’s not too late to reach your customers!
It's easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest marketing techniques as more and more come our way, but it's always important to take a step back and make sure that you have a good foundation in place and none of your previous tactics are slipping. In local marketing, businesses put a lot of effort at the start and then let it fall by the wayside as the year moves on.
Local SEO means you're optimizing your website for the local web search so that your business shows up in a location-specific query.
As Google prioritizes local listings and puts them at the top of the search engine results page (SERP), it's an excellent way to gain visibility. When it comes to local search, there is less competition because you're only dealing with your competitors in the area. Google's research on understanding consumer's local search behavior reveals a great information for small business owners. 50 percent of mobile users and 34 percent of tablet or computer users visit a store within a day of their local search. It's a big topic, but it mainly has to do with making sure you have local accounts on all of the major search engines (Bing, Yahoo!, and Google) and use of right local keywords for the target audience and area. Social networks aren't always the first thing companies think while building local marketing strategies, but Facebook advertising is an exception. Reviews are becoming the "must-have" in 2016 for all companies, particularly, who focus on local search marketing.
Get your products listed on all of the major reviews sites -- notably Yelp, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Consumer Reports, Amazon and more -- and then make sure that you're managing those websites.
In other words, keep your information up to date and completed, and always be ready to tackle the negative reviews in a healthy way. Although you aren't allowed to offer any gift for an excellent review, build more confidence by working hard on your product's improvement.
By putting a "Review Us" link on your homepage, talking with your loyal customers, and urging your social community to get involved, you can help increase your numbers over and over again.
It's tough to work with your competition when it comes to local marketing, but you can build your online empire with complementary companies.
For example, a content marketing agency in the area may want to team up with a web design company, a dog treat company may want to team up with a dog groomer, or even a lawyer may find it beneficial to partner with a personal finance accountant.
Join your local Chamber of Commerce and event committees to get involved and get your business out there. If you're the type of company that can create memorabilia for your business, hosting your local events or setting up a booth at other events is the perfect place to make this happen and, hopefully, see some free exposure in the future. Write a brief introduction about your product, and then list 8 – 10 bullet points clearly stating the benefits your product can give them – and then segue into your pitch.
Something crucial (and unusual) you must do to every closet in your house before you show it to a would-be buyer! Writing emails is really the most profitable thing you can do when it comes to email marketing.
Once you’ve finished, you can then go back to do your editing… and… you will most likely delete a couple of paragraphs out of your message. I would simply just go through the titles of the movies until I saw one that caught my attention, and that I could adapt to my market.
This is a list building method I’ve talked about extensively over the years so I won’t go into too much detail here.
Creating high converting squeeze pages means you must blindly opt people onto your email list. What if you created a long-form squeeze page with a tremendous (yes, t-r-e-m-e-n-d-o-u-s) amount of high quality content on the actual squeeze page?
They may not be consciously aware of it at the time but, the difference in perception is the difference between making a sale… and… not making a sale. Now, as I said, this has nothing to do with airy fairy self-help nonsense… and has everything to do with plain old common sense. In short: You’re essentially following the written law of copywriting, which is, to write like you speak. Listen: Your email messages are going to be the difference between you building a sustainable business, or struggling to make ends meet.
You have a systemized task in place to sit down and craft a great email message and then simply distribute that message out to other sources.
Think about it: You now just have to focus on writing one solid piece of content and that same content will then be out there bringing more traffic back to your sites. Finding the right tone and topics is much easier when you can actually see what a person in a particular niche or industry cares about.
Good content can be used to educate clients, create awareness and to drive traffic to websites and other media outlets. The main goal of this type of marketing is to establish the company as a leader in the industry by building trust, credibility and informing the public of its products and services. Many companies can look at a news story and determine how the event will affect their consumers.

Many companies post links on Twitter or Facebook for all the members of the community to view. Many marketing strategists follow an individual’s Twitter feed to determine what the customer talks about aside from their company’s product or service. We often find ourselves throwing awesome events and having great news to share with others. For example, "Laundromats near me" or "best coffee in New York City" would both be considered local searches. Even if you're a national company, or you work only online, local SEO can still make an enormous difference in your business.
Like Google, Facebook also knows buying and click patterns of all their one billion plus users. According to a BrightLocal study, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Makes sense but, setting a low-barrier to entry product in your funnel for $7, $10 $17 or $27 will not generate you as many buyers as a $1 product will. I think it may be because they just don’t get how important it is, or, they honestly have never thought about it before.
