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LinkedIn is undeniably the pre-eminent business networking platform online giving professionals from organisations and businesses across the world the ability to connect, develop their sales and demonstrate their skills, services and products.
With 433m users worldwide as of April 2016 and over 20m users in the United Kingdom alone, the business opportunities that LinkedIn provides are immense – these are people like yourself who are there for genuine business reasons, not to pass their time reporting back on their private lives or eating habits of their pets. As well as the customised workshops that we run on your premises, we also run LinkedIn Training in the form of half day public workshops. The constant developments in the LinkedIn site ensure they continue to lead in the business networking area, but the downside to this is that keeping up with the opportunities available to us all can be difficult. We provide training courses and coaching in LinkedIn which covers not just the functional use of the key elements of the site but also helps in establishing the best strategies for using LinkedIn whether your business goals are focused on developing your prospects and sales, extending your contact base, looking for a new role or developing a customer focus and base.

While sometimes coaching or training on platforms such as LinkedIn may seem to be unnecessary, in reality the opposite seems to be true.
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This is also not just for recruiters – the use of LinkedIn in most organisations is now focused on the immense opportunities that it offers as a sales and marketing tool … for companies of all sizes!
Whether in the public courses that we run across the country or in the customised in-house sessions for companies across all industries, we aim to demonstrate how to use and apply the best practice on LinkedIn and integrate it into your own business activities. These training sessions take place on a monthly basis in various locations and are aimed at two different audiences.

Equally ensuring that our profiles are serving us to best effect and that we have the right strategy to achieve our business goals is critical to success. And that is not only from the Using LinkedIn for Business training course but from the more specialised training and coaching as well.

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