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We’re all familiar with HootSuite, TweetDeck, and other tools that are consumer or SMB-focused and we bring our frame of reference and biases to the process.
Now, if you are responsible for the social presence of a small organization, have a small social team (with no plans of growing), don’t have many social accounts on many channels, or don’t get much volume in the way of social messages, those tools will make a lot of sense for you. On the other hand, let’s say you have 3 MILLION bricks and you need to move them across town. The point is…when you hit scale, the feature requirements that you had for your smaller operation and the logistical considerations are completely different.
When you are handling a small number of conversations (or let’s just say you can manage your entire flow of inbound and outbound messages without ignoring any of them unintentionally), your requirements might be a basic multi-column layout to track all conversations along with the ability to respond with one click.
A Natural Language Processor to quickly score messages for sentiment and intent, highlighting the most excited and most angry messages immediately. Message queuing and automated workflows so teams and groups in other functions, divisions, and geographies can be notified, even if you don’t know the people by name. Global content calendaring and content suggestion capabilities so you can ensure that you have message discipline and that the most engaging content is shared in other areas.
This is just the tip of the iceberg, but without these, an organization will not have much of a chance of handling a large volume of social conversations. Now, let’s take a look at the number of users, that is employees, contractors, agencies, vendors, etc. If you are managing social yourself or with a few team members, you just want to log-in, set up, and get going. Compliance and audit trails so you can track behavior across your accounts and ensure that your any employee with access to a social account does not put your brand at undue risk.
A federated governance structure so you no longer share passwords by Excel or email and when a user leaves the organization, her access is turned off globally to all social accounts. Finally, let’s look at the number of social accounts or profiles which your organization manages.
Multi-channel support would make it possible to integrate new channels rapidly as they come online.
Account permissioning to enable (or disable) entire teams, groups, or divisions to access, post, moderate, etc.
We all love social and the possibilities it provides for us as individuals and for the organizations in our lives.
Cutting-edge innovators at the world’s most social, global brands understand this when choosing a social media management system for their large organization. If you’re at that point, you may find this helpful: 6 Must Haves for Every Enterprise Social RFP.
My book – “Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” – will show you how. Totally agree on the point that one needs to change the plans according to the scale, quantity affects quality and quality is one thing which cannot be compromised on.
I also liked the fact that you didn’t got into specific sharing platforms leaving your readers with just guidelines. If you are responsible for the social presence of a small organization, they do not have many social accounts and social messages are not many, and then social media marketing is simple.
This does not have to be reserved for enterprise organizations or even mid-market companies with deep pockets. Having some tech issues with Amazon and it will be out in the next few days on my blog as a PDF and also on Apple iTunes iBook store. Now think about most media planning systems.  As the name implies, they help you to create a media plan.
Bionic is different.  With Bionic media planning software, you get both media planning and marketing performance monitoring in one integrated system.
So, when your boss unexpectedly walks into your office or your client calls and asks you if their campaign is on track, you can answer this question without an embarrassing delay or a late night research project. Bionic Marketing Performance Management also gives you the information you need to make smart in-flight optimizations to your marketing plan: shutting down the under-performing placements and dialing up the placements that are crushing it. According to the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog, a typical marketer uses more than 100 software systems to execute their marketing programs.

