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Marketing research studies customers and consumers and what drives them to make purchasing decisions, so businesses can improve their use of and understanding of marketing.
The master of marketing research (MMR) degree is designed to prepare individuals with diverse backgrounds for careers in marketing research and to meet the need of businesses, government or nonprofit organizations for competent marketing research professionals. The MSMI is ideal for people with prior experience in marketing, market research, or advertising who want to focus their careers on marketing intelligence.
As a courtesy to MS in Marketing Intelligence applicants, the admissions staff offers a preliminary review option. Within five business days, our admissions team will respond with an assessment of your likelihood of admittance.
The MSMI application process is streamlined, to make it efficient for both you and Fordham.
Graduates of Fordham’s Master of Science in Marketing Intelligence degree are hired by top global companies. Neil Sheth is the founder of Only Way Online, a digital marketing agency which specialises in increasing website traffic and leads for businesses. Business magnate, innovator, champion of clean energy, revolutionary bringing humankind further into the deepness of space--Elon Musk is deserving of many titles.
Elon Musk may not be the Tony Stark of charisma, but his marketing expertise certainly places him alongside the likes of Don Draper. Here's three strategies taken straight from the pages of Musk's international marketing success.
Like how Nirvana is synonymous with grunge music, hearing the word "Elon Musk" brings up images of innovation (Tesla), clean energy (SolarCity), and space travel (SpaceX).
When designing the Model X, Musk was very aware of the competition, such as the BMW X5 and the Porsche Cayenne; he knew what they were, and he knew what they weren't. To make yourself stand out, you need to know your competition (to actually stand out from them).
He wasn't just promoting his product, he was sticking up for it like a good pal, and people admired that.
But as Musk drops hints, builds suspense, and turns millions of potential customers into product evangelists on Twitter, you still won't find his face and words on every available marketing channel. Therefore, if you are at the beginning stages of growing your business, you need to determine and categorize your customers. For example, REI has mastered content outreach by curtailing content to reach its audience of active, outdoorsy folk.
In other words, publish useful, interesting content that people will share and talk about, and publish often. Elon Musk and Tesla have cornered their niches, they've turned customers into evangelists, and most importantly, they provide online users with a positive experience based around useful content instead of zealous sales pitches around every corner. The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK has merged the IAB Board and Mobile Board to put mobile at the centre of everything the trade body does. For the last six years, both groups have played a pivotal role in setting the strategy and direction of the IAB across online and mobile. The IAB Board is the main leadership group at the IAB, providing the trade body with its long-term strategy, coming together to make collaborative tactical decisions on behalf of the digital advertising industry.
Goals for 2015 include highlighting the strengths of digital as a branding medium and ensuring the advertiser can connect with consumers equally effectively across multiple devices.
When I first entered the world of inbound marketing I completely overlooked the power of buyer personas. To create these personas you will need to pull statistics from your web traffic, compile current customer demographics from your sales team, and do your own research on who wants or needs what your business is offering. Though buyer persona creation can be a little time consuming, the value far outweighs the time spent.