I don’t believe there’s such a thing, but if you want another approach that’s less ‘in y o ur fa ce’ you can simply list off some of the biggest benefits they’ll get by at least staying on your list for a couple of emails. They have a mountain of email to get through in any given day, so we must write at a 6th grade level so our emails a very easy to consume.
The easier your message is to consume, the more chance it will be read all the way through. I think many people are in a similar situation these days… and… because of this, they end up sending very few emails at all. Looking at the list as I write this, I see No 6 on the list is… “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” Now, if I want to adapt that to an email, I’d simply create one around the concept… “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Email Marketing.” I would then start to write an email highlighting the good points of email marketing, the bad points, and the downright ugly points.
In other words, the less information you have on your squeeze page, the higher opt in conversions. Fact is, how your message is perceived by your subscribers, has a lot (and I mean, a lot) to do with the mood you’re in when writing.
Besides, if you’re not in a good state, chances are your message will be disjointed and rushed. Most see email writing as a separate thing to content creation, but email writing “is” content creation.
And don’t forget that when you focus on one piece of content, it automatically cuts down on info overload and procrastination. Even if it takes you an hour to write one email message, you know that it can be then used on your blog, Flakebook and any other web spaces you currently create content for. Content marketing is nothing new, but using social search in combination with keyword demographics to develop a highly refined content marketing strategy is.
This practice will help business owners learn about the trends in the industry and the concerns of customers who use similar products or services.
It will also provide insight into how to tailor your company’s sales and marketing strategy.
When media sites are linked to content relating to an event that could affect your company’s product, this will usually generate interest and traffic to your website. Content can be used to facilitate conversations that may gain more interest in products or services and compel customers to buy. The insight can shape the decisions made by the company when developing a marketing strategy. Consider how social media can be used to generate content marketing ideas and potentially, increase revenue through sales conversions. As a married father of four, it's usually about whose turn it is to pick out the story at bedtime.
As Google and consumers like to see companies with strong reviews, get ready for more sales.
Advertise in the local papers, and even host your event to get people excited about a product launch or simply bring the community together. We call this a tripwire product because it trips so many people up at the beginning of our funnel… to make an impulse buying decision. Just make sure your bullets highlight the most powerful benefits of what your product can give to them. Clearing your throat when writing, is essentially getting all the crap out of the way early on. This way you’re sure to get momentum, and through momentum, you will begin to gain clarity.
In the beginning of your email marketing campaigns this looks great, but when you look at your open rates over the course of your campaign, you quickly realize that (on average) 90% of your list is worthless. Think of the quality of a subscriber who signs up to a list via a content rich blog, compared to a subscriber who signs up on a thin squeeze page? Just like the mood you’re in when talking to someone “one-on- one” has a big influence on the conversation, when writing, the effects are exactly the same.
I’m constantly amazed how little effort people put into their email marketing, and instead, waste all their time looking for traffic to build their list even bigger, only to find they still can’t make any money. I get it, sitting down to craft a good email can be the equivalent to writing a blog post and, if you’re writing daily emails this can indeed be an arduous task. You’re essentially spending less time and getting more content out there to many more people. After all, it’s far easier to motivate yourself to write just one piece of content knowing it can be leveraged to bring you a lot more in return for the time and effort you put into it. Keep in mind that, the main goal for this strategy is to get you writing great emails to your list.
Inbound marketing like social media, pay per click advertising, organic seo and email as well as content marketing work in symphony to achieve a common goal: Conversions.
When loyal relationships are established, customers are more likely to buy products or services. Many companies use social media as an extension of their customer service channels with great success. This can be beneficial to companies who want to make sure marketing budgets are allocated towards customers who will make frequent purchases.
If, for instance, a customer makes comments about a particular computer, and the company has noticed that the customer also spoke about VoIP, the company may create computer features to make it easier for customers to participate in VoIP conversations. Offline businesses have been using this strategy for years… and… a few businesses have adapted the concept to their online businesses too. Some of the best copywriters in the world have pages and pages of bullet points inside their sales messages.

When you sit down to write your message, the worst thing you can do is to keep going back to edit what you’ve just written. You may even find that half way through writing your message that a great idea pops into your head.