The marketing automation ecosystem has become increasingly fragmented with a dizzying array of platforms and “walled gardens.” Thousands of marketing platforms have been cataloged and new ones spring up every day.
With your marketing performance data scattered in hundreds of systems and your media plan in yet another system (or in an Excel worksheet), it’s virtually impossible to make sense of all of your marketing performance data without driving yourself crazy. Bionic enables you to bring together all your performance data from all your marketing automation systems. Imagine showing up to work in the morning and knowing how well each of your marketing campaigns is doing against all of your objectives with precision of a fraction of a percent. Imagine being able to easily track the performance of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other “walled garden” platforms from one central console. Imagine being able to tie your digital advertising to offline behaviors such as in-store sales. AgencyIQ works with all major lead providers to import their leads directly into your account. Customizable rules in the system allow agents access to our robust workflow management tools.
AgencyIQ's proprietary tools enable insurance agents to immediately access a prospect's records. Round Robin (Push) a€“ Leads are routed to sales people one-at-a-time, based on business rules. Cherry Pick (Pull) - Leads are channeled into a a€?bucketa€?, where sales people can view details and identify the specific leads they want to cherry pick.
Blind (Pull) - Sales people cannot see any a€?bucketa€? lead details and will simply pull the next available lead. Shark Tank (Pull) - Leads that are not activated in a timely manner are retracted from a sales person and put into an open list environment. Direct Mail — Strategically crafted direct response creative can be triggered to release at specified time intervals, as well as when leads reach certain milestones.
Emails — Like direct mail, you can optimize your email content, then flow it out automatically to your sales prospects, at specified time intervals based on pre-determined milestones. Reminders — Friendly, encouraging reminders can be automatically triggered based on specified rules and follow-up times.
By providing intuitive data mining and reporting tools, our system allows you to quickly analyze your data. OptifiNow also makes it easy for sales lead providers to automatically flow their data directly into the system. OptifiNow accepts data from virtually every industry, and participation in the Lead Provider Integration Program is free. One way or the other, we’re ready to make your sales leads flow into the OptifiNow system in real time. OptifiNowa€™s print on demand infrastructure empowers the local rep to produce localized, personalized and relevant materials to support individual sales efforts. OPTIFINOW is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that helps sales teams engage with their customers though an integrated marketing communications platform.
A recent survey by Robert Half found that 54% of chief information officers say that real-time workplace communication tools will overtake traditional email in popularity in the next five years.
What works very well on a small basis will often times fail miserably when numbers grow by an order of magnitude. You don’t just say “well, I guess I need bigger hands or a really big bag.” No, the entire game has changed. What’s more, the company risks losing out on all of the benefits of participation (which you don’t need me to explain). In fact, Forrester Research put out an entire report just on security issues (plus, here’s a list of 22 Must Haves for secure social media deployments). I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.
Some are long-term and some are just beginning, but they are what make us connect as human beings.
It’s going to be very interesting to see how this shakes out over the next few years.

We have chosen to offer a sophisticated, integrated social marketing-sales platform that includes email, mobile, and social (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) tools, a complete Social CRM solution for SMBs plus many more features at what some would consider bargain basement prices.
But when the bell rings on the campaign launch date, that’s when the problems start “punching you in the mouth”: broken ads, under-delivery, fraud, poorly performing placements, broken conversion pages, under-performing creative, etc.
It reaches out and pulls marketing performance data from each of the marketing automation platforms involved in your campaigns: ad servers, website analytics, e-commerce systems, etc. At launch, Bionic supports 44 of the most popular marketing metrics (others will be added in order to serve client needs).
Without a good system in place, you’re entering the ring blindfolded with one hand tied behind your back. Lead management integrates business process and technology to close the loop between marketing and direct or indirect sales channels, and to drive higher-value opportunities through improved demand creation, execution and opportunity management.
Because a typical company loses between 40-80% of sales leads somewhere in the sales cycle.
We work with hundreds of lead providers and have integrated with thousands of websites and other marketing sources.
Brand compliant messaging enabled at the individual sales rep level allows for targeted, personalized and relevant emails to each customer. With its integrated direct mail infrastructure, sales reps can mail targeted, personalized and relevant pieces to individual customers a€“ one at a time!
The functionality seamlessly integrates with our CRM database to get messages and offers immediately into customers hands.
Use a single application to create, send, and track email marketing and social media marketing messages.
However, we can’t lose sight of the fact that what works for us as individuals will most definitely NOT work for the large organizations in our lives. It also includes dozens of tips to create contagious content that begs to be shared and tempts people to link to your website and blog. Not sure if that’s because no one is sure what to report or if no one is sure who should be reporting. A simple example like the bricks in this case has its own importance, it makes it very simple for people to understand even if they think it is not needed. Personally, I think the Frankenstein approach of bolting multiple apps together that were never designed to work together in the first place will be supplanted by more coherent software designs that are made to work seamlessly and that promote transparency across organizations to the benefit of all stakeholders, within and outside of the organization. Then it transforms this raw source data into standardized marketing metrics such as impressions, clicks, visits, conversions, revenue, and dozens of other metrics. Gain a powerful advantage with Bionic Marketing Performance Management and enter your next campaign fully prepared to win the marketing battle. If you aren't using a lead management system to manage your sales leads, chances are you're in the group losing a significant part of your investment in sales leads. By enabling you to provide relevant content to your prospects, based on their specific interests and needs, and delivered at the appropriate stages in their buying process.
Pinpoint the most profitable programs by determining which campaigns generate the most qualified leads and closed sales.
We enable organizations to power data-driven campaigns and real-time communications, fueling customer engagement, increasing sales, and improving return on marketing investments. Otherwise, the risks to your social infrastructure and operations are significant and your effectiveness will be sub-optimal. How do you suggest adding the scalability of an enterprise reporting tool but still get the human insights necessary to meet the business objectives? Then, it compares your performance data against your performance goals and performs hundreds of calculations to determine whether or not you are on track. Generate a wide variety of reports, including sales forecasts, and email them to other team members.
Create highly targeted lists of decision-makers for seminars, webinars and email campaigns.

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