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In this article on Guerilla Marketing Ideas I will show you how you can make the most of limited resources by using the Guerilla Marketing concepts of being bold, creative, unexpected and engaging. Guerilla Marketing Ideas: Being UnexpectedThe first of the guerilla marketing strategies I want to discuss is Saatchi & Saatchi's ingenious conversion of manhole covers into ads for Folgers coffee. As unscientific an approach as it may seem, "bigger is better" is something that still holds true for a lot of sales and marketing. What you see time and time again is that companies with the best sales and marketing approach win out over their competitors who actually offer a better product.
This is very similar to the first example where I suggested thinking about things like interestingly-shaped flyers or branded gifts to give customers; can you come up with some kind of cool toy or gimmick that is something neat to play with or use but as well advertises what you do and your strong selling points really well? I hope these guerilla marketing ideas were useful in getting you thinking about your own sales and marketing ideas and strategies that you can put into use on a much smaller budget. Do you have insights, strategies or a story about Guerrilla Marketing to share with other readers? In these tricky economic conditions, dozens of small businesses are closing on a day-to-day basis. People who have a brick and mortar business have their battle in their hands particularly if they sell anything which is sold by these giant chains.
So as to market the product successfully, you’ve got to be an expert and unique in what you do and provide best customer services to draw in and retain customers. Look at what the major chains do NOT offer and you’ll see that consumer service is a thing of the past, their stores all look the same and if they have not got what you want, you are sunk. On a local strip I recently asked 11 small business owners if they have their own website and only one said yes. All a small local business needs is a Google map of where they are a page explaining what they do, a section that gives opening hours and contact information, some great photos and perhaps a record of the business and that is it! Add an opt in box and a monthly newsletter can go out, chits can be sent and sales narrated, and with the addition of some affiliate advertizing the site can essentially make the business owner some money even after covering the minor costs concerned.
PS: Need some marketing ideas for small business to help you get more customers?Click here for access. If you enjoyed this post on marketing ideas for small business, then please retweet and comment below. By bobclark On February 7, 2013 · 4 Comments Few tasks in business are fraught with as much undo anxiety and emotion as naming your company. The Objective of a Company Name – The objective of choosing a name is the same as the objective of any other business activity, to create value.
Bridlewood Tackle will, over time, come to be known simply as Bridlewood, but the other elements provide identification and credibility.
Synthesize for Company Name Ideas –Once you have the grid filled in, now us the time to be creative.
Flyers are still useful promotional tools for promoting your business, services, products, events and the like. Outside of your online presence a flyer is useful for sharing and passing along your message to not only those who know you, or frequent your online presence, but they are useful for reaching outside of those individuals; because they are easy to share physically or digitally. Marketing materials are simple items you can handout such as brochures and flyers that promote your business. Include enough information to point out who your target market is and the solutions you provide for them. Flyers can be shared in multiple areas, but it’s important that they are shared only in places your ideal client will see them.
Don’t assume the world is interested in your information, only those who have problems related to your solution care. Social Media- post an image as your business page status, add an image to your photo section, or an event posting; and encourage others to share your flyer. Newsletters-is there an organization or business, that shares your ideal client, that can promote your flyer to their subscribers on their electronic or physical newsletter?