All we’re doing is looking for a spark to ignite our imagination… and this method works ridiculously well. And on the surface it looks like an obvious thing to do but, in my experience that’s not always the best approach to email marketing. I’d even go as far to say that, when writing, your mood affects your message far more than it does when talking directly to someone face-to-face.
Well guess what Sherlock, crap email messages to 100 people are just as worthless as crap email messages to 1000 people.
Plus, you have the added benefit of being more focused on your initial content task, because one message expands to get you further reach. With better products and services, the sales process becomes easier because companies are selling to a group of people who helped to develop items according to their preferences. For a list of useful and free social search tools that you can use to uncover content marketing ideas, see my previous post on the topic 5 Free Social Search Tools. No, what we’re doing here is “reselling” our new subscribers on the importance of staying on our email list.
A prospect can be reading a lengthy sales letter, and just one bullet point on that sales letter can tip the buying decision in their mind, and get you the sale.
In cases like this you would delete everything you wrote previous – and start a new message. If you’re in a happy state, that will certainly come across in your writing, and therefore, will be picked up by your subscriber on an unconscious level. You can achieve this by doing a small bit of exercise for 5 minutes before you sit down to write. If nobody is around to take the piss out of you, I suggest you have this imaginary conversation out loud. Rather than sitting down to write a blog post, then a Flakebook message, then create a video, and write an email, why not spend a good 30 minutes or more writing a great email message… and then turn that same email message into a blog post and even create a video or Flakebook status update too. Listen: You shouldn’t be focusing any of your attention on the people who clearly don’t want to be on your list. Your focus should be on building an email list chocked full of people who do get you… and… it’s your job to dismiss and ignore the people who do n’t get you. Many customers prefer this method of selling over other methods of selling because it seems less invasive and more consultative. Having a $1 tripwire product in place at the beginning of your funnel guarantees you get at least (in most cases) triple the amount of buyers onto your email list. Working off templates fixes your mind on a particular area you can solely focus on… and… it makes it that much easier to research or come up with ideas to write about. You give way great content on your squeeze page and then ask them to sign up for more content. I’d argue that your emails are more important than blog posts, and certainly (100%) more important than Flakebook status updates. Leveraging just one piece of content will not only save you a lot of time, but will also help you focus on creating much better content. We all have a select few people we’re friends with and, we are friends with those people because they are a lot like us. For instance: On Monday, I would go over to IMDB (Internet Movie Data-Base) and look up the top 100 movies of all time.
Sure, your opt-in conversions are lower, but you can be sure that the responsiveness of your list is that much higher. Trust me on this one, this will have a massive impact on your communication skills and will help you easily gain rapport with the people reading your messages.
Works like magic… and… actually makes you a lot more money than if you sold the same $1 product for 20 times more. The truth is, your biggest unsubscribe rate is going to be at the very beginning of your email campaign. If your emails are crap, and you only write email messages to sell stuff, then maybe you need to look at why people are unsubscribing but, if you write personality driven emails that give value to your list, you shouldn’t give a damn if people leave. Just keep in mind that your tripwire product must be a valuable product, and it must be positioned as a valuable product.
I guarantee that you’ll begin to write like you speak and will find it a lot easier to write in a conversational tone understood by your audience.
If your goal is to connect with everyone on your list on a personal level, you’re going to connect with no one. It is, but in order to build that relationship you must be willing to get rid of the people who don’t want to be there.
So while they are fresh on your list and thinking of hitting that “unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of your thank you email, you must resell them on why they should stay. If you’re not pissing someone off on your list, you’re not doing a very good job of polarizing your message and trying to build solid relationships with likeminded people. In my humble and very accurate opinion, you must be getting unsubscribes with every email you send. When I share this method with people, they love the idea, but are attracted by the high numbers at the opt-in process of their email campaigns… and… never follow through with it.
If you aren’t, you’re a spineless wimp afraid to speak your mind and polarize your message to ONLY connect with people like you… and… to get rid of others who are not like you. Personally, I tell them to stay until they read a couple of my emails, after that they can do whatever they please. I also state very clearly that I really don’t care if they unsubscribe, in fact, I’m more than happy to see them go. As long as your goal is to provide value, you should only be worried about the people who stay on your list, not the ones who leave. I’m telling you to give them a reason to stay, but at the same time I’m telling my new subscribers I’m happy to see them go. When people realize you don’t care whether they stay or go, they will automatically believe you have something different to offer than the rest of the other vanilla marketers lists they’re on.

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