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Growing your database can seem daunting, though, with the number of tactics at your disposal. Digging deeper in the Benchmark Report, we find this tactic was only the sixth-most used among the 10 listed.
Website registration pages are, far-and-away, the most popular tactic for growing email lists, with 75% of email marketers using them.
Adding several calls-to-action to join your list throughout your website is an effective tactic, and you can greatly improve results by following best practices.
This information is pretty consistent with what we’ve discovered at Digett while working to grow our own list.
Hi Adam: Wondering who I can speak with about getting permission to use a high-res version of that chart above. We’ve found much success collecting emails at our fundraiser and events using just a few ipads for our volunteers to use. We also found that sending folks an email at least 24 hours after the event with a call to action resulted in a donation or followup by a higher percentage that someone who signed up to our website.
The views and opinions expressed in this blog are strictly those of the author and do not necessarily reflect in any way the views of MarketingSherpa, its affiliates, or its employees. Despite advances in technology over the last few decades that brought us Internet marketing, email marketing and social media marketing, direct mail marketing is still one of the best ways to reach audiences.
In a previous post, we discussed methods for compiling your direct marketing mailing lists.  Compiling your mailing list is just the first step, though. Segmentation is basically organizing your list into smaller groups, and then treating each segment as a separate audience when it comes to your direct mailing. Marketing messages are not “one size fits all.” Different messages appeal to different people. Segmenting can not only help you increase responses and sales, it can save money and wasted efforts.
Age – Knowing the general age range of the people on your list can be helpful for removing those not in your target audience or adjusting the messaging of your direct mail communications. Industry – If you’re marketing to other businesses, you may encounter leads and contacts across many different industries. Job Function – With B2B marketing, your direct mail list could contain information on people in a range of different job functions, from office admin to salespeople to developers to executives and more. Purchase Information – Use information about customer purchases and purchase frequency to craft your message. Purchase Cycle – Do you see the same customers or same types of customers on a weekly, monthly, seasonal or annual basis?
Frequency – With every brand, there are “frequent fliers” and solo sales and a range of different types of buyers in between.
Changes in Behavior – A change in buying behavior can indicate a customer is becoming more or less interested in your brand. Referring Customers – We love referring customers, they are often responsible for helping us get new customers. Combination – There’s no reason why you should just stick with one style of segmenting. Other Factors – With enough data on your customers, you can segment your lists out in multiple ways. Effective segmentation is vital for successful direct mailings.   Once you have segmented your list, you have created a foundation from which to launch more effective direct mail-out campaigns.

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Doing so will help keep your engagement numbers healthy and ensure your brand is connecting with new prospects.
Their popularity remains above 70% across email marketers who target consumers, businesses or a mix of both.
Kodak, for example, captured 33% more email subscribers by updating its email capture form, adding more opt-in requests, and adding a capture form to Facebook. Most of our new subscribers come from landing pages: they fill out a form to get a whitepaper, and sign up for the newsletter in the process.
However, the success of a direct mail marketing campaign is dependent on the quality of the mailing list you use to send marketing materials.
To make your postcard campaign or other direct mail marketing the most effective and successful it can be, you must segment your mailing list. The groups are divided up according to shared similarities and noted differences between people in your contact list.
It does this by helping you target the customers who are more likely to buy and identify customers in your list that are less likely to take you up on your offer, allowing you to direct your efforts to more fruitful endeavors.
Knowing where your contacts live can be powerful information when it comes to trying to get them to buy.
If you have a wide product offering that extends across genders, consider segmenting your list with gender in mind. Crafting your message to appeal to people within certain industries can allow you to add another level of personalization to your direct mail marketing. Segmenting your list by job function and even seniority level can help you target the right people in an organization. A long-term loyalty program probably won’t appeal as much to someone who has never tried your product or service. Segment out the frequent buyers, infrequent buyers and the customers who have only ever made one purchase and craft your  marketing messages for each. For example, a customer who is buying less and less might need a little extra love, whereas a customer who is buying on a regular basis might not need as much coaxing. Targeting your biggest brand advocates with refer-a-friend discounts, samples and free trials could get them gabbing away even more to their friends about how much they like your brand. Online Visitors – If you have both a brick-and-mortar location and an ecommerce website, segment your list based on how your customers like to shop. For example, once you have your segments divided by age, you could divide them again by geography and again by income until you have highly targeted segments. The only limits on how you segment are dependent on how much information you have about your clients and target customers. For the most part, the more specific your segmenting, the more targeted your marketing messages can be, the better results your direct mail marketing efforts will produce.
Use these segments to focus your message, target the right people, and ultimately get a higher or better level of response.

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They just signed up for your emails and want to click and open them.For this reason (and many others) you should always strive to grow your email list. You can also segment to test which approaches seem to work better to gain the best responses for future mailings. If you’re a brick-and-mortar business with one location, you wouldn’t want to send in-store offers to people who live in another state, right? However, this mode of segmentation shouldn’t stand alone, it should be used in combination with other factors, such as age, affluence, etc. Use past purchase information to discover upsell opportunities for additional services or products that recipients might enjoy.
Segment your direct mail list based on customers’ purchase cycle so you can be there at their moment of need. Set up separate marketing messages for those at the top of your sales funnel, in the middle of your sales funnel, and at the bottom of the sales funnel. You can give coupons and invites to in-store events to the customers that give you foot traffic, while those that visit your webstore might receive different offers that can only be redeemed online. For example, one type of customer you might be targeting could be stay-at-home moms who have young children in the house and live within 10 miles of your business. Experiment with combinations of segments that work well for your product or mailing list until you find formulas that work for you.
The more data you collect on your customers, the more effective your marketing messages will be. What do you do when someone in your  marketing list doesn’t fit obviously into any particular segment, or perhaps he or she fits into more than one? Doing so will help keep your engagement numbers healthy and ensure your brand is connecting with new prospects.Growing your database can seem daunting, though, with the number of tactics at your disposal. The chart is pulled from the all new MarketingSherpa 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report. Another persona could be a childless high-level executive with very little free time but lots of money to spend.
The answer is up to you and other people in your business working closely with the mailing list. The people you imagined as I described them are very different, and their needs are different. Use discretion to determine which of the segments this person’s characteristics match the best. With these personas in mind, you can direct your marketing messages to appeal to their lifestyle.
But before you can segment your list into personas, you’ll have to determine the personas of your typical customers and use your list data to segment them into those categories.

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