Public Speaking Engagements-share your flyer at your event or at someone else’s event; they can be placed in registration packets, at product tables, or left on all the participants seats.
Blog Post-create a blog post to share your flyer image; from your post you and your readers can share it on social media.
Email-send out an email with your flyer’s image to your list; if you have a relationship or partnership with other businesses that share your ideal client ask them to send your flyer out to their list. Promote your talent or expertise with a short bio, picture, and a list of keywords related to your skills.
To promote your new product: use an image of your product, its description, and its features and benefits. To promote your blog create a blog post summary or a short blog post with links to your blog.
To promote your ideas share a few tips related to the solutions you offer for your ideal client’s challenges.
To promote your articles or work create a list of where to find examples of your work online; if you have created a portfolio use the flyer to promote it.
While promoting her business at an interior design association luncheon, before or after her 15 minute presentation, Kandi can pass out a flyer promoting her free offer to build her email list. Stacey is unable to attend a large teen conference and purchases a full-page advertisement in the program book; the advertisement promotes her coaching program, and has a call to action that directs teen girls to go to her website. Flyers should be done in a creative, clear, and clutter free manner in order to grab your ideal clients attention.
Remember your flyer should represent your brand not only in design but in the way you distribute them. Please subscribe to my monthly newsletter, The Savvy Entrepreneur E-zine: Your Report for Business Success.
Stephanie, these are great tips that came at just the right time since I have a flyer I need to do for an upcoming project. I like the idea of creating a blog post and advertising it on a flyer… It would be cool to create something not disimmiliar to a twitter card and using a large photo, a QR code to a responsive page, even something to get email opt ins. You can use these concept to be more successful in your sales and marketing efforts regardless of your budget and beat out bigger, better-funded competitors.More than anything else I want to impress on your the basic philosophy of Guerilla Marketing which is you can too.
What this guerilla marketing approach does is break into the day to day lives and thoughts of commuters and passerbys by introducing a familiar concept in a novel new way. Granted, you may not have the budget to pay the City of New York and hire a creative team to put together a similar concept for you.
From the famous Goodyear blimp to McDonald's huge golden arches, if it stands out in real life it stands out in customers' minds. What this shows you is the power of guerilla marketing ideas to help reshape the way customers think about your business without knowing anything about your product or service.
Perhaps you have implemented a new strategy that is working really well or have insights into utilizing Guerrilla Marketing in the Internet age. But there still exists a bunch of reduced cost or free marketing ideas for small business.The low price offerings of big outlets like Target and Wal-mart on a variety of items from electronics to clothing in an effort to control the market will continually cause the small business to fail. Local businesses are what make a community and folks who’ve chosen to start their own businesses have a taste for what they do and they really like to help when was the last time that happened in your local Wal-mart? They most likely do not know that Google really loves small business and always will pull a small business to the apex of a search page, by somebody putting in the name of a city and whatever they are on the lookout for.
There are always local directories, for instance thru the local Chamber of Commerce, where you can list your site, regularly for a small fee or free.
If you need to start your own business the market is completely open to help these folks out and make yourself a great living, I just wish I had the time. Just like a small high street business, a website should offer helpful information, great buyer service and brand itself as being unique. All documents should include your business name, tagline, contact information, and a logo in colors that appeal to your ideal client.

If you are not the host of the event get permission weeks in advance of the event and arrange an appropriate dissemination method.
The call to action instructs them to go to her website and subscribe; and in return they will receive her guide for self-esteem and her monthly e-zine for free. Be mindful of how you distribute and the frequency in which you promote them; you don’t want to become annoying. When you subscribe you will receive a copy of my 27 page e-report, Navigating Through The Sales Funnel: Developing Your Plan For Client.
You’ve just totally inspired me to create a flyer (or postcard) that I can leave at my gym or other appropriate places to promote my coaching services! However, what if you have an opportunity to be in front of your target audience and they are not on your list?
As long as you use a link shortener on your Analytics code everything can be carefully tracked. You can create customers, be persuasive, expand your market, increase sales and create the impact that bigger companies do. The point here is to focus the attention of the customer on something they are familiar with or is a part of their day-to-day environment but in a new and exciting way. How can you be bold in your advertising, displays or your general approach to marketing yourself "bigger" and sticking out?
When small business fail competing against these giant companies, many folks have a tendency to lose their livelihood and valuable resources are lost by communities.Therefore how is a small business to remain afloat in these difficult times? With the emergence of the Internet and social media, flyers can take on a digital presence in the form of an image and posted on the Internet, social media, or in an email. She emails them and asked for their support by simply sharing her flyer on their social media platforms and in groups they are linked to in the fashion and beauty industry.
You may be working on a smaller scale than organizations with multi-million dollar marketing budgets but the point is the the small guy can win using these techniques and you too can create more business than you can handle.
Just do it!Guerilla Marketing Ideas: Being CreativeYou've got to love this ad by Miele that shows one of its vacuum cleaners sucking a hot air balloon out of the sky. Marketing intelligently!Guerilla Marketing Ideas: Being EngagingWhat a cool concept, a straw that advertises Yoga Center by showing someone bending over backwards in a yoga position! Rather, think of cool new ways to attract their attention and get them experiencing something fresh and new that relates back to you in a positive way.In order to be successful in sales and marketing using guerilla marketing ideas you have to be able to live up to the image and impression that you create. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. I agree Rachel, business owners should use wise stewardship when using paper flyers-they should also consider cost and ROI.
This is a real winner, one of those guerilla marketing ideas that is creative, unexpected as well as engages the customer by virtue of the fact that it is probably something you are going to use or keep around (e.g. Do not go "over the top" and do something potentially embarrassing, harmful or in bad taste. Awe, mostly, followed by the (somewhat illogical) thought that if Nike can do this they must be able to make great soccer shoes!
The answer is creativity and being able to connect the concept of suction power in such an incredible and visually appealing way. Remember that you want customers to come to you feeling good and not be put off by your advertising concept or think that it is just plain silly! Customers are impressed with the creative execution and "wow" factor and so Miele scores points for its brand.

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