The United States of America is a large country in North America, often referred to as the "USA", the "US", the "United States", "America", or simply "the States". The MS in Marketing Intelligence gives you hands-on experience with data, lets you work with real New York City companies—like the Food Network—and teaches you how to generate real-world marketing intelligence. And it’s why so many students in this marketing master’s degree are hired almost immediately after graduation. While this review does not represent an official offer of admission, it can be a help before you take the required tests. Yet, when the billionaire entrepreneur takes the stage, his frequent ums and ahs and his overall awkwardness have shown he's not quite the charismatic leader you'd expect at the forefront of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, SolarCity, Paypal, and more. It's a finesse of the marketplace comparable to Steve Jobs, and Musk's unconventional wisdom of brand awareness, hype, and product confidence has landed him another title: Silicon Valley's best marketer. As Elon Musk has shown, the golden tongue of marketing is a relic, but the need for a brilliant marketing plan garnished with dashes of diligence and innovation is just as important, if not more so, in today's media concentrated world.
You may not have the Model X, but with the right marketing plan, your product might as well be one.
The only thing like the Tesla Model X is the Tesla Model S, and everything else is an imitator. Personal finance was already crowded when Mint entered the scene, and in the beginning, the company moseyed about and remained fairly unknown. With 2.82 million followers on Twitter, Musk can boost international interest and hype in 140 characters or less.
Compared to Musk's 2.82 million Twitter followers, the ~15,000 likes on the Elon Musk Community Page on Facebook doesn't seem to represent a man who's Tweets can affect millions in Tesla's market value. Out of all the social media platforms available at your fingertips, you need to determine which carries your core audience. As a retailer of upscale fashion, Instagram is the best channel to show images curtailed for their fashion-centric audience. Your content will attract new customers, satisfy current followers, and build relationships throughout the market. User forums and community were a key part of the Tesla online experience right from the beginning.
With these three strategies, along with innovations particular to your brand, you can form a community while keeping your brand's followers at the edge of their seats for the next big reveal, exclusive deal, or captivating social media post.
The IAB says the board merger reflects the growing importance of mobile to the digital industry as smartphones and tablets are now the most commonly used internet-enabled devices.
The Board inputs into the direction of IAB projects as they are executed and works with the IAB team to set KPIs for the trade body.
Simply put, buyer personas are a profile of the ideal customer for a particular business or brand.
As we’ve mentioned before, buyer personas truly are the cornerstones upon which your marketing strategy is built.
We made up a little worksheet to get your personas underway.  First few pages are general questions addressed in this post then it really drills down and gets specific so you can fully formulate you perfect buyer personas.
They are also an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your peers, many of whom will have similar A-level and undergraduate qualifications.
Seeing how few competitors were publishing content on personal finance, Mint took the initiative and committed to hundreds of high-quality content pieces and attention-grabbing infographics. Establish your reach through the one or two platforms your ideal audience will see and follow.
Nordstrom customers love to share its photos, and you can see substantial brand consistency that keeps customers coming back to them, excitedly awaiting the next post. Mention Tesla in a party or a forum, and you're bound to attract heaps of enthusiasts (and naysayers) who form an active part of Tesla's community.

Tesla encourages as much interaction as possible, with the company as well as other community members, all of which provides rich foundations of content.
Mix things up so that your brand reaches blog readers, YouTube or Vimeo watchers, social media scrollers, and so forth. Recent stats from the IAB and UKOM showed that consumers spend 1 hour and 37 minutes per day on their smartphones and tablets, compared to just 1 hour 16 minutes on desktop. We don’t need a long drawn out process to determine a ‘persona’ for an effective marketing strategy, right? Here at What She Said we have quite a few as our services attract all kinds of different brands and industries. The launch of the Tesla Model X literally took the world by storm, and it was covered by news media worldwide. Mint was then later sold to Intuit for a whopping $170 million, and it holds its place as the standard for personal finance. REI isn't just selling paddle boards, it's providing great information to its community as well as non-customer, outdoor enthusiasts curious about the activity. Here are 4 ways you can use the character of your buyer persona and begin your marketing story truly focusing your marketing efforts. The goals of your buyer persona will differ based on their position and duties within their organization, their purpose as a consumer, or their lifestyle habits. If this is the case, you can consider offering a free trial or limited money back guarantee to combat this protest.
You may meet some opposition within your company regarding research required to construct truly great buyer personas.
In February 2015, the New York Times wrote a negative review of the Tesla Model S, and Musk was instantly up in arms, attacking his critics.
Marketers build their content and the sales team focuses their targeting on the fictional identities of their ideal customer. Writing this out can really help the marketing and sales team stay on the same page and focus their effort collectively in order to be more effective. By forming a collection of information into a carefully thought out persona, you will create the perfect solution to the major conflict or objection and any minor obstacles that come along.
Stay strong and push through; those same people will be thanking you when your marketing strategy, founded on the personas, start increasing sales and leads. For clients developing buyer personas, we encourage going a few steps further to determine the buyer’s position in their company and level of seniority. Just like in writing a story, your business’ sole focus should be moving the customer towards solving the their problem.  You are their pain point healer, the protagonist of your story. A fully formed buyer persona is a powerful tool in your marketing strategy; with it your business will live on- happily ever after.
If you were to write the story of your business, it would be a powerful page-turner of a customer with a need or want and your business would sweep in to save the day. Your buyer’s goals and values strongly effect how they buy which should affect how you sell. Adding a personal touch to your personas make it easier for your employees to contact and understand the buyer.
This will make your character come to life because your customers are more than numbers on a page.